Translation of shake in Spanish:


agitar, v.

Pronunciation /ʃeɪk//ʃeɪk/

transitive verbshook, shaken

  • 1

    • 1.1(cause to move, agitate)

      (bottle/cocktail) agitar
      (person) sacudir
      (person) zarandear
      (building/foundations) sacudir
      (building/foundations) hacer temblar
      (dice) agitar
      (dice) revolver Latin America
      [ S ]shake well before use agítese bien antes de usar
      • the dog shook himself energetically el perro se sacudió con fuerza
      • she shook herself free from him se liberó de él de una sacudida
      • to shake sth off/from sth
      • we shook the fruit from the branch sacudimos la rama para que cayese la fruta
      • I shook the dust off / from my coat me sacudí el polvo del abrigo
      • to shake sth out of sth
      • he shook the beads out of the bag onto the table sacudió la bolsa para que las cuentas cayeran a la mesa
      • she shook the sand out of the towel sacudió la toalla para quitarle la arena
      • I shook the creases out of my shirt sacuda la camisa para quitarle las arrugas
      • Somewhere far behind came a loud explosion that shook the ground.
      • I sit up in my bunk and swing my legs over the side, shaking my foot violently.
      • I moved my shoulders and shook my hips in a little dance as the run-in music started.
      • He shook the bottle as he turned it to read the side and frowned.
      • Today, shaking a chocolate milk product is likely to be unnecessary.
      • The explosion shook the ground with a devastatingly loud noise, loud enough to wake up the dead.
      • Equal numbers of young women and men, often as couples, come out to see these ladies shake their stuff, and the atmosphere is one of racy hilarity.
      • From the courtyard, the explosion of a grenade shook the house.
      • He smiled, as another explosion shook the house.
      • On the bridge, the explosion nearly shook everyone to the deck.
      • When it moved, it shook his vital organs as if he was standing on an earthquake simulator in a geology museum, and when it spoke, his nerves jumped and jangled in his body.
      • Combine and shake all ingredients over ice and strain into a Highball or Collins glass with a sugared rim and filled with ice.
      • Ozone stink fills the hall and pounding hammers shake the wall.
      • The kid shook his drink loosely, watching as the alcohol glisten in the ice cubes.
      • Just as he did so a loud explosion shook them almost off their feet and smoke poured out between the cracks in the elevator doors.
      • She shook the umbrella carefully, ensuring that no contamination made its way to the Princess, and stored it gently away.
      • He scowled at the now-empty bottle, shook it, and muttered something.
      • The explosion shook the fortress and hurled her to the floor.
      • Trey had slid into the house behind his uncle, shaking an umbrella dry, a brilliant grin on his face.
      • Suddenly there was a big explosion that shook the floor as Grant set off the bombs, followed by a great crash as the gates.
      • All was quiet until the bird's flight path was suddenly cut short by a gigantic explosion that shook the very earth.
      • The King shook his glass a little, the wine spraying about, until finally he gave in.
      • A planet-wide earthquake shook it as though someone were trying to throttle it.
      • I didn't know what that meant, but I knew little Goldie ‘died’ because I always shook his water bowl.
      • Her hand shook the glass and water spilled onto the tablecloth.
      • The explosion shook the ground, sending both of the comrades to the ground.
      • She had the same reaction I did, dropping to her knees and shaking her side to side.
      • It's my sister's old one, and I've come to learn that if you move it or even shake it, the screen will flick off.
      • As the group advanced forward the first explosion shook the monastery.
      • He stood straight faced at the front of the stage, not moving and barely shaking the tambourine he held throughout the night.
      • He shook his umbrella and took off his jumper, handing it to me.
      • He picked her up playfully, shaking her side from side before setting her down.
      • She grabbed at her stomach as forced laughter shook her sides.
      • The year since the war has been one in which the pieces on the international chess board were violently shaken.
      • The shock waves from the explosions shook the ground and the trees.
      • The 9.0 earthquake that shook the earth under the Indian Ocean was an anomaly.
      • It made her chillingly uneasy, like an earthquake shaking the house.
      • And then the car flipped over tossing them into the side of something and shaking them about violently.
      • Debra lifted out the black bottle, shook it, held it up to the light.
      • Sprinkle a very little water on top and shake the mixture lightly so that coarse lumps appear.

