Translation of sex-starved in Spanish:


hambriento de contacto sexual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛksˌstɑrvd/


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    hambriento de contacto sexual
    • In a surprising role, Hoffman hits the screen with tongue blazing as a neurotic, sexually ambiguous and sex-starved underground mobster named Mr. King.
    • It focused on the human material that has become Houellebecq's trademark subject: the love lives of sex-starved, bored, middle-aged mid-level bureaucrats.
    • Calling all desperate, lonely, sex-starved singletons - this is the biggest news of the year for you lot.
    • Tamsin plays Fran, a neurotic, sex-starved thirty-something who loves Bernard dearly, but is grateful for the arrival of Manny: somebody else to suffer Bernard's moods.
    • ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I am a desperate housewife,’ announced the first lady, referring to the raunchy TV sitcom oozing with sex-starved housewives on ABC these days.
    • At the art gallery Felix, a sex-starved film critic, is visiting an art gallery to try to pick up girls.
    • In fact, Roddy's wife, the luscious and sex-starved Ariadne, is more than willing to sleep with Gerald to stop the sale.
    • No, this film comes from an original screenplay that deals with that favourite locale of films about sex-starved teens - summer camp.
    • Less common, though, are sex-starved, rampaging pigs like Pugsley, the 400-pounder that tore through Steve and Gina Gantt's electric fence with a mean sparkle in his eye and a burning in his loins.
    • The film also stars Jared Leto as Alexander's special boyhood chum, Rosario Dawson as his sex-starved wife, Angelina Jolie as his nagging mother and Val Kilmer as his abusive father.
    • The funniest scene in the film has her bartering with her sex-starved boyfriend.
    • Or will she abandon her cherished ‘life of the mind’ to become one with the sex-starved, beer-starved, and nihilism-starved in order to be liked, fit in, and perhaps even loved?
    • Equally good was Jennifer Jason Leigh playing Frannie's sex-starved half-sister Pauline.
    • An attractive young woman, she also sees imaginary people, in the form of her uptight immigrant sister (and her Australian boyfriend), her dead alcoholic father, and her sex-starved ex-boyfriend.
    • James Mason is fine as the repressed protagonist, Peter Sellers is hilarious as Clare Quilty, but the real standout, cast-wise, is Shelley Winters, who continued to out-do herself in a role as a rather twisted, sex-starved hag.
    • Look… you're our little sister and it's our job to protect you from all the sex-starved bastards out there.
    • During his travels, he encounters a smorgasbord of characters, from a siren-ish den of sex-starved farmer's daughters to a mysterious woodland healer to a lonely Queen Amidala wielding a shotgun.
    • Three Playboy ‘Playmates’ perform a titillating routine before a crowd of restless and sex-starved enlisted men, precipitating a small riot and a near-mass rape.
    • Nagging criticism, serious fights, flirting with strangers, and starting an affair are the classical ways of breaking out of the cage of a sex-starved relationship.
    • It looked pretty but the plot development concerning the demented sex-starved soldiers didn't ring true for me at all.