Translation of shake in Spanish:


agitar, v.

Pronunciation /ʃeɪk//ʃeɪk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(cause to move, agitate)

      (bottle/cocktail) agitar
      (person) sacudir
      (person) zarandear
      (foundations/building) sacudir
      (foundations/building) hacer temblar
      (dice) agitar
      (dice) revolver Latin America
      shake well before use agítese bien antes de usar
      • the dog shook himself energetically el perro se sacudió con fuerza
      • she shook herself free from him se liberó de él de una sacudida
      • to shake sth off / from sth
      • to shake sth out of sth
      • we shook the fruit from the branch sacudimos la rama para que cayese la fruta
      • I shook the dust off / from my coat me sacudí el polvo del abrigo
      • he shook the beads out of the bag onto the table sacudió la bolsa para que las cuentas cayeran a la mesa
      • she shook the sand out of the towel sacudió la toalla para quitarle la arena
      • I shook the creases out of my shirt sacuda la camisa para quitarle las arrugas
      • to shake hands darse un apretón de manos
      • to shake hands with sb darle / estrecharle la mano a algn
      • to shake sb's hand, to shake sb by the hand darle / estrecharle la mano a algn
      • he shook me warmly by the hand me dio un caluroso apretón de manos
      • to shake hands on a deal cerrar un trato con un apretón de manos
      • to shake one's head (meaning yes) asentir con la cabeza
      • Sprinkle a very little water on top and shake the mixture lightly so that coarse lumps appear.
      • Equal numbers of young women and men, often as couples, come out to see these ladies shake their stuff, and the atmosphere is one of racy hilarity.
      • She shook the umbrella carefully, ensuring that no contamination made its way to the Princess, and stored it gently away.
      • When it moved, it shook his vital organs as if he was standing on an earthquake simulator in a geology museum, and when it spoke, his nerves jumped and jangled in his body.
      • The explosion shook the ground, sending both of the comrades to the ground.
      • He scowled at the now-empty bottle, shook it, and muttered something.
      • It's my sister's old one, and I've come to learn that if you move it or even shake it, the screen will flick off.
      • The King shook his glass a little, the wine spraying about, until finally he gave in.
      • I moved my shoulders and shook my hips in a little dance as the run-in music started.
      • Suddenly there was a big explosion that shook the floor as Grant set off the bombs, followed by a great crash as the gates.
      • He smiled, as another explosion shook the house.
      • As the group advanced forward the first explosion shook the monastery.
      • The kid shook his drink loosely, watching as the alcohol glisten in the ice cubes.
      • Trey had slid into the house behind his uncle, shaking an umbrella dry, a brilliant grin on his face.
      • The 9.0 earthquake that shook the earth under the Indian Ocean was an anomaly.
      • He picked her up playfully, shaking her side from side before setting her down.
      • A planet-wide earthquake shook it as though someone were trying to throttle it.
      • She had the same reaction I did, dropping to her knees and shaking her side to side.
      • Ozone stink fills the hall and pounding hammers shake the wall.
      • She grabbed at her stomach as forced laughter shook her sides.
      • From the courtyard, the explosion of a grenade shook the house.
      • Debra lifted out the black bottle, shook it, held it up to the light.
      • Just as he did so a loud explosion shook them almost off their feet and smoke poured out between the cracks in the elevator doors.
      • He stood straight faced at the front of the stage, not moving and barely shaking the tambourine he held throughout the night.
      • Somewhere far behind came a loud explosion that shook the ground.
      • I sit up in my bunk and swing my legs over the side, shaking my foot violently.
      • The year since the war has been one in which the pieces on the international chess board were violently shaken.
      • He shook his umbrella and took off his jumper, handing it to me.
      • The explosion shook the ground with a devastatingly loud noise, loud enough to wake up the dead.
      • It made her chillingly uneasy, like an earthquake shaking the house.
      • On the bridge, the explosion nearly shook everyone to the deck.
      • The shock waves from the explosions shook the ground and the trees.
      • All was quiet until the bird's flight path was suddenly cut short by a gigantic explosion that shook the very earth.
      • And then the car flipped over tossing them into the side of something and shaking them about violently.
      • Combine and shake all ingredients over ice and strain into a Highball or Collins glass with a sugared rim and filled with ice.
      • I didn't know what that meant, but I knew little Goldie ‘died’ because I always shook his water bowl.
      • Today, shaking a chocolate milk product is likely to be unnecessary.
      • The explosion shook the fortress and hurled her to the floor.
      • He shook the bottle as he turned it to read the side and frowned.
      • Her hand shook the glass and water spilled onto the tablecloth.

