Translation of shaggy in Spanish:


lanudo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃaɡi//ˈʃæɡi/


  • 1

    (dog) lanudo
    (dog) peludo
    (beard/hair) enmarañado
    (hair/beard) greñudo
    • The child's blonde hair was growing slightly long, now just becoming shaggy.
    • I never tell him that I think that with his thick brown eyebrows (like caterpillars), shaggy beard and thick glasses he looks like an intelligent bear.
    • His hair, a soft ginger-brown color, was short and shaggy from his brow and over the crown of his head, but lengthened a sizable amount in the back, where it was tied off.
    • His hair had begun to grow back, now slightly shaggy instead of fuzzy.
    • The pony was old, and had been Asa's own for three years, ever since Asa's older brother, Oberon, had handed him down when he had grown out of the shaggy brown pony.
    • His hair is a lighter brown color and it's shaggy.
    • He was shaggy, still dripping wet and shivering.
    • The moonlight glinted off its shaggy fur, shining off the pale wings sprouting from its back.
    • What began as a group of shaggy street performers and itinerant stilt-walkers now commands huge audiences and premium prices in Las Vegas.
    • Dark blonde hair was cropped short and shaggy, hanging attractively though it was obviously meant to be slicked back from a high, proud brow.
    • He was despicable, missing teeth and looking very shaggy with the messiest mound of hair resting atop his head.
    • He had long, shaggy and uncombed flaming red hair.
    • The young woman noticed its shaggy fur was receding and looked to see the moon disappearing behind another cloud.
    • She took a bow, and he grinned as he scratched his shaggy head.
    • Their big shaggy komondor sheepdogs with matted dreadlock pelts stayed close at heel.
    • He was medium height and had shaggy, short, dark brown hair.
    • The taller boy had short shaggy blondish red sort of hair.
    • A shaggy, blonde guy answered the door and smiled.
    • Intent on climbing, all she could see of him was the top of his head, which sprouted a shaggy growth of dirty blonde hair that barely brushed his shoulders in elegant, sweaty and tangled locks.
    • The somber youth looked at her from underneath his shaggy bangs, and blinked.
    • She glanced over and saw that even Walter's shaggy fur had taken on a touch of glamour, and Bill's looked much like her own.
    • At the base, there stood a black horse with a thick shaggy pelt and another dark grey one.
    • His light brown hair, which had been clean cut, was shaggy now.
    • His thick brown hair was spiked, but shaggy at the same time.
    • He was a handsome young man of about three and twenty, but his shaggy mop of dark brown hair attributed to him a certain adorable boyish quality.
    • The feline bristled its shaggy fur and started to stand.
    • I got to the front, and was pleasantly surprised to find that, instead of horses, two quaint looking, shaggy little ponies had been pulling us along.
    • Michael scratched his shaggy brown hair, embarrassed at the Secret Service agent's commanding, drawn out voice.
  • 2

    (rug/carpet) peludo