Translation of setup in Spanish:


sistema, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛdˌəp//ˈsɛtʌp/



  • 1

    (situation, arrangement)
    sistema feminine
    organización feminine
    tinglado masculine informal derogatory
    montaje masculine informal derogatory
    • It was all great experience, I suppose, but I got thrown into the international set-up before I should have been.
    • Was it a set-up by powerful but corrupt Saudis who felt the bootleggers had undercut their market or ripped them off over bribes or a share of the profits?
    • I have a theory that this could all be a set-up, whereby they are torn apart by the tabloids, but they know full well they have not actually done anything.
    • Running a business school under a government set-up has its disadvantages.
    • In a corporate set-up, the drive to perform better brings about stress.
    • The thought that this whole thing was a set-up crossed her mind, involuntarily causing her to grip her gun for reassurance.
    • He had been rowing for 12 years, five of them as part of the international set-up.
    • Academy director Martin Spong said they only have themselves to blame and claims the club has not shown any commitment to the youth set-up.
    • Is the whole accusation of racism just a set-up?
    • We have got a good bunch of lads who have come through together from the Academy set-up.
    • However, the post is not full-time, allowing Hulme to remain very much part of the coaching set-up at Heywood Road.
    • When Guishard was arrested on Wednesday night his neighbours attacked the police, claiming it was a set-up.
    • We're a set-up of six people on stage - female vocalists, an MC, a DJ, a bass player and myself.
    • For security and safety reasons, the only other person in the British set-up allowed at ringside will be the Olympic squad's doctor or physio.
    • Did their initial meeting happen by pure chance, or was it a set-up from the beginning, cunningly devised by Bruno?
    • Most of the European Governments were run under a coalition set-up and there was nothing wrong in such a system if it worked effectively.
    • A drug dealer got shot and they thought it was a set-up so they started driving into the neighbourhood.
    • Unlike Huntsman, this is a recent set-up, financed from the start by private equity funds.
    • A top-heavy, tail-wagging public sector agency like the current set-up is no good for anyone.
    • This is because it is much more important for them to be part of the watchdog set-up and adequately provide checks and balances to the Executive.
  • 2

    (fixed contest)
    the fight was a setup la pelea estaba amañada informal