    • 1.2(brandish)

      (stick/sword) agitar
      (stick/sword) blandir
      • To think, I used to live like an animal, subsisting purely on furiously shaking my fists at televisions and throttling newspapers.
      • One of the men shook his fist and cursed at him, threatening to cut his throat if he did not leave.
      • They shook their fist but yet did not do anything to stop me.
      • He'd given up questioning his Maker long ago, stopped shaking his fist toward the sky in anger and disillusionment.
      • Just to be ornery, Mike tooted again and the old man shook a fist.
      • One of the merchants shook a fist at her and yelled something and she waved back at him grinning.
      • I moved backwards slightly, almost from reflex, and he shook his bottle at me again.
      • I turned before I left and shook my fist threateningly at him, then slammed his door.
      • Beyond shaking one's fist at the sky in impotent rage, not much can be done for that stuff.
      • He raised a dripping fist and shook it at the departing boat with a wordless screech, only to splutter again as he went under once more.
      • Governments that desire otherwise can only shake their fist in anger.
      • The noisy decamping of the occupying soccer army is often played against the backdrop of a portrait of this columnist shaking his fist.
      • He raised an eyebrow and she shook a fist at him playfully, giggling at herself.
      • Glen shook his fist in mock anger, and was answered by another stuck-out-tongue.
      • He raved, he cursed, he shook his fists in my face, and then suddenly a horrible spasm passed over his features, he clapped his hand to his side, and with a loud cry he fell in a heap at my feet.
      • Mrs Johnstone shook her fist as the car sped away.
      • He shook his fist at her, which, to his surprise, earned a real smile.
      • She shook her fists to the heavens at the injustice of it all.
      • At a lack of anything else to do, she shook a half-hearted fist at him threateningly, and the corner of his lips tipped up in a hint of a smile.
      • I shook my cereal packet at her in mock-anger, which turned out to be a stupid idea since it was still quite full.

  • 2

    • 2.1(undermine, impair)

      (nerve/courage) hacer flaquear
      (faith) debilitar
      the scandal has shaken the financial world el escándalo ha conmocionado al mundo de las finanzas
      • I was shaken that night by the thought of how close Jamaica came to losing two of its most promising new artistic voices.
      • I was personally shaken by it and wasn't in the mood to write much of anything.
      • He was still shaken from being tossed across the room, so he did not land on his feet.
      • Seriously, this is one of the half dozen scenes in the series that shakes me to my core every single time I watch it.
      • At the house, every light was burning and Julia was almost immediately at the door to meet them, visibly shaken by her husband's absence.
      • So, he breaks down the film to include six shorter stories, each delivered with one hard punch that shakes you in your seat.
      • For the next two nights, Kimmel was visibly shaken and uncomfortable.
      • Everyone was running in or out, and the students who'd managed to sneak in or had avoided being kicked out were visibly shaken.
      • This showing of contempt had an obvious effect on Edwards, who was visibly shaken.
      • The student was quite shaken and claimed that if the situation escalated further, she would be on the next bus home.
      • Sets of stills have emerged clearly indicating that even though he was badly shaken, George did make a systematic record of their experiences.
      • Many people are shaken by a sense of vulnerability, and nobody can tell how all this will finish.
      • The town was shocked and shaken by a very horrible tragedy.
      • A publicist arrives to announce Drew is visibly shaken.
      • And she was holding my hand underneath this desk because she was obviously shaken by that whole Los Angeles experience.
      • Fisher was visibly shaken; he turned and walked off toward Diego.
      • The birds, butterflies, and stylized ivy in beautiful pastel shook me to my core.
      • He was shaken and very angry, and even though he wasn't hurt, it was very scary for my son and his wife.
      • The art market was shaken by reports of great numbers of fraudulent Dali prints.
      • In any event, the composer was badly shaken during this era, which probably hastened his death in 1950.

    • 2.2(shock, surprise)

      (person) impresionar
      (person) afectar
      she was badly shaken by the news of his death la noticia de su muerte la impresionó / la afectó muchísimo
      • to shake sb rigid dejar a algn helado
      • he needs to be shaken out of his apathy necesita un revulsivo que lo saque de su apatía

