There are 2 main translations of settle in Spanish

: settle1settle2


acordar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛt(ə)l//ˈsɛdl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (time/terms/price) acordar
      (price/time/terms) fijar
      the next game should settle the championship el próximo partido debería decidir el campeonato
      • we've settled where to go hemos decidido a dónde vamos
      • it's all been settled, we're going to Miami ya está (todo) decidido / arreglado, nos vamos a Miami
      • that's settled then, we'll meet at seven bueno, pues entonces ya está, nos vemos a las siete
      • that settles it: I never want to see him again ya no me cabe duda: no lo quiero volver a ver
      • She and Will had still not settled on a name for him, though she had taken to calling him Joshua.
      • All in all, by the time Shirley had left, little had been settled on, and Charlie was even more tired than before.
      • The couple quickly settled on the name Bandit because the tiny creature had a black face with a white mask.
      • Historians have not settled on a good name for the centuries between Diocletian and Charlemagne, but this phrase is at least serviceable.
      • Pete finally settled on an arrangement that he was happy with, consisting of a butterfly and a long loop leading to a bowline on the bight.
      • McCarthy yesterday refused to indicate who will figure in his team selection even though he confirmed he had settled on a team in his own mind.
      • Once the selectors had settled on Hartley to lead the attack filling the remaining five berths can't have presented many problems.
      • Not able to think of something better, Josh, Ben, Kevin, and Ryan settled on the name by default.
      • Surprisingly, however, there was very little conflict over the final numerical limit that was settled on.
      • No wonder the manager concedes he has not settled on a first-choice selection.
      • Opponents of intelligent design have apparently settled on their strategy.
      • He explained that the level of contribution settled on by the councillors would, in effect, determine how much the council could spend over the next five years.
      • It is important to note that we have not yet settled on one specific approach.
      • Naturally, a strongest front pairing should be settled on.
      • Ultimately, we settled on the design with the guest house, which we intended to rent out.
      • Many delegates are complaining that most of the persons to be elected had been settled on by the major parties some time ago.
      • Incidentally, we still haven't settled on a name.
      • And there are signs that the name they finally settled on is deeply inappropriate.
      • At this point, I still haven't settled on a name for her, but I keep leaning towards Valentine, with Tiny being her nickname.
      • We selected our booth and settled on a couple of margaritas while waiting for our host, Chef Rob Vaughn.

    • 1.2(resolve)

      (dispute/problem) resolver
      (dispute/problem) solucionar
      it's about time they settled their differences ya es hora de que resuelvan / arreglen sus diferencias
      • the issue is far from settled el asunto no está ni mucho menos resuelto
      • But he was willing to try, to extend himself to the utmost to finally reach peace and settle the long conflict.
      • The councils say they exhausted other avenues to settle the problems before going to court.
      • The tribunal tried to settle the problems by mediation, and almost half of the disputes are resolved this way.
      • Surely the company already had it on file and surely it was easy to settle the problem if the company wanted to.
      • The sociologists out there would probably tell me I'm teaching my son to settle problems with violence.
      • This could settle the irrigation problem of the area to a great extent.
      • Indeed it is not a satisfactory way to settle any argument.
      • A long-running dispute in Scotland was settled before he reached the top, with a more generous pay increase than is on offer in England and Wales.
      • A teenager who was stabbed to death after a fight in a nightclub was apparently taken outside to settle an argument.
      • To settle the ensuing argument, they make a bet on who commands the bravest troops.
      • That should settle any arguments in the playground.
      • Lets meet with the government and see how we can settle this problem so that it is a win-win situation for all.
      • Is it any wonder arguments are never settled and disputes always confused?
      • Why did not settle the petition problem with firm resolve?
      • They rely heavily on international agreement to settle problems.
      • Let us see if we can settle our problems in the right manner.
      • The companies that operate them should settle those problems first, before making people pay more.
      • When the train rattled into the next station, an inspector ran into the carriage and tried to settle the bitter argument.
      • The French owners of the tanker and the Bulgarian embassy in Yemen were expected to settle the problems within a few days.
      • The court system is used to resolve land disputes and slander cases, but problems are usually settled within the family or village.

