Translation of severely in Spanish:


con severidad, adv.

Pronunciation /səˈvɪrli//sɪˈvɪəli/


  • 1

    • 1.1(strictly, harshly)

      (criticize/punish) con severidad
      (criticize/punish) severamente
      • Any violation is forbidden and punished severely if the hierarchy has the capability to defend its reign.
      • Upon his return, he was severely punished.
      • Censorship has occurred most often in periods of conflict and, in some, severely.
      • "We demand that the government severely punish the killers who caused the collapse of the school building," he shouted.
      • He was questioned for several hours Wednesday by Israeli secret service agents, during which time he was beaten severely.
      • Just as crimes are severely punished, statues of virtuous men, set in marketplaces, publicly honor good deeds.
      • The implementation stage of the fair value scheme has been severely criticised.
      • He acknowledged the incident in 2001 where he severely disciplined T.J. using a belt which left marks on T.J.'s back.
      • And there are reasons for criticizing severely the government for Israel for not themselves conducting such a search and rescue operation.
      • He was immediately captured by hostile forces and taken to a prison camp where he was interrogated and severely tortured.
      • In Iran, for example, the entire economic, political, legal, and social systems are based on the teachings of the Koran and any deviations are severely punished and offenders ostracized.
      • Subsequent cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with quite severely.
      • The team that has already been severely punished by FIA earlier this year, also seems to be safe for now.
      • It is also expected that a bill severely restricting the local media, especially in the area of voter education, will be introduced.
      • The Roman Vestals enjoyed great privileges but, charged with keeping alight the flames of the fire which sustained the Roman state, were severely punished if the fire subsided.
      • He didn't speak for two years at the age of six after suffering a traumatic childhood during which he was severely beaten by his abusive father.
      • To prevent theft, tar is put all around the fence and any slave found with it is severely punished.
      • But you should know that I do disapprove of your behavior most severely! "
      • Men like Leslie Brown, severely beaten as a prisoner of war.
      • He had been severely beaten, shot in the head, and burned.

    • 1.2(austerely)

      • It is now unusual to add eggs or fat, and rice pudding has tended to become a severely plain nursery dish.

  • 2

    • 2.1(seriously)

      (ill) gravemente
      severely injured gravemente herido
      • a severely disturbed child un niño con graves trastornos emocionales
      • the crop was severely damaged la cosecha sufrió grandes daños
      • Back then David who was severely autistic was well enough to go to the park with his twin sister Ali.
      • Anyone expecting the dramatic growth seen in the past decade will be severely disappointed.
      • Instead, multiple undifferentiated germ cells appear in the severely truncated ovarioles.
      • The driver described how Abdullah was severely beaten by several soldiers, whom he could not positively identify.
      • Something must always die, or be severely injured/interrupted, in order for something to live.
      • Advanced trauma life support is the standard method for the initial management of severely injured patients.
      • Excess applications of soluble nitrogen compounds can also severely injure or kill small trees, particularly on sandy soils.
      • By the age of 100,000 years, the agreement between the two techniques was severely compromised.
      • Leave has been granted where, for example, a local authority is seeking authorization for medical treatment of a severely anorexic child in care.
      • Blades which are severely bowed should not be purchased.
      • In fact some poor continued on out-relief at a severely reduced rate.
      • Government moves towards a free market in agricultural produce has resulted in lower prices, severely impacting upon the incentives of farmers.
      • Treatment with 0.4 M KCl severely damaged the plants.
      • In the last dry years underground water supplies have severely diminished.
      • Some stages of the Paris-Nice were shortened severely due to heavy snowfall.
      • We have had a least half-a-dozen properties severely damaged by flood water.
      • The basis of their ire is severely depleted groundwater.
      • Most recipients are either very poor, severely disabled, or single mothers.
      • A Cabinet meeting room had been severely damaged in fighting in the compound.
      • The film suffers from naturalistic excesses, at times severely.

    • 2.2(rigorously)

      it severely tested the contestants fue / supuso una dura prueba para los participantes