  • 3

intransitive verbshook, shaken

  • 1

    (move, tremble)
    (earth) temblar
    (voice/hand) temblar
    the branches shook in the wind las ramas se agitaban con el viento
    • he was shaking with laughter se sacudía de la risa
    • he was shaking with fear/cold/rage estaba temblando de miedo/frío/rabia
    • her voice shook slightly le temblaba ligeramente la voz
    • Every building shook, from one end of the city to the other.
    • Tears spilt from gray eyes as Suki's body shook with uncontrolled emotion.
    • The area around that part of the Colony shook and vibrated.
    • It yelped again and backed away, its body shaking with fear.
    • She whispered again, her voice shaking with emotion as she realized who had brutally murdered her mother.
    • His voice echoed in the apartment and Melanie felt as though the whole room shook.
    • Chance watched her for a few moments, her body shaking with emotion.
    • A huge crashing noise came from outside, and the building shook.
    • Ivor yelled, voice shaking with anger and tears as he slammed down the receiver.
    • The last half of the sentence was said with a rage so great that the room shook violently, nearly throwing everyone off their balance.
    • Bonnie insisted, her voice shaking with laughter.
    • His voice was shaking with fury as he looked down at Larek, who was sitting in the mud trying to wipe the blood off his face.
    • Her whole body shook with emotion as she strode blindly along some path.
    • The entire area shook from the attack, and I was sure Logan was cursing at me.
    • Her whole body shook with fright and she had never been more scared in her life.
    • I repeat, my voice shaking with the effort of holding back my rage.
    • The buildings shook violently and the ground trembled with its passing, and even the Dark Lord looked surprised.
    • Her whole body was shaking with fright for her daughter.
    • My body started shaking with the memory and chills ran through my spine.
    • Her thin fingers wrapped around his elbows were shaking with the strong emotions.
    • His face was deeply red, verging on purple, and his voice was shaking with the effort not to shout.
    • My voice was shaking with anger, and my body went stiff as if I might snap at any given moment.
    • The room was shaking from the tremendous force the boy was showing.
    • We ran to the end of the hall, the hotel shaking the whole time, and opened the door.
    • I awoke with a start, tears coursing down my cheeks, my body shaking with sobs.
    • Houses shook violently and buildings collapsed from the quake and force of the explosion.
    • Morgan braced himself as the process began; the whole room shook as the generators began churning out an unearthly hum.
    • The band room shook, causing many of the teen-aged girls in the flute section to shriek.
    • He could hear her voice shaking and her entire body was trembling before him.
    • The floor was vibrating, shaking, trembling, the light swinging, papers flying.
    • Her body shook with fury and tears flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks.
    • I slammed the door behind me hard, the room shaking slightly.
    • His body shook with a memory he had tried to forget, but the woman lying helpless on his couch was bringing it all back to him.
    • I stared around me in fright, as the walls of my rooms shook.
    • Elizabeth cried, her voice shaking with rage, ‘You're not fit to wipe his boots!’
    • Suddenly the room started shaking, then, with a violent jolt, it stopped.
    • Once again, the main building shook perilously.
    • The roof of the living room shook as the three girls ran across the hall and down the stairs.
    • Before the operators could move, the command room shook violently, throwing many of them into the walls and to the floor.
    • The whole area shook as pieces of the ceiling began to rain down on them.


