Translation of shall in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʃəl//ʃal//ʃ(ə)l//ʃæl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in statements about the future)

      I/we shall be very interested to see what happens tendré/tendremos mucho interés en ver qué sucede
      • I said we should have to economize dije que tendríamos que economizar
      • we shan't be able to come no podremos / no vamos a poder venir
      • Jenny, pick up your toys — shan't! Jenny, recoge los juguetes — ¡no quiero!
      • I shall ignore the questions which do not apply to a particular item.
      • The ancient debate will help, I suggest, in clarifying what we shall want to say on this question.
      • I shall return to this question later at paragraph 124 and following.
      • Certainly the postal game offers far more scope for originality, as we shall see later.
      • These are the main questions that I shall examine and, to some extent, try to answer in this chapter.
      • This last question raises disputes of fact, and I shall consider it first.
      • The stage is set for a tremendous showdown, and in our minds there is but one question: who shall remain and what will be left of them?
      • I record this not as a suggestion for us to follow, but so that we shall not suffer from these practices.
      • In this chapter we shall address two questions: why was France so effervescent in these years?
      • We shall return later to the question of whether or not this insight is correct.
      • I have had the benefit of knowing the farm and its problems for some time now and have taken advice on the price that I shall offer.
      • Having reflected on these questions for many years, I shall tell you my conclusion.
      • We shall take up the question of what we can learn from the reliabilist alternative in Chapter 15.
      • I shall deal in more detail with the nature of the offer below.
      • I shall leave until later the question of interpreting what the terms of the authorization required.
      • As we shall see, the answer to this question depends very much on the type of licence which has been granted.
      • I shall return to the question of foams having an open cell construction.
      • Where I think it relevant, helpful and permissible to take into account other material I shall indicate what it is.
      • Perhaps we should; but, as already remarked, that is a question I shall not consider here.
      • I thought it might be difficult to offer relevant criticism, but I shall try.

    • 1.2(making suggestions, asking for assent)

      shall I open/close the window? ¿abro/cierro la ventana?
      • shall we go out tonight? ¿qué te (or le etc.) parece si salimos esta noche?
      • shall we dance? ¿bailamos?
      • I'll ask him, shall I? le pregunto ¿sí? / ¿te (or le etc.) parece?
      • let's try again, shall we? intentémoslo otra vez ¿sí? / ¿te (or le etc.) parece?
      • whatever shall we do? ¿qué podemos hacer?
      • The question here is where shall we go for this data and what data will we need next?

  • 2

    (in commands, promises etc)
    they shall not pass no pasarán
    • thou shalt not steal no robarás
    • The governor shall send the report to the Secretary of State without delay, together with his own recommendations.
    • Not only that, he had these huge posters of a certain boyband whose identity shall remain a secret.
    • The question of costs shall be dealt with in writing within four weeks of the release of this Order.
    • A member shall indicate his vote by raising his or her hand or by going into a lobby.
    • The United Kingdom shall not send from its territory to that of the other Member States fresh meat of the bovine species.
    • At the hearing of his case, if the defendant is in attendance he shall be invited to indicate whether or not he accepts each of the charges made against him.
    • The first person to hold this cube with mortal hands shall inherit all of my strength.
    • Such instructions shall be consistent with the intent of the Contract Documents.
    • Yes, at this fine establishment which shall remain nameless, they do not melt the cheese.
    • The Tender shall comprise an offer to perform the Services supplied in the Enquiry Documents.
    • Under your command shall be the battleships Loyalty and Honour, and the frigates Hope and Truth.
    • The evidence in question therefore shall not form part of the trial evidence.
    • If there is any disagreement, each shall send his form of Order to me, and I will finalize the wording.
    • Every question determined by the members of the court martial shall be decided by a majority of the votes of the members.
    • In any such case the criminal nature of the group or organization is considered proved and shall not be questioned.
    • The use of supplementary indications shall be authorised until 31 December 1989.
    • The primary residence of the children shall remain with the mother.
    • The Clerk shall give notice to the respondent in Form 5 and a copy shall be sent to the applicant.
    • From the hubbub and colorful chaos of Delhi she journeyed to a town in the Midwest that shall remain unnamed.
    • Two years ago, I received an email from an executive in the cinema exhibition industry, who shall remain nameless.