    • 1.3informal (put an end to)

      acabar con
      that should settle him! ¡así aprenderá!
      • Separately, Gizmondo has settled its long-running legal dispute with the Jordan Formula One operation, Tony Smith writes.
      • That dispute was settled out of court when the three universities limited its use on campus.
      • I will ask attorneys to help the students settle any legal disputes stemming from this incident.
      • In order to get the project off the ground, the ministry tried to privately settle its legal disputes with those original land owners.
      • Last week, it settled an anti-trust dispute with Sun, perhaps its most vociferous opponent in the computer industry, for $2 billion.
      • The Salford tenor settled a long-running legal dispute with a former management company two months ago but they say he has yet to pay up.
      • For this reason, a majority of disputes are settled out of court.
      • The dispute was settled out of court with VIA paying Intel an undisclosed sum of money.
      • Wadiyar also pointed out that additional changes will be made once the legal dispute is settled.
      • To settle legal disputes via legal means is the best way.
      • The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed sum, with the woman agreeing not to make any public comment.
      • It was a genuine legal dispute that was settled without a judge ruling.

  • 2

    (account/bill) pagar
    (debt) saldar
    (debt) liquidar
    • Bell settled his account with Houser by taking over Houser's liability to Lincoln.
    • By the time the agreements expired late last year, none of the former bank owners had fully settled their debts.
    • Despite his significant profit and success in South Africa, Johnston appears to be tardy about settling debts in Scotland.
    • The deadline for Mexico to settle its debt is Sept 30.
    • All I can say is that the individual who is offering to settle the debt needs to talk to the club and Customs.
    • Interest on the loan rolls up, and then the debt is settled when the property is finally sold.
    • Slight was made the subject of a 12-month community rehabilitation order after the court heard her father had loaned her the cash to settle the debt.
    • The society's secretary is busy trying to settle some accounts before the auctions get under way.
    • Knowing in advance how it works lets you avoid the crush of departing passengers settling last-minute accounts.
    • ‘We're still giving them a chance to settle their debts,’ Deden said.
    • The House and Senate bills also contain provisions giving faltering companies less time to settle their debts and reorganize.
    • If you are lucky, you live in a state with laws requiring a candidate to settle all debts before closing the campaign account.
    • We were renting in Hamburg and after settling our debts we had only about £5,000 left.
    • Satisfactory progress has been made in efforts by the two nations to settle debts incurred through the account trading.
    • That should not surprise anyone who has taken a loan from bank to settle debts as the bank normally pays those owed directly.
    • We have settled the debts and have arranged to provide for the poor artistes.
    • The reserve-currency role means that every country has a demand for dollars in order to pay its oil bills and settle its international accounts.
    • I'm breaking up with my boyfriend, who I've been living with for many months, and now I'm trying to settle accounts.
    • According to the court filing, other former tenants in the towers have either settled their accounts up to September 10 or are in discussions to do so.
    • He had settled the debt and wanted to score and buy drugs.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (country/region) colonizar
      (country/region) poblar
      • Other historic areas include Vincennes, on the site of a French fort, and New Harmony to the south, settled by German immigrants.
      • Kliptown was established in 1903 and settled by Indian, black and coloured communities which were moved from Newtown in the city centre.
      • When the colonies were first settled, he wrote, the towns sometimes provided relief for their care.
      • America had become an English-speaking colony, settled by emigrants from the Old Country who had largely supplanted its aboriginal population.
      • From the eighteenth century legal doubt existed whether the religion established in England was also legally established in colonies settled by British subjects.
      • Back when colonies were first being settled, a group of colonists encountered a few of the Arai for the first time and immediately thought they were demons.
      • One of our favorite neighborhoods is Lincoln Square on the northwest side, originally settled by German immigrants.
      • Further abroad, he authorized the Evangelistic Grant Charter to settle the Colony of Virginia.

