Translation of shallow in Spanish:


poco profundo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃæloʊ//ˈʃaləʊ/

adjectiveshallower, shallowest

  • 1

    (not deep)
    (river/water/pond) poco profundo
    (dish) llano
    (dish) plano
    (dish) bajo Chile
    shallow breathing respiración superficial feminine
    • shallow roof tejado de poca / baja pendiente
    • a shallow grave una tumba poco profunda
    • These greyish, shallow erosions in the surface of the tongue and cheeks are inflamed and painful, especially when you eat hot, spicy food.
    • The casserole is fairly shallow with a large surface area allowing maximum evaporation.
    • Plan on shelf space tall enough for large cereal boxes and drawers shallow enough to allow you to easily find small bags and boxes.
    • Meantime, the Russian Navy is trying to pull the sub to shallow waters.
    • Each pair of gloves is mounted in a shallow pine box lined with beaded and embroidered wedding fabric and fitted with a lid that has an oval cutout.
    • That night he made his way out of town and bedded down on the edge of a shallow gully.
    • For the custard, preheat the oven to 300 degrees and line a shallow baking pan with plastic wrap.
    • They have created roughly parallel blocks flanked by shallow canals that are actually slightly above harbour level.
    • He was speeding south over flat plains, shallow rivers, lines of trees and teeny signs of civilization.
    • Do you know how shallow the water is here?
    • Long, shallow cuts lined her cheeks and forehead, and at one or two places, there were deep gouges.
    • Cool slightly and turn out onto a shallow sided dish.
    • Kate quickly pulled out a shallow chest from beneath her bed and dumped the contents onto the floor.
    • They were covered over slightly, like a shallow puddle that manages to reflect the sky while still being able to see to the bottom.
    • Roll the pastry into a large rectangle and line a shallow baking tray.
    • Evenly broadcast the seeds over an area of the bed or sprinkle them in a shallow furrow.
    • The five nodded their understanding before giving a shallow bow.
    • I grow this prehistoric plant in a shallow bowl of water.
    • The narrow, deep lakes, so named because they look like the fingers of a hand, were carved by Ice Age glaciers, which deposited shallow topsoil on sloping shale beds above the lakes.
    • There have even been a few documented cases of dolphins supporting drowning swimmers to shallow water.
  • 2

    (person) superficial
    (conversation) frívolo
    (conversation) banal
    • I was going to go home and fix my face, hide it with makeup and hope that Brendan wasn't shallow enough to break up with me because I was temporarily ugly.
    • However theologically shallow it may be, however, there was a definite thought and reasoning behind it.
    • He also happened to be rather handsome, but I wasn't that shallow.
    • Was he the only one who could tell how shallow she was?
    • I know my sister isn't gullible or dumb, so this fact only served to prove to me how shallow she is.
    • As they open up to each other about their woes, neither seems to recognise how monstrously selfish and shallow they appear.
    • It's a little shallow that way, but yet one of our guiltiest pleasures.
    • But then again, did he truly believe that all women on earth were that shallow?
    • I got to know her pretty well and realized that she wasn't really shallow.
    • The errors are patent and they are explicable by what we say is a rather shallow analysis of the admissible value of those utterances in the record of interview.
    • She was supposed to be the one who wasn't shallow and who wasn't concerned with ‘status’ and such.
    • People are vain and shallow and disregard the love of others to pursue their own whims.
    • Tara resented the implication that she would be that shallow.
    • They were both beautiful, popular people and their pairing had only seemed natural to everyone else despite how shallow I thought Mandy was.
    • This is one reason I described his analysis as shallow.
    • Your friends think I'm just that shallow, because they don't see it and I let them.
    • She likes to pretend she's that shallow, but she really isn't.
    • Fifth, the book's discussion of the Asian crisis seems shallow compared to its analysis of Japanese capitalism.
    • Critics such as La Font de Saint-Yenne and Diderot began to label the work of many of their contemporaries shallow, frivolous, and licentious.
    • People may disagree on how deep / shallow it really is, but the scintillating buzz is pretty undeniable.