    • 1.2(brandish)

      (stick/sword) agitar
      (stick/sword) blandir
      to shake one's fist at sb amenazar a algn con el puño
      • The noisy decamping of the occupying soccer army is often played against the backdrop of a portrait of this columnist shaking his fist.
      • They shook their fist but yet did not do anything to stop me.
      • He raised a dripping fist and shook it at the departing boat with a wordless screech, only to splutter again as he went under once more.
      • Mrs Johnstone shook her fist as the car sped away.
      • One of the men shook his fist and cursed at him, threatening to cut his throat if he did not leave.
      • To think, I used to live like an animal, subsisting purely on furiously shaking my fists at televisions and throttling newspapers.
      • I moved backwards slightly, almost from reflex, and he shook his bottle at me again.
      • Just to be ornery, Mike tooted again and the old man shook a fist.
      • One of the merchants shook a fist at her and yelled something and she waved back at him grinning.
      • I shook my cereal packet at her in mock-anger, which turned out to be a stupid idea since it was still quite full.
      • He'd given up questioning his Maker long ago, stopped shaking his fist toward the sky in anger and disillusionment.
      • At a lack of anything else to do, she shook a half-hearted fist at him threateningly, and the corner of his lips tipped up in a hint of a smile.
      • Beyond shaking one's fist at the sky in impotent rage, not much can be done for that stuff.
      • He raved, he cursed, he shook his fists in my face, and then suddenly a horrible spasm passed over his features, he clapped his hand to his side, and with a loud cry he fell in a heap at my feet.
      • Glen shook his fist in mock anger, and was answered by another stuck-out-tongue.
      • He raised an eyebrow and she shook a fist at him playfully, giggling at herself.
      • She shook her fists to the heavens at the injustice of it all.
      • I turned before I left and shook my fist threateningly at him, then slammed his door.
      • He shook his fist at her, which, to his surprise, earned a real smile.
      • Governments that desire otherwise can only shake their fist in anger.

  • 2

    • 2.1(undermine, impair)

      (nerve/courage) hacer flaquear
      (faith) debilitar
      the scandal has shaken the financial world el escándalo ha conmocionado al mundo de las finanzas
      • Fisher was visibly shaken; he turned and walked off toward Diego.
      • I was personally shaken by it and wasn't in the mood to write much of anything.
      • Many people are shaken by a sense of vulnerability, and nobody can tell how all this will finish.
      • Everyone was running in or out, and the students who'd managed to sneak in or had avoided being kicked out were visibly shaken.
      • I was shaken that night by the thought of how close Jamaica came to losing two of its most promising new artistic voices.
      • In any event, the composer was badly shaken during this era, which probably hastened his death in 1950.
      • And she was holding my hand underneath this desk because she was obviously shaken by that whole Los Angeles experience.
      • He was shaken and very angry, and even though he wasn't hurt, it was very scary for my son and his wife.
      • Seriously, this is one of the half dozen scenes in the series that shakes me to my core every single time I watch it.
      • A publicist arrives to announce Drew is visibly shaken.
      • For the next two nights, Kimmel was visibly shaken and uncomfortable.
      • This showing of contempt had an obvious effect on Edwards, who was visibly shaken.
      • The birds, butterflies, and stylized ivy in beautiful pastel shook me to my core.
      • So, he breaks down the film to include six shorter stories, each delivered with one hard punch that shakes you in your seat.
      • The student was quite shaken and claimed that if the situation escalated further, she would be on the next bus home.
      • At the house, every light was burning and Julia was almost immediately at the door to meet them, visibly shaken by her husband's absence.
      • He was still shaken from being tossed across the room, so he did not land on his feet.
      • The town was shocked and shaken by a very horrible tragedy.
      • The art market was shaken by reports of great numbers of fraudulent Dali prints.
      • Sets of stills have emerged clearly indicating that even though he was badly shaken, George did make a systematic record of their experiences.

    • 2.2(shock, surprise)

      (person) impresionar
      (person) afectar
      she was badly shaken by the news of his death la noticia de su muerte la impresionó / la afectó muchísimo
      • to shake sb rigid dejar a algn helado
      • he needs to be shaken out of his apathy necesita un revulsivo que lo saque de su apatía

  • 3

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (move, tremble)
    (earth) temblar
    (voice/hand) temblar
    the branches shook in the wind las ramas se agitaban con el viento
    • he was shaking with laughter se sacudía de la risa
    • he was shaking with fear/cold/rage estaba temblando de miedo/frío/rabia
    • her voice shook slightly le temblaba ligeramente la voz
  • 2informal

    (shake hands)
    let's shake on it ¡chócala(s)! informal
    • they shook on it sellaron el acuerdo con un apretón de manos


  • 1

    (violent, act)
    sacudida feminine
    sacudida violenta masculine
    sacudón masculine Latin America
    I gave the dice a good shake les di una buena sacudida a los dados
    • he gave my hand a firm shake me dio un fuerte apretón de manos
    • he replied with a shake of the head contestó negando con la cabeza
    • in two shakes (of a lamb's tail), in a couple / brace of shakes en un periquete / en un santiamén / en una patada
    • to be no great shakes no ser nada del otro mundo / nada del otro jueves
    • so far he has proved no great shakes as a leader hasta el momento no ha demostrado ser nada del otro mundo / nada del otro jueves como líder
  • 2milk shake

    batido masculine
    leche malteada feminine Latin America
    malteada feminine Latin America
    licuado con leche masculine Latin America
    merengada feminine Venezuela
  • 3shakes pl

    to have the shakes estar temblequeando informal
    • he got the shakes le dio / le entró la tembladera / el tembleque
  • 4USinformal

    (deal, treatment)
    a fair shake un trato justo
  • 5

    listón masculine