Translation of shake-up in Spanish:


gran reorganización, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃeɪkʌp//ˈʃeɪk ˌəp/



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    gran reorganización feminine
    gran remodelación feminine
    to give sth a good shake-up reorganizar / remodelar algo totalmente
    • Back then I told everyone that the only thing that will never change, despite search engine shake-ups and search technology improvements, is that links will always be the most important part of any website promotion campaign.
    • The proposals would have affected 13 villages and represented one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of education in the county.
    • Anecdotal evidence suggests this is the result of increased availability of such independents in the wake of shake-ups in the industry occurring shortly before the survey.
    • Australia's deserts are poised to give the world food menu its biggest shake-up since Columbus.
    • While the most desirable solution is to address areas of conflict and maintain a focused vision, sometimes businesses must resort to selling divisions, merging, retiring senior management or other major shake-ups.
    • Pirate radio was about to be superannuated by the BBC shake-up that would give rise to Radio One.
    • The shake-up has redefined the property's enterprise mix, but more fundamentally has profoundly altered the way things are done, and decisions taken.
    • But even as these designers are walking the fine line between East and West while retailing abroad, at home their markets might be in for a shake-up.
    • Intel has announced a major shake-up that will see it reorganise its key operations around technology platforms rather than separate products.
    • His departure comes at a time when the Federal Government is considering a radical shake-up of the Family Law system.
    • The CIA will be in charge of all U.S. spying overseas in one of this country's biggest intelligence shake-ups.
    • The shake-up sparked the Warriors and immediately shifted the momentum in the fourth set.
    • Then came the Thatcher years and many established farming organisations were facing huge shake-ups.
    • One of the biggest shake-ups in Irish banking history took place yesterday as Bank of Scotland swept into the high street with a 120 million deal that will give it 54 branches around the country.
    • We wish him the best, because it will rattle an industry that probably needs a shake-up.
    • Now it will be left to President-elect Bush to propose a radical shake-up of social security, allowing younger workers to partially opt-out of the system and put some of their savings into the stock market instead.
    • Hollywood has weathered other big shake-ups in the past and turned them to its advantage - television in the Fifties, home video in the late Seventies.
    • Teachers are threatening strike action in Hampshire this summer following one of the biggest shake-ups to the school year.
    • The company is in for a shake-up to haul manufacturing quality and reliability uphill.
    • It won the 1990 elections, and immediately carried out a radical shake-up of the country's welfare system by creating the first ‘post-welfarist’ society.