Translation of sex maniac in Spanish:

sex maniac

maníaco sexual, n.


  • 1

    maníaco sexual masculine
    maníaca sexual feminine
    • I'm working on being a sex maniac and controversialist; I don't require the ‘reassuring feeling from knowing that my funeral expenses are in order’.
    • I would have thought the answer was obvious: we're all sex maniacs now.
    • I'm assuming the male actors are mostly half-witted sex maniacs kidnapped from insane asylums or junkies working for their next fix.
    • This wasn't a movie about crazed sex maniacs or loose women or pregnant girls or the vice rackets.
    • You are not a bad person or a sex maniac to want and expect a physical relationship.
    • ‘He came across like a complete sex maniac,’ said another.
    • After the Foreign Office accused him of being a thieving, drunken sex maniac, he suffered a mental breakdown and was flown back to London and admitted to St Thomas's hospital.
    • This place is the last resort for the desperate and frustrated sex maniac; a society which I'm happy to say I am no longer a member of.
    • He didn't want her first impression of him to be ‘He's a sex maniac.’
    • And that drug, contends Vézina, ‘turns people into sex maniacs.’
    • Alex's first attempt to save his friend from the rough sex maniac went sour, but he's determined to try again regardless of the consequences.
    • From what I could hear one of them was telling the other that she feels her husband is a sex maniac as he is ALWAYS in the mood.
    • And he quite possibly thinks you're a sex maniac.
    • One woman talked to described rapists as sex maniacs who were never satisfied because they had a problem which had not been attended to.
    • ‘Just because I love a boy doesn't suddenly turn me into some kind of sex maniac,’ I snap.
    • You think she's holding out; she thinks you're a raging sex maniac who should really be in jail.
    • If the site had contained the weirdos and whackos at school that grew up to be reprobates, drunks, sex maniacs, revolutionaries, alternative thinkers or anything else out of the so-called norm, it would have been much more interesting.
    • When the party-going sex maniacs finally find the much touted ‘rave of the year’ it's an abandoned shell.
    • It is where the dull become exciting, where the shy become outgoing, the prudish become kinky sex maniacs - and good on them!
    • Trust the sex maniac to bring my sex life into the conversation.