Translation of shadow in Spanish:


sombra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃædoʊ//ˈʃadəʊ/


  • 1

    (unlit area)
    sombra feminine
    the trees cast long shadows across the road los árboles proyectaban su larga sombra hacia el otro lado del camino
    • he walked along keeping to the shadows caminó sin apartarse de la sombra
    • the shadow of war la sombra de la guerra
    • the kitten was chasing its own shadow el gatito trataba de atrapar su sombra
    • to have shadows under one's eyes tener ojeras
    • she had a shadow of a mustache tenía una sombra de bigote
    • to cast a long shadow over sth ensombrecer algo
    • her death cast a long shadow over the festivities su muerte ensombreció las festividades
    • The glow still present, the figure turned, revolving, and the dim light cast a monstrous shadow of it on the trunk of a tree nearby.
    • Two Senshi sat there watching some displays, their shapes casting huge shadows in the fain light from the monitors.
    • I felt very grateful for Anna's presence as we walked in the dark, our shadows projecting onto the dark road and into the fields beyond, as she expressed gratitude for mine.
    • Light penetrates these holes and casts thin shadows across the print surface.
    • He spun on shaky legs, relieved to see that he hadn't collapsed yet, and saw his own Mercedes still sitting under the dark shadows of the tall oak.
    • The silent roadway looked like a long riband of polished silver, flecked here and there by the dark arabesques of waving shadows.
    • Silently he observed them from the shadows of the forest's trees.
    • Instead, the light cast shadows around him, encircling him passively.
    • The sand felt gritty beneath her toes as she saw the dark shadow standing, watching the waves go out.
    • The dark shadows crept across the ground, the swirling surface trembling at their presence.
    • The Peledrim Forest itself looked sinister and forbidding, and the trees cast long shadows in the dim light of the setting sun.
    • When they were pretty well out of sight, there was a bright flash of light and a large shadow was cast over the area of about a football field.
    • A light periodically shone through the cutout shape, casting a shadow onto the glass that resembled a tower.
    • One of the dark shadows moved and slowly came towards her.
    • The extra light cast eerie shadows on the glistening metal walls, not helping the sick feeling in her stomach.
    • Its multicolored lights cast different shadows on the living room floor.
    • Their bodies cast large shadows on the black pavement, and it appeared as the shadow was one large person.
    • One of his favorite motifs was the mermaid whose undulating body allowed light to cast shadows over the surface.
    • She was walking quite fast and her tiny slim body gave a vague shadow in the street lights.
    • The light diode was casting shadows though a cracked door to the bedroom.
  • 2

    • 2.1(remnant, vestige)

      sombra feminine
      • But it is just a shadow of the bustling place it was from the 1860s through to 1907, when the leaders both died.
      • I smile at them brightly, a shadow of the girl they always wanted, and run up the stairs, excusing myself from the table.
      • By now Chopin was physically a shadow of himself; but it was not just lack of strength that made him play forte passages piano or pianissimo.
      • Like the American cinema, the American theatre is today a pale shadow of what it used to be; this film is a reminder of what we're missing.
      • I am nothing more than a shadow of my old self, I am told.
      • For your brilliance is only a shadow of what is to come.
      • Jared is a great man where Anthony is but a shadow of a boy.
      • Yet he remains a shadow, following behind Buddha rather than being an independent person.
      • That is to say, a facsimile, a carbon copy, a wisp of a ghost of a shadow of a bagel.
      • In memory only part of experiences are seen as they really were, while others fade into a shadow of themselves.
      • Unfortunately, this is only a shadow of the original, and fairly or not comes off as a cheap knock-off of a classic film.
      • He drifted by, a silent specter, a shadow of what he once had been.
      • After ‘shedding’ his ego in favor of Socrates, after rejecting all his old friends, he is no more than a shadow of his old self, and of Socrates.
      • Clearly the combination of diet root beer and too little ice cream had produced a mediocre product, a shadow of a true root beer float.
      • As the days went by, his father's condition worsened until he became merely a shadow of the great, massive man he once was.
      • The sickness was far progressed by that time, and the emancipated retching man that had spoken to a younger boy was only a shadow of his father.
      • The smile was thin, only a pale shadow of what it used to be.
      • She had realized then, as she realized now, that her feelings, her emotions, her very soul, were but a shadow of what they once were.
      • Wall Street and the City would be a shadow of themselves.
      • They are already merely a shadow of the company they were.

    • 2.2(trace)

