Translation of sexed in Spanish:


sexuado, adj.

Pronunciation /sɛkst//sɛkst/


Zoology Biology

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    to be highly sexed tener una libido / líbido muy fuerte
    • In all sexed species, the female is the fundamental sex.
    • At the same time, however, the authors refused to acknowledge the sexed body, claiming that sexual difference, like gender, is a cultural construct.
    • No, I am arguing that gendered pronouns for people are sexed pronouns, with people choosing ‘his’ or ‘her’ based on biology.
    • These matters concern the sexed body, masculinity, femininity, sexuality, and reproduction.
    • Their presentations of the female body tend to draw attention to the position it has in culture: not only the sexed body, but also bodies marked by racial and cultural differences.