    • 3.2

      (colonists) establecer

  • 4

    • 4.1(establish)

      to settle sb (in sth)
      • he settled his son in banking colocó a su hijo en un banco
      • he settled his mother in a house by the sea instaló a su madre en una casa en la costa
      • we won't visit you until you're settled no iremos a verte hasta que no estés instalado

    • 4.2(make comfortable)

      (child/patient) poner cómodo
      she settled herself deep in the sofa se arrellanó en el sofá
      • After she left, Zack settled down (I suspect he was acting up only to get her attention) and finished his food.
      • The bus driver pulled over to get the commuters to settle down.
      • For the first time I settled down, got calm and gained just a teensy bit of perspective.
      • However, at the actual vet's surgery he was very quiet and settled down nicely.
      • As one reluctant boy settled down, he said, ‘Mommy, you know one day I'm going to walk on the moon.’
      • Unable to drive properly while laughing, Derek pulled over to the side of the road to settle down.
      • The exchanges in this Aegon West Lancashire League Division One match then settled down until the referee awarded Springfields a penalty that was well saved by Russ Sharpe.
      • After this memorable trip, things settled down.
      • The firemen did heave a sigh of relief after pulling the deer out, but did not settle down and relax.
      • With that, she took Brady to her bedroom and settled him on top of her comforter.
      • But one morning, I got up to see him at 5am, then settled him back in his cot.
      • They were both laughing and giggling as William carried her into the main hall and settled her comfortably in a couch.
      • When he felt no rush of apprehension, he pulled his blanket over her shoulders and settled her into a comfortable position.
      • He admired the way the players settled down after a harrowing opening against a very enthusiastic Navan, and felt that Kilkenny finished the stronger team.
      • His quiet voice was commanding and proved effective as the pair settled down.
      • He was eventually settled in his cot by his father at 6am on December 10, 1997 but Patel found him not breathing when she went to check on him three hours later.
      • He found her huddled near the warmth of the boiler room when he opened that morning and settled her in a coat hangar box with a towel and some food.
      • Both boys heard the message and settled down, and Mary's friend Toni remained composed.
      • The crowd settled down, the coach calmed the players and gave them a plan.
      • Finally, he allowed her to pick him up, settling him in her lap.
      • After this hectic opening, things settled down and it was eight minutes before Larry Cadden sent over a nice point for Calry-St Joseph's.
      • They haven't settled down just because their old foe is gone.
      • So Mrs. Sebright calls for us to settle down and to pull out our worksheets about atoms.
      • I've finally settled down after the weekend's upheaval.
      • Michael carried me to a comfortable stuffed chair and settled me there.
      • After the crowd settled down, Palahniuk read a story from Haunted.
      • Since the harrowing scene with Elanor, he'd been unable to settle down even for a moment.
      • Chase settled me on the mattress before stepping back to lean against the windows, his eyes never breaking contact with mine.
      • ‘We will have an official opening when everything has settled down, but we might have a cake and let balloons go on that day,’ she said.

  • 5

    (make calm)
    (child) calmar
    (doubts) disipar
    (weather) arreglar
    (weather) asentar
    (stomach) asentar
    that will settle his mind eso lo tranquilizará
    • a brandy will settle your digestion/nerves un coñac te ayudará a hacer la digestión/te calmará (los nervios)
  • 6

