Translation of sew in Spanish:


coser, v.

Pronunciation /səʊ//soʊ/

transitive verbsewed, sewn

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    (hem/seam) hacer
    to sew sth on coser / pegar algo
    • sew the sleeve onto the bodice cosa / pegue la manga al cuerpo
    • can you sew this button on for me, please? ¿me puedes coser / pegar este botón, por favor?
    • Next, sew the lining exactly as you sewed the vest itself, again leaving the side seams open.
    • And, as I usually sat sewing with my sisters and my mother, I often had time for such idle daydreams.
    • I have managed to get good stitches on light fabric, but when I was sewing a patch it caused these loops and tangles.
    • Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada, took large pieces of denim and sewed them together with metal thread, to make what we now know today as jeans.
    • Her mother was a seamstress and her older sister sewed for Catalina.
    • Charles had finished sewing the wound and was now cleaning the needle.
    • The upper part was sewn with vertical stitching to delineate the bodice.
    • ‘You can talk to Rei while I stitch her up,’ Anzuko replied, still sewing the wound.
    • Pockets are roughly sewn or simply ripped out and the pre-worn look includes frayed edges, rips, cuts and laser-etched age marks.
    • The children all had to design the costumes and then cut, stitch and sew the old clothes bought from charity shops into their new form during their weekly sessions.
    • I've attached the sleeve on both sides and have sewn the side seam on one side.
    • I hated sewing, but merely joined in the gossip of the ladies as they sewed the cloth.
    • These patchwork blocks are sewn into strips, then joined with plain-fabric strips.
    • They are then sewn together and dyed if necessary.
    • Fold the remaining two pieces of ribbon in half, and sew the folded ends just inside of where you stitched the strap.
    • While his mother and sister spent their days sewing, the boy completed elementary and secondary school.
    • The school has 50 sewing machines, all the girls are taught to sew and the school makes some money from garments made to order.
    • On the armhole seams, I sewed them as usual, setting in the sleeves to the garment, right sides together.
    • The doctors had sewn the wound shut, but some of the seams were not holding.
    • She rips apart the leather item and sews the pieces by hand into something totally different.

intransitive verbsewed, sewn

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