Translation of setting in Spanish:


posición, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛtɪŋ//ˈsɛdɪŋ/


  • 1

    (of dial, switch)
    posición feminine
    leave the heater on its lowest setting deja el calentador en el mínimo
    • She was busily adjusting the settings of the missiles so they were lucky that she didn't even bother to listen to them as they spoke.
    • This can be set at just above freezing or slightly higher if you wish, and will only be activated when the temperature drops below its setting.
    • I then set that oven at the required time and temperature settings to bake my newest muffins as I'd now chosen to bake them here.
    • There are four speed settings: full, cruising, slow and stop.
    • The calculations are double-checked, and all machine settings are verified.
    • The pot stirrer can be adjusted to fit any shape or size of pan, has a number of different speed settings and also has a programmable timer.
    • Plus, with the varying speeds and incline settings, anyone can use it, and it never becomes obsolete.
    • His doctors, who believe they can lower that rate by tinkering with the device's settings, are less guarded.
    • Then she readjusted the temperature settings a bit, so that she wouldn't hurt herself again.
    • Manager John Linehan has now altered the settings of the device, so it will freeze wheels passing at a height of 3ft above ground.
    • Use actual fabric swatches and set the machine with the recommended settings, thread and needles.
    • The faulty temperature settings over the winter seem to be a direct result of that.
    • Microprocessors control other variables and settings, such as temperature.
    • Luxury climate control, which gives separate temperature settings for the front seat occupants, is a £410 upgrade.
    • In addition, there are other bits of information provided here, including the speed settings of the cruise control.
    • However, this week, in a hurry I didn't change the settings on the washing machine and ironing became a necessity.
    • He stated that the cart had speed control settings that permitted Nelson to operate the cart at a pace too fast for the path terrain.
    • I began adjusting the settings again and then took a step away.
    • Each of the AquaGate's Fan Speed settings also shows a direct result on its cooling ability.
    • The system then chooses the optimum settings for ride height, engine torque, gear selection and so on.
  • 2

    • 2.1(of novel, movie)

      escenario masculine
      post-war Berlin provides the setting for her latest play su última obra está ambientada en / tiene como escenario el Berlín de la posguerra
      • She demands to be shown settings of the novels she reads, such as Paris, London, and Venice.
      • Sewers may not seem the ideal setting for a racy novel.
      • New York has probably been the setting for more novels and memoirs than any city in the world.
      • Micheaux uses the novel's two primary settings, South Dakota and Chicago, to symbolize these two states of being.
      • The historical setting of the novel is so lovingly detailed that the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties really comes to life.
      • His books are based in contemporary settings but he's able to suffuse them with the big questions that haunt us.
      • The central setting for the three novels is Blue Brook Plantation, and each novel's central characters are black.
      • This is the setting for the new film Starsky and Hutch, which, contrary to popular belief, is not a remake.
      • Two other Innes novels with partial Oxford settings are Stop Press and Operation Pax.
      • The clinic that provided the setting for the novel is perched on top of a hill.
      • Oran, the setting of the novel, is a French port on the Algerian coast, a small city that is about as ordinary as a city can be.
      • James has transformed the detective genre, among other ways, by giving her novels carefully rendered settings.
      • Africa is also the setting for a new novel by thriller writer John le Carré.
      • The novel fully addresses its setting, this city we live in that's obsessed with class and racial politics.
      • London's organised-crime underworld, in all its diversity and brutality, is the setting for this edgy contemporary thriller.
      • As Lutie approaches the building that will become the setting of the novel, she spies a sign advertising an available apartment.
      • The setting of the film is a remote Cree community in Northern Alberta.
      • The Scottish setting of his best novels helped to found the ‘Kailyard school’ of fiction.
      • This is the implied setting of the film Land of the Morning Calm.
      • The seaside region of Thanjavur is the setting of the novel.

    • 2.2(surroundings)

      marco masculine
      entorno masculine
      • The setting is wonderful, though the accommodation very simple.
      • Downpatrick Library is an appropriate setting for the event.
      • All of the museums offer stylish settings for events and can cater for up to 1500 guests.
      • The scheme comprises 230 homes laid out in a series of courtyard settings and surrounded by green areas.
      • Once the location for two cottages which had large gardens, the site will be the setting for several houses with a green area at the side.
      • A scenic bus ride will take attendees to this Texas hot spot, an ideal setting for a festive event.
      • This is a unique and charming home in a wonderful setting.
      • It sits on a site of four acres in a wonderful setting.
      • Set in a creative space, the gallery provides a unique setting for social events, in addition to its artist showings.
      • It shows how the same events and settings might have looked quite different when seen through different eyes.
      • With a wonderful setting situated at the front of the glass dome, it affords unbroken views of the River Irvine, the church spires of the town and the hills beyond.
      • The stunning Image Garden, at Reagill, was the setting for a fund-raising event in aid of Kiev's street children.
      • The outdoor swimming pool is in a truly beautiful setting with its bush surroundings.
      • The grounds of Markree Castle is the setting for the event, which will celebrate all kinds of country sports and pursuits.
      • Party at the Palace, the rock and pop concert, will take place two days later on Jubilee Bank Holiday Monday 3 June in the same setting as the classical event.
      • Ten of the top young musicians from Sligo were given their first chance to perform in a live setting at a gala event at the weekend.
      • ‘At Balmoral we have a wonderful setting for an exclusive dinner and dance,’ the website states.
      • The ground is in a charming setting, surrounded by hills, although this does result in shadows over the ground in the late afternoon or evening.
      • The whole setting is wonderful, with the track swooping and plunging its way through magnificent pine forests.
      • The strange setting made the entire event a sensory experience.

    • 2.3(for gem)

      engarce masculine
      engaste masculine
      montura feminine
      • These jewelry settings are common when it comes to diamonds or other gemstones.
      • Gemstone settings are basically any setting with a combination of diamonds and other precious stones.
      • These were either fixed into metal settings or drilled along the prism axis and strung as beads.
      • Yellow gold is the setting that most people choose for their wedding ring.
      • Whereas gold is a traditional setting, platinum has taken off as the newest trend in wedding jewelry.
      • I'd always admired the way jewelers could place stones and create settings.
      • We're so used to seeing turquoise in a setting for a ring or as a pendant that we don't often consider it for the interior design of our homes.
      • Other slaves cut and shaped the amethysts, topazes, emeralds, and diamonds that often filled the gold and silver settings.

  • 3place setting

    cubierto masculine
  • 4

    arreglo masculine
    versión feminine
    • Grainger wrote the settings from Songs of the North pretty early.
    • In the Heine settings, Schubert's musical imagery becomes wilder, even less predictable.
    • The evening will feature choral settings of Palestinian poems, traditional Palestinian dance and Israeli music fused with jazz.
    • It has attracted numerous polyphonic settings, by such composers as Victoria, Palestrina, and Mozart.
    • The new piece is a musical setting - without words - of McKellar's poem, Sangsters, in three verses.
  • 5

    composición feminine