  • 1

    (act) sacudida feminine
    (violent) sacudida violenta masculine
    (violent) sacudón masculine Latin America
    I gave the dice a good shake les di una buena sacudida a los dados
    • he gave my hand a firm shake me dio un fuerte apretón de manos
    • he replied with a shake of the head contestó negando con la cabeza
    • in two shakes (of a lamb's tail), in a couple / brace of shakes en un periquete / en un santiamén / en una patada
    • She added a bit of a shake to her voice to make it sound more realistic, and though Barbara eyed her skeptically, she accepted the story.
    • He gives himself a little shake and then turns to Amelia.
    • The girl gave a polite shake of the head declining the tea, but took the proffered chair.
    • The tall teenager gave my hair a shake and caught up with Danny quickly.
    • She thought of it as a nervous motion, or a shake of the muscles when the mind is relaxing, and dismissed it.
    • She rested her head against the cold hard glass, then suddenly got the shakes about what could have been smeared on these windows, and by whom over the years, and she pulled herself up sharply.
    • I placed my hand in his, expecting a shake, but he surprised me by bringing my hand to his lips and placing a butterfly kiss on my knuckles.
    • It's so close that we're starting to get the shakes.
    • The topic of depth of field tends to give the shakes to many beginning photographers, but the concept is actually very simple.
    • Tanya gave the glass container a few good shakes.
    • After draining them, he would put them back in the pan, add a handful of salt, and give them a shake.
    • After looking at the mild shake throughout the movie, the suddenly stable image will stick right out to you.
    • The steroid in the cocktail had the side effect of the shakes along with keeping his lungs alive.
    • She gave herself a mental shake and turned back to the task at hand.
    • Whatever he had planned for him today, he doubted that the shakes and a cold sweat would go over well.
    • The walls seemed to stretch and reach forever, but the young man just dispelled the image with a shake of his head.
    • Christian cradled her small body, feeling her shakes and shivers.
    • Where another child would have been punished for the same stunts he pulled, his cheeky familiarity often earned him little more than soft chuckles and rueful shakes of the aged heads.
    • Every time I went back to the hometown, my stomach turned into knots, I couldn't eat or sleep, and I got the shakes.
    • With all this re-hashing of old ideas, it seemed like reality shows had run their course in '04, making reality junkies like me start to get the shakes.
    • So you're interested in turning your PC into a digital video recorder, but the notion of opening your computer to install a TV-tuner card gives you the shakes.
    • Quint offered coffee, but Caine declined with a shake of his head.
    • By some small miracle, his leg had gone undamaged, but he had since contracted a severe case of the shakes.
    • Get past the depression, the illness, the shakes and diarrhea.
    • There was this unclean desire toward celebrity and media that still rages within us like the shakes in an alcoholic.
    • He gave a single shake of his head and knit his brow.
    • She could hardly hear him through the shake of the earpiece in her hands.
    • The racing driver technique of giving champagne a good shake and prising off the cork with two thumbs is about as dangerous as motor racing.
    • Edie gasped for breath, giving in to the shakes, hanging on to the float like it was her whole world.
    • Danny accepts it with a grateful nod and drinks a long draught, trying to banish the shakes from his body.
    • And the shakes and sweats tend to make you look a lot crazier than you really are.
    • Adam felt a gentle shake and jumped, surprised to see his father sitting next to him.
    • I dimly noticed that Jay refused both breakfast and dinner through silent shakes of his head while I ate them mechanically, never tasting them.
    • My body had sailed smoothly through the birth, but I was humbled when it reacted afterward with a high temperature and the shakes.
    • Camera shake is one of the most common flaws in any video production and yet it can easily be reduced.
  • 2milk shake

    batido masculine
    leche malteada feminine Latin America
    malteada feminine Latin America
    licuado con leche masculine Latin America
    merengada feminine Venezuela
  • 3shakes plural

    to have the shakes estar temblequeando informal
    • he got the shakes le dio / le entró la temblorina
  • 4US informal

    (deal, treatment)
    a fair shake un trato justo
  • 5

    listón masculine
    • Hoss bent and tied the rope around the small pile of cedar shakes at his feet.
    • The shingles are wooden shakes that, apart from the new sections, are greyed from the elements and the outside paintjob is a cream colour with green trim.
    • Having left Rose working mightily away at fastening shakes to her roof, he was giving himself a workout on the oars, something he'd always enjoyed.
    • Now sheathed in cedar shakes and fronted by a large wraparound deck, the structure bears not a hint of its former ho-hum self.
    • If you have chosen to use a rigid roofing (metal, wood shakes or shingles, tile, etc.) you can use 1 x 4 slats instead.
    • Ice and water protection can be used under any type of roofing, including three-tab and laminated composition shingles, wood shingles and shakes, and all types of tile.
    • The neat frame building bore a skin of immaculate white clapboard, the tall, pyramidal steeple above the front door shingled with new cedar shakes.
    • Every window had been replaced, the panes gleaming, and the roof had been re-shingled with cedar shakes.
    • A combination blade is best for cutting through wood shingles or shakes.
    • Slide the saddle, or top flashing, underneath both shingles or shakes and the roofing felt.
    • I was planning on applying a wood protector and wondering if there is there an application that will make it looks nice and protects the cedar shakes.
    • On the exterior, they replaced the fiberglass wall shingles with stained cedar shakes and put in oversized, divided-light windows.
    • If you are using shingles or shakes: Cut the quantity needed, uniformly 3 to 5 inches wide.
    • She made the roofs of her first bird houses from scrap wood or shakes (cedar shingles).
    • It is also available in common lumber and plywood sizes, as well as shakes and shingles for roofing and sidewall applications.
    • Cedar shakes and shingles are, of course, natural wood.
    • For summer rain, trellising can be covered with shingles, shakes, reed fencing bamboo, window screens, louvers, canvas, glass or plastic.