Translation of shabby in Spanish:


gastado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃæbi//ˈʃabi/


  • 1

    (jacket/sofa/carpet) gastado
    (carpet/sofa/jacket) muy usado
    (sofa/jacket/carpet) (threadbare) raído
    they are shabby-genteel es gente bien venida a menos
    • It was much simpler in the old days when everyone had to decorate their homes with the look of the moment, whether it was casual ethnic, urban contemporary, country floral or shabby chic.
    • They were in shabby condition, having fallen into disrepair.
    • He habitually wore shabby tweeds and a cloth cap of the kind favoured by Cockney barrow boys, also by country squires.
    • I stayed with them in their base at Sukhum, a shabby old Soviet hotel with peacocks in the garden.
    • Sadness filled Jason's eyes and he stood there looking at Trevor with his shabby clothes and worn shoes.
    • The boy, wearing a formal but slightly shabby overcoat, is standing, while his mother is seated, so his head is slightly higher than hers.
    • It was small, cheap, and shabby, but she had still called it home for the last few years.
    • Warsaw is still full of grey Soviet-style buildings, a few haphazardly-built modern high rises and shabby stores selling cheap goods.
    • Maybe it's the lack of people, the lack of cars and the shuttered shabby houses.
    • We are running short of food, our uniforms are shabby and dull, our shoes are full of holes, and we are also short on ammunition.
    • When confronted with the reality of a shabby and hostile England unlike the England of her dreams, she is utterly horrified.
    • I muttered, eyes glued to those clothes, worn and shabby looking.
    • The hospital wards are shabby and rundown, staff spend as much time filling out forms as dealing with patients, everyone is overworked and over stressed.
    • The men are dressed in shabby, quilted jackets; they are bareheaded and barefoot.
    • He was standing in a room, now wearing a pair of grey pants, a white short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of shabby looking boots.
    • Regardless of the kitchen's shabby condition, this was home to Isis.
    • All of the houses were wooden, and most of the people were dressed in shabby clothes.
    • And when some of the finer diners cast a disdainful eye upon their shabby, old-fashioned dresses, the two women merely giggled and stared right back at them.
    • ‘Got a letter here I'd like to be mailed,’ the young man said handing the letter to the short stocky man sitting on a small cot in the shabby tent.
    • Yet their fictional lives are placed in direct contrast with their shabby and poor surroundings.
  • 2

    (bad, unfair)
    a shabby trick una mala pasada
    • what a shabby way to treat him qué manera más fea de tratarlo