Translation of severe in Spanish:


severo, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪˈvɪə//səˈvɪr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(strict, harsh)

      (punishment/judge) severo
      (discipline) riguroso
      (discipline) estricto
      don't be too severe on him no seas muy severo / duro con él
      • they were given a severe warning se les hizo una seria / severa advertencia
      • Certainly, there should be stricter laws and more severe punishments for breaking them, if we want to live in a violence-free society.
      • She deserves a much more severe punishment because that child will be suffering the effects of the mother's behaviors for its entire life.
      • We bore harsh criticism for our efforts and some of us suffered severe punishment.
      • In 221 AD, Zhang was killed by his generals because they couldn't fulfil an impossible mission and feared severe punishment.
      • After all, the one to whom he said this had apparently committed a crime that deserved the most severe punishment available, crucifixion.
      • He demanded severe action against those guilty officers.
      • The executive member said people in society felt as though there was no severe punishment for capital offences.
      • Judge Openshaw said: ‘These are, in our judgment, disgraceful offences which deserve severe punishment.’
      • These soldiers - who had long since regretted their actions - would likely face severe punishment from the American authorities.
      • Interior Ministry Chief Secretary Boiko Borissov has proposed severe punishments for everyone involved in illegal logging.
      • Even if many who have transgressed as he did avoid a term in prison, I believe when his name was placed on the register it was a more severe punishment than any custodial sentence.
      • The four men lied their way onto the premises, and afterwards committed heinous crimes, which deserved severe punishment, said Coetzee.
      • The contracts threaten severe punishment for any such breach.
      • There are far more severe punishments than capital punishment.
      • It was a strict regime and punishments were severe.
      • But the most important way to tackle the issue is to conduct surprise inspections frequently and impose severe punishment on the guilty.
      • I hope that when the culprits are caught, they are given the most severe punishment available to the courts.
      • These are very serious and grave matters which call for severe punishment.
      • In this reform, Shang Yang emphasized severe punishments, believing that draconian penalties helped to prevent crimes.
      • Earlier this year, a similar bill was rejected by the council because it called for the death penalty as the most severe punishment for anyone convicted by the tribunal.

    • 1.2(austere)

      (style/colors) austero
      • As always, his attiring room looked windswept and severe: a plain chest, a narrow mirror, a low divan spread with furs.
      • S. Carlo championed a severe style of painting while Federico founded the Ambrosiana and donated his own collection to that institution in 1618.
      • Of simple, indeed severe, design, it is informative to compare it to the second font which was carved in 1225.
      • Ramirez caught up with him outside a severe door of grey metal.
      • He wears impeccably tailored suits in the traditional, severe Soviet style.
      • In the 1850s, Thomas Holt had designed the main building for Peace College in Raleigh in a severe neo-classical style.
      • The lighting is very bright which together with the high-tech wine dispensing machinery makes Vino Venue appear clinical and severe.
      • A girl in a rather severe suit wanted to see his driver's licence as proof of identity.
      • From 1936 to 1939 he worked for the Federal Art Project, painting several abstract murals in a severe geometrical style.

  • 2

    • 2.1(serious, bad)

      (injury/illness) grave
      (pain) fuerte
      (pain) grande
      (problem) serio
      (problem) grave
      (winter) severo
      (winter) duro
      (weather) inclemente
      severe loss of blood gran pérdida de sangre
      • the building is in severe danger of collapse el edificio corre serio riesgo de derrumbarse
      • there is a severe food shortage hay una gran / seria escasez de alimentos
      • The pain is of severe intensity and lasts anywhere from 15 to 180 minutes.
      • In a separate section, the report reveals that farmed halibut, sea bass and sea bream can suffer from severe cataracts when reared intensively, causing blindness and corneal bleeding.
      • Mrs Al-Munchi is believed to have suffered a severe asthma attack earlier in the day.
      • I also had severe difficulty during intense exercise.
      • Some people with asthma never have a severe attack, only a little wheezing or the occasional bout of coughing.
      • A girl died from a severe asthma attack that may have been triggered by bullying, an inquest heard.
      • She's in intensive care with a severe head injury.
      • The baby spent 19 days in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit with severe brain damage, resulting in permanent disabilities.
      • Very rarely, a person with asthma will have a severe attack in which none of the treatments work and the attack continues to get worse.
      • District councils are braced for severe cash shortages next year when changes designed to simplify funding are likely to leave them seriously out of pocket.
      • In all animals, retinal light damage was the most severe when intense light exposure began during the dark period.
      • Here at home, millions face starvation due to severe food shortages - the result of bad governance in our country.
      • Another man, in his 20s, was airlifted to Basildon Hospital where he is in intensive care with a severe head injury and with a broken arm and leg.
      • One of the major disincentives is the severe shortage of competent technical and managerial staff.
      • Henry Bartlam was only six weeks old when he suffered a severe asthma attack which nearly killed him.
      • People at the scene, at about 9.30 pm when the fire was noticed, were beaten back from the house by intense black smoke and severe heat.
      • The reaction from the employees and audiences, however, was intense and severe.
      • Training with high intensity can lead to severe muscle damage and soreness.
      • However a few people with psoriasis have a more severe form that requires intensive medical and nursing care.
      • Seemingly cataclysmic, its occurrence prevented a far more severe and intense shock in the future as French society slowly adjusted to the strains and stresses of modernization.

    • 2.2(difficult, rigorous)

      (test) duro
      (test) difícil
      (conditions) estricto
      (conditions) riguroso
      • Jose Mourinho's managerial skills would face a severe test.
      • In fact, although at times he attempted to abstain from sex for the benefit of his art, Matisse found chastity a severe test.
      • Number three is a shorter 5,252 yard, par 68, but is a severe test of accurate shot making.
      • This year the smaller bell tower was unveiled and a freak hail storm earlier this year was its first severe test.
      • The matches, all played in front of crowds in the impressive Hong Kong stadium, combine fast-handling rugby with severe tests of stamina.
      • Animals that fly in the air have still other similarities dictated by the severe demands of flight.
      • And Jewell knows he is now facing up to a severe test of his managerial skills as Wigan aim to set off on a winning run.
      • The period was earlier this year and has been a severe test for China's transportation system and also for the passengers.
      • This post is therefore a severe test of that resolution and fortitude.
      • Barton faces a severe test, with the likes of Seebald and Fondmort among the opposition for an event which could well be the race of the meeting.
      • His strong, direct running and sturdy defence could be vital to the Irish cause on a day their rearguard faces a severe test.
      • Little's fundraising skills were put to a severe test.
      • The home team were comfortable winners over Fahy Rovers on Sunday and they will provide Erris with a severe test in the next round.
      • Henderson is expecting a severe test next weekend, arguing that both English centres bring more than hard, straight running.
      • His powers of recollection will undergo a severe test this week.
      • Despite the severe physical demands of his work, Tse said that he at least found his heart at ease because of the genuine contentment he derives from his work.
      • Such an austere destination was, he warned, far more elusive, demanding severe discipline and total renunciation.
      • The historic meeting will be a severe test of the president's nerve.
      • These exams were undoubtedly among of the most severe mathematical tests.
      • After their crushing victory over Limerick, Tipperary were expected to provide Kerry with a severe test.