    (cause to sink)
    (dust) asentar
    (sediment) depositar
    • Sediments that settle out of ballast water also stay behind.
    • I had no choice but to wait for the sediment to settle.
    • The dispersed particles do not remain suspended indefinitely but eventually settle to the bottom of the container because of the gravitational pull.
    • Allow the posts to stand several days and settle firmly in position before adding the fence.
    • Sedimentation makes heavier liquids or particles settle at the bottom of a container, as when sugar added to coffee settles at the bottom of the cup.
    • As a current slows, progressively smaller particles settle out and form fine-grained sediment.
    • Rhynie fossils were preserved when mineral sediments settled around and on top of the organic matter and compressed them.
    • The sediment will settle in a thick layer at the bottom.
    • Larger particles are supposed to settle to the bottom of the tanks, and eventually be sent to sewage treatment plants.
    • That clock had been audible in the hall, especially at night when the house had settled.
    • They also say that since it is so polluted, it must be stored in tanks until the sediments settle, at which point it can be processed, if necessary, through a sewage treatment plant.
    • Clogged weirs slowed the current even more, encouraging ever-finer suspended sediments to settle.
    • The silt is the next heaviest particle, and should settle during the next four hours.
    • I set off late to give the sediment time to settle, and I headed off from the jetty to the west side of the tiny island of Renggis nearby.
    • Salt marshes form in shallow, quiet water, where the water is salty and still enough for the suspended particles to settle to the bottom.
    • The sediment load is settling out with the passage of time and the purifying influence of cattails and bulrushes.
    • In a muddy river such as the St. Jones, weirs slowed the current enough to allow even more suspended sediment to settle.
    • Ideally, red and fortified wines should stand upright for about a week before the event to adjust slowly to the increased temperature and to enable any sediment to settle at the bottom of the bottle.
    • The pepper slowly settled to the bottom of the glass leaving a few grains on the surface which Bond dabbed up with the tip of a finger.
    • Fine sediment remains in suspension much longer and travels far out to sea, where it settles slowly to the bottom.
    • Fill a jug and leave it to stand until the sediment has settled, then use the clear water at the top.
    • Begin by placing the cordial container on a level surface to allow the sediment to settle.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(come to live)

      they settled in Iowa se establecieron / se afincaron en Iowa
      • In 1965 they moved to Swindon, where they settled and started a family.
      • He underwent an Evangelical conversion the following year and settled with the family of one Reverend Morley Unwin in 1765.
      • After arriving in Melbourne from Foggia in 1938, Peter, then five, settled with his family in Carlton.
      • Later, Orr settled with his family in Dillon, where his mansion still stands.
      • By 1914 he bad discovered Brigus, Newfoundland, where he settled with his family.
      • I settled here with my family to slowly build up relationships with the local community.
      • Bullock was raised in Nuremberg, Vienna and Salzburg, before the family settled back in Arlington when she was in her early teens.
      • Arcus had offices in Bangalore, Singapore and in Fremont, California, where Bhattacharya and his family settled around two decades ago.
      • His family settled there in the 1880s, high Hollywood western time, about a decade after the Sioux beat Custer.
      • I shrugged off my prejudices and decided to visit the state where my ancestors, along with hundreds of other Scottish families, had settled.
      • The first member of their family to settle in South Africa in 1679 was a gunsmith and many of his descendants have been involved in the gun trade.
      • He then returned to France and settled with his family in the village of Argenteuil, where he continued to work and sell paintings.
      • She settled at a family home in Morocco, where she spent eight years, studying at the American School of Tangier.
      • The family settled back in Virginia when Bullock was 13.
      • We have a proud tradition of giving refuge to people fleeing persecution, and welcoming families who want to settle here and work.
      • Born in Limavady, Ulster, he emigrated to New Zealand with his family in 1870 and settled at Tamaki.
      • Born in Italy, he settled with his family in Massachusetts when he was 6.
      • In recent years, he liked to travel and visit members of his family who had settled abroad in New York, Boston, Paris and London.
      • He grew up in Juarez and spent several years abroad before returning to Mexico to settle permanently with his family.
      • Jim Ronan, Bekan, who died recently, was a popular and esteemed gentleman in the parish of Bekan since the family settled there in 1967.

    • 1.2(come to lie)

