Translation of sexual politics in Spanish:

sexual politics

política sexual, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    política sexual feminine
    • Recent approaches, while moving beyond sexual politics to embrace wider political frameworks of analysis, have even more fully marginalized the progressive politics of New Woman masochism.
    • Angry, impassioned, truthful and personal, Pryor spoke about his world: a world of winos, bums and junkies; of black-white inequality; of sex, politics and sexual politics.
    • We all became avid readers, keen on understanding history, politics, sexual politics, art.
    • We really wanted it to be an exploration of sexual politics and not sex.
    • And her unwanted pregnancy gets us to the heart of this conjugal matter, which in the end is more about economics than sex (or sexual politics, for that matter).
    • Contrasts in the imagery, then, reflect contrasts in sexual politics, although their terms and figures share common elements.
    • Waiting examines the attempted attainment of such a balance by presenting the sometimes intertwined, sometimes disparate interactions of ethnic and sexual politics with the politics of queer motherhood.
    • Gender is a term that reeks of the sexual politics of the seventies.
    • It's a book that features a lot of sexual politics, which some people won't necessarily like, not even to mention economic and social politics.
    • Subsequent conventions were sidetracked by sexual politics.
    • The reason for studying this affair, apart from its novelistic and prurient interest, is that sexual politics intersected with actual politics in the early stages of the French Revolution.
    • Coffee shop arguments can be hashed out for months regarding topics the film introduces, including guerilla operations gone wrong, military governments, sexual politics, and man's inherent propensity for violence.
    • A great many writers have come out, and a great many of them make their living as professional gay people - writers whose sexuality and sexual politics are the theme of nearly everything they write.
    • However, Petrarch's translation also returns to questions concerning the sexual politics that implicitly inform his literary practice and the humanist ideology with which it is infused.
    • ‘But I wasn't interested in the incident for its own sake, but about ideas of sexual politics, of power, of art,’ he said.
    • In doing so, I emphasize linkages between sexual politics and political history.
    • This moment continues to embody so many anxieties about sexual politics, women's reproductive rights and religious zealotry currently occupying the American psyche.
    • Undecidability or ambiguity is arguably, then, a logical outcome to which any reading can be pushed that connects the poem's sexual politics to its colonial politics in terms of a binary relationship between tenor and vehicle.
    • For white middle class viewers, the film is confronting and disturbing for its depiction of rural society, in much the same way that Good Woman of Bangkok was confronting in terms of sexual politics.
    • Its fierce determination in deconstructing the sexual politics that are so often taken for granted in this sort of film provide more thrills than the average Bond outing.