Translation of several in Spanish:


varios, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛv(ə)rəl//ˈsɛv(ə)r(ə)l/


  • 1

    they visited us several times nos visitaron varias / unas cuantas veces
  • 2formal

    experts in their several fields expertos en sus diversos / distintos campos


  • 1

    do you have any questions? — yes, several ¿tienen alguna pregunta? — sí, varias
    • I found that several of the huts had straw in them and that evidently sheep had wandered in.
    • The Gospels are rendered into several of these languages and printed by the Society.
    • She expects several of her friends to be at the leisure centre to cheer her on.
    • If you suffer from jaw joint problems you may have several of these symptoms or you may just have one.
    • After all, several of the crew were killed in the torpedo attack and the ship is a war grave.
    • Mr Ahmed estimates it will cost him several hundred pounds to repair the damage.
    • The issues you have raised have been addressed at these meetings several times and are a concern.
    • The appeal will receive a major boost from several fundraising drives in September.
    • She also shops for several other neighbours who have difficulty managing on their own.
    • Kenyon was chased and detained by the pub landlord and several of his customers.
    • I know several of them personally and have always felt I have been given a fair hearing.
    • It seems that several of the earlier philosophers had concluded that the Earth is a globe.
    • Indeed such a suggestion is inconsistent with several of the paragraphs in question.
    • One of the stories featured a mad old hag who lived in a cave in the North of England several hundred years ago.
    • We have forced a lower council tax rate on them while delivering several of our key initiatives.
    • This dreamer received a promotion when several others in her department were laid off.
    • Last week several of the accused companies also said that their product is not at fault.
    • At the same time several of his aides were quoted in the press as saying he was considering defecting.
    • In many ways she became his muse, and his love for her is commemorated in several of his later works.
    • The young mother moved to Glasgow with her family from Pakistan several years ago.