Translation of shapely in Spanish:


bien modulado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃeɪpli//ˈʃeɪpli/

adjectiveshapelier, shapeliest

  • 1

    (figure) bien modulado
    (figure) hermoso
    (legs) torneado
    (legs) bien proporcionado
    a shapely blonde una rubia curvilínea
    • On the porch stood a petite but shapely woman with wild red hair, hands firmly planted on hips.
    • Perhaps you have most of what you consider a total package: a tight and strong upper body and a shapely bottom half.
    • Bodies are well represented, and the women are shapely, but the facial characteristics are distinctly anime.
    • The padded work coverall somehow managed to accentuate her shapely body.
    • it's probably safe to say that most women want one thing from weightlifting - a lean, shapely body.
    • Peaking out of the elevator, he saw a shapely figure in a red flight suit walking slowly and sexily as if she had all the time in the world.
    • And when she reached for her head to tie her hair, Ric could see the shapely curves of her body which made him a little hot under the collar.
    • Her clothes were clinging to her body, revealing her shapely body.
    • She was a curly-haired brunette, with a shapely body and a nice tan.
    • She was clutching her knees to her chest, and he was regretful that he would not be able to see her figure but was sure that her figure must be very shapely.
    • She was very beautiful, with long, dark, wavy hair and a shapely figure.
    • There he discovered a very tall and shapely woman who barely managed to cover herself with tattered clothing by moving it with her elbows.
    • Toned muscle can also add beautiful, shapely curves to your body.
    • She was still holding on as they walked down the hallways and he could feel every curve of her shapely body pressed gently against him.
    • To my delight, my body began looking shapely after a few weeks.
    • From her shapely body to her fluffy lips, Jolie was born to play the role of Lady Croft.
    • At his side followed a beautiful young woman whose shapely figure could have easily made her a pin-up model.
    • She too was a licensed chiropractor but unlike him she was an attractive, shapely woman who looked good in a skirt.
    • Despite her good looks and shapely body, she had a serious attitude problem.
    • A skimpy black dress hugs her shapely womanly figure with matching ankle-high black boots.