Translation of sever in Spanish:


cortar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛvə//ˈsɛvər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (chain/rope) cortar
    the saw severed his finger la sierra le cercenó el dedo formal
    • his leg was severed in the accident perdió la pierna en el accidente
    • As he passed the demon he sliced at its left arm, severing it midway between the elbow and the shoulder.
    • She executed a perfect sweep across the creature's arm, severing the limb from its shoulder.
    • Suddenly, a bullet severs the phone cord as he picks it up.
    • If a car accident severs his spinal cord at the neck, should you tell the doctors not to give him food or water?
    • But most also fell back on the grim reminder that for the first three days after a catastrophe that severs communication lines and evacuation routes, residents should expect to be on their own.
    • He managed to cut into the hand, but not far enough to sever the limb.
    • The first of the threads snaps as my claw slices through it, severing it.
    • The cannon rounds tore into two of the vehicle structures, severing the tops of their metal bodies.
    • He was doing something much less drastic than severing a digit or limb, but still painful.
    • Risa came to his aid however, severing the limb before cutting into the monster's metallic hide.
    • The tail of the plane was found severed from the fuselage after the crash.
    • Legend tells us that after her head was finally severed from her body, Mary's lips continued to move in prayer.
    • The layer should be well rooted and ready to be severed from the parent plant by the following autumn.
    • He would float about the world without rest, for his head had been severed from his body.
    • Another sword spun towards the demon that sliced right through the creature's neck, severing the head from the body in one cut.
    • I'm not sure how it happened and what caused the branch to be severed from the tree there.
    • Metal Powder Cutting is an oxygen-cutting process which severs metals through the use of powder, such as iron, to facilitate cutting.
    • I angle the knife and sever the line.
    • The head is then severed from the animal whereafter it is handed to the father of the owner.
    • When the bullet goes through the temple in a certain way, it just severs the optic nerve.
  • 2

    (break off)
    (communications) cortar
    (relations) romper
    (relations) cortar
    he has severed all links with them ya no tiene ninguna relación con ellos
    • It was high school which severed our connection, for what would become years.
    • His decision to sever his links with the business will cause shock waves in financial circles.
    • The new franchise has not completely severed its links with that legacy.
    • After an unhappy childhood, Catherine severed all contact with her mother.
    • Even if he faced a divorce from his wife, he didn't have to sever his relationship with his children.
    • I would effectively be severing my connection with them too.
    • After an impassioned and joyous love affair, she severed their relationship in the late 1880s.
    • Now, that, one would think, is sufficient to sever the relationship.
    • She said a fond farewell to parents and children at the school's sports day on Friday, but she will not be severing her connection with the nursery entirely.
    • Yesterday it said it intends to sever the relationship but maintained it was part of a wider review.
    • They preferred to get killed because they did not want to be severed from their roots.
    • Divorce often strains and sometimes even completely severs the child's relationship with at least one parent, often the father.
    • The public is demanding that the political world sever its dirty connections with business without fail.
    • But now, it seems, she is ready to sever her material links with her home town.
    • Women are ordered to leave their homes and to sever contact with their mates.
    • By that, I mean I shall sever all connections with this person.
    • It is more than a gesture of solidarity with a people who have been severed from their roots.
    • The termination of a work contract severs links with friends, without gaining automatic acceptance by an alternative peer group.
    • Are any of them going to risk losing corporate campaign contributions by severing government programs that benefit big business?
    • We're going to need all of the other countries and we ought not to be severing any relationships with them.

intransitive verb

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