Translation of sex appeal in Spanish:

sex appeal

sex-appeal, n.


  • 1

    sex-appeal masculine
    • In all three starring roles, Basinger does not have to apologise for her natural sex appeal.
    • The films that work globally consist of sex appeal, thin plots and chase scenes.
    • Much as he admired their music, he was even more taken with their automatic sex appeal.
    • In other words, women are making it on their looks alone and men, without the advantage of sex appeal, are left behind.
    • With his dark brown eyes and short black hair, he seemed to ooze sex appeal with just a hint of danger.
    • Sometimes, certain women characters are included just to add sex appeal to the drama.
    • Some of the players got mad, because they felt we should be judged by our golf ability, not by sex appeal.
    • So when it comes to books and sex appeal it's the same old story: there's one rule for men, another for women.
    • They certainly do not perceive age as a barrier to exploiting their femininity or sex appeal.
    • Mike refrained from taking advantage of his powerful bass skills and undeniable sex appeal.
    • Lynn used her sex appeal to attract male attention and I could pass off as the sweet, innocent girl.
    • The result is an album with a whole lot of heart, sex appeal and raucous energy.
    • Tracey is also a party girl and is noted for bringing sex appeal to the British art world.
    • The supporting actress is often chosen for sex appeal, rather than acting ability.
    • Straw hats are great summer hats with plenty of sex appeal, but nothing beats the feel of a felt fedora in the cold.
    • She may start to use her sex appeal to attract and keep a man by her side.
    • They are movie stars hired to project glamour, sophistication and sex appeal.
    • It can cause a new mother to doubt her physical attractiveness and sex appeal.
    • You are easily attracted by physical appearances and a person's sex appeal.
    • It is there for the express purpose of demonstrating an individual's sex appeal.