      a shadow of hope un atisbo de esperanza
      • without the slightest shadow of (a) doubt sin la más mínima (sombra de) duda
      • She had never admitted that she was an agent before, either, even though he knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was.
      • I think part of the reason I'm afraid that his family is going to freak is because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that mine will.
      • It seemed to him that Tanaki's eyes always hid a shadow of coldness.
      • It's a disc of the year without a shadow of a doubt, but more than that, I think it's one of the best violin records I've ever heard.
      • But suddenly, he knew without a shadow of a doubt who this woman was.
      • He felt like he should know, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
      • It was the first time Shawn had felt it, and it would, without a shadow of a doubt, be the last time.
      • In all the years that Sam has known Julien, which were many by the way, she knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the only thing that mattered to him was his video games.
      • The Count is king of the keyboard, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
      • There was never a shred, never a shadow of a doubt that she had anything to do with the disappearance of Michael and Alex.
      • Without a shadow of a doubt in his mind, she was the girl for him.
      • Rebecca knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was compatible with Bryan.
      • Less than half way through the overture I know without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to be a professional oboist.
      • People who want to know the source of their fish without a shadow of a doubt might opt to catch it themselves.
      • My favorite haunt in London, without a shadow of a doubt!
      • What we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt is that regular, adequate rest is an absolute must for the active guy who's looking to keep making gains in the gym.
      • The last thing she remembered seeing was the smirking face of Kyle Stratford, and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that they had been set up.
      • Here's my favorite post of the month, bar none, of all the blogs, where Moby confirms his geekiness beyond a shadow of a doubt.
      • He then proceeded to tell me that without a shadow of a doubt he should be able to get online right now or he was going to cancel his account.
      • Well, the judge explained that what they're looking for here is somewhere between absolute certainty and just a shadow of a doubt.

  • 3

    (person, detective)
    persona que sigue a algn de cerca
    to put a shadow on sb hacer seguir a algn
    • I already had a shadow and another shadow following my other shadow.
    • Being fascinated by the beauty of the park, she never noticed the shadow following her.
  • 4

    before noun the shadow cabinet el gabinete fantasma / en la sombra
    • he was shadow Education Secretary era el portavoz de la oposición para asuntos de educación

transitive verb

  • 1

    (house/garden) ensombrecer
    • I just stared at her, a blank expression shadowing my face.
    • The room was shadowed, shrouded in a curtain of darkness.
    • His face stared into the murky sky, shadowed by the shield.
    • The streets of Okinawa were shadowed by the cloak of twilight and wrapped in a thin fog.
    • She walked in and sat at the bar, keeping her hood up so it shadowed her face.
    • She had her hood up, shadowing her face once again, but the cloak couldn't cover her sensible attire - in fact, the same attire she always wore - since she was riding.
    • Her features were feminine, but a large cap sat on top of her head, covering her hair and shadowed her face.
    • His hood still shadowed any semblance of a face, if he had even had one to begin with.
    • They were cloaked in deep black, their faces shadowed by hoods.
    • He cast his gaze toward the window; the thick curtains shadowed it.
    • Their faces were pale, but one did not know if they had eyes or ears, for they wore a hood that shadowed their faces.
    • The umbrella was titled over the three figures, shadowing their faces.
    • A tall dark being stood in the pouring rain, soaking black cloak pulled tight around a wiry figure against the cold, hood pulled up and shadowing a dark face.
    • Drawing his sword, the young man turned to face a figure cloaked all in black, his face shadowed by his hood.
    • While out together, the town is shadowed by an eclipse, lending a quiet surrealism to the dramatic proceedings.
    • Sterling pulled down the beggar's hat so that it covered his ears and shadowed his upper face before he walked back the way he came.
    • The middle of the river, shadowed by clouds, must feel so big.
    • Even with it only approaching evening, the land was shadowed and black clouds threatened rain.
    • His mount sat quietly atop a leather bound saddle, the cloak sagging, shadowing anything in its impenetrable layer of threads, and reaching the ground slightly.
    • The bright, clear light in his paintings appears like an Arts and Crafts article of faith, casting aside the heavily shadowed tonalities of the Victorians.
  • 2

    (suspect) seguir de cerca a
    • The crazy thing about her was she didn't mind having her little brother shadowing her every move.
    • He was in a new city, in a different province, a new school, new friends, and being the 1960s he was shadowed by the stigma of being raised by a single parent.
    • ‘If they are shadowing us,’ Garcia said, ‘they'll track us to the moon.’
    • Shin was free to fly to east Berlin for location shots - though shadowed by ever-present escorts.
    • Steele's mission was to observe Tucker at close range, arriving as soon as he stepped out of the shower, then shadowing him until his workday ended at 10: 30 p.m.
    • But an ancient Egyptian cat shadows her and infuses life into her again.
    • In my book, the strange, pale men shadowing Paul have several possible allegorical uses, but I decided early on not to push it.
    • Now I have a price on my head and a berserker killer shadowing me.
    • Suspicion has shadowed him ever since he gave up the chairmanship of his family's supermarket chain and took his government post in 1998, collecting a peerage along the way.
    • I was shadowed last night by a couple of blacksuits.
    • This fell upon deaf ears to the Secret Service, which quickly dispatched two agents to shadow the president.
    • The British ships could only hope to shadow her at ever-increasing distances, rather than pursue her.
    • They've been shadowing us ever since that explosion in Boston!
    • He believed they were shadowing him, trying to learn the details of his departure.
    • Accompanied by the reluctant Alan, she begins shadowing him and tracing his movements.
    • The project involves shadowing each family member - husband, wife, and kids - for at least three full days.
    • There are a thousand other procedural union hassles - on some films, for example, the director is shadowed by a translator who repeats orders to the staff in French.
    • On his days off, he scrutinises the children in the playground opposite his apartment and shadows a little girl through the local park.
    • He shadows her for days, weeks, months - and sends all data back to corporate headquarters for analysis.
    • Whoever their trailer was, he was both foolhardy and not very experienced at shadowing someone across a desert.