      (dust) asentarse
      (snow) cuajar
      (bird) posarse
      • This is a U-shaped passage in which fine particles settle, allowing air to continue on freed of most contamination.
      • A rain of parchment flakes settled on the surface of the desk.
      • The dust particles also settle on the vegetation and farm plantations affecting and retarding growth of produce.
      • Slowly the dust settled over the motionless heap at the foot of the cliff.
      • He was once again in his room, but now he didn't care about the dust that had settled slowly on the surfaces.
      • Hepa vacuums are also recommended for cleanup of dust that may have settled on surfaces outside the remediation area.
      • She lifted the dress above her head and let it fall, feeling it settle against her skin.
      • It was a bitterly cold day, but it was bright and still; no wind blew, no drops fell and no snow settled.
      • And then ten minutes later, an uneven mess stared at me from the mirror, while strands of hair settled on surfaces all over the bathroom.
      • Latex dust also settles on horizontal surfaces throughout the OR and can become airborne again with subsequent agitation.
      • That means a lot less fine dust in the air that will settle on room surfaces.
      • But whereas they were once crisp, motes of dust and household lint had now settled leaving the surface grimy.
      • Strands of her black hair swayed in the wind and the rest settled just under her neck.
      • Fortunately the snow was not falling anymore but had settled on the ground, house tops, trees, and the mountains, a couple inches thick.
      • One is from lead-rich automobile exhaust particles settling on both grapes and soil.
      • Reaching over her opposite shoulder, Ali drew the sword that was strapped there, flicking her wrist to scatter the drops of moisture that had settled on the metal surface.
      • Some of the debris was still glowing and proceeded to roll down roofs to settle in gutters, on the ground, on window ledges and on cars.
      • There were bodies everywhere, with dust slowly settling to the floor.

  • 2

    (become calm)
    (person) tranquilizarse
    (person) calmarse
    (weather) asentarse
    (stomach) asentarse
    (stomach) arreglarse
    (wind) amainar
  • 3

    • 3.1(sink)

      (foundations/soil) asentarse
      (sediment) depositarse
      (sediment) precipitarse
      the wheels settled deeper and deeper into the mud las ruedas se enterraban cada vez más en el barro
      • All 130 passengers got off safely, and a salvage job removed some of the machinery to safety before the ship began to settle.
      • Scuttling teams hope she will settle upright, as have sister ships Perth in Western Australia and Hobart off South Australia, on the sandy seabed.
      • In a patch of calm sea it hopped repeatedly until it settled and sank.
      • Yet more bombs further damaged the submarine, which began to settle by the stern.
      • Although the rudder is amidships, it could simply have fallen to that line as the wreck settled to its starboard side.

    • 3.2(make oneself comfortable)

      ponerse cómodo
      I had just settled into bed acababa de ponerme cómodo en la cama
      • I settled deeper into the armchair me arrellané / me puse cómodo en el sillón
      • She settles into one position and barely shifts until she wakes the next morning.
      • Farly settled against Bourbon and rested his head against Bourbon's soft blue hair.
      • They decided to find a place to rest, and eventually settled on a small clearing.
      • Anabella took her place in a comfortable armchair as Corina settled onto a mahogany chair with a warm blanket over her lap.
      • The girl lowered herself again, settling into her previous position, only this time, she wasn't so close.
      • She sighed and sat back on her haunches before settling into a kneeling position.
      • I settled back into my comfortable position on the cushy chair I had gotten from a furniture store.
      • The rest were settling into various seats when Denise trailed in.
      • Slowly I settled against him and I listened to his breathing; it was raspy and every once in a while he would cough, but he still held me tight.
      • She soon settled back down to rest in her cot, spying Sister Adalaine from the corner of her eye.
      • Angel could hear Aria settling into a comfortable position.
      • Beside him, Andre and Jason were settling into a sitting position.
      • I settled back into the position that made my neck ache.
      • Amor joined her friends on the field while the rest of us settled under my usual tree at the home games.
      • And yet one more task remains before he can settle back in the armchair and take a well earned rest.
      • Smiling slightly, she settled more comfortably into his lap, resting her chin on top of his head.

  • 4

    • 4.1(pay)

      (bill) saldar la cuenta
      (debt) saldar la deuda
      you can settle with me tomorrow podemos arreglar las cuentas mañana

    • 4.2

      to settle out of court resolver una disputa extrajudicialmente
      • If I create a trust to dispose of all of my rights and interests, and I settle them on trustees, that is a trust despite the fact that it is not spelt out.

There are 2 main translations of settle in Spanish

: settle1settle2



  • 1

    banco de madera de respaldo alto y, a veces, con un arcón en el asiento
    • However, this suggests that your twin-seater was not a plain wooden settle, but almost certainly a settee, which at one time would have formed part of a suite.
    • They have been flying out of her shop, which is why she has extended the range of Ercol reissues to include a settle, a dining table and a nest of tables.
    • She sat down aimlessly on a settle by the fireplace.