Translation of shard in Spanish:


casco, n.

Pronunciation /ʃɑrd//ʃɑːd/


  • 1

    casco masculine
    fragmento masculine
    • Our emotions will be erupting like thermal steam vents, containing sharp silica glass shards from lava rock.
    • The wings were shards of mossy glass - shards of a broken mirror, each adorned by a frightening eye.
    • There were men, all with their faces covered, tidying the shards of glass from the hall.
    • Ignoring the shards of glass that pierced his hands and knees, he fumbled towards her.
    • He pulled himself to his feet and brushed the dirt and glass shards off of himself.
    • I've chipped too many porcelain pots to be comfortable with the idea of glass shards in my first cup of the day.
    • Saying that shards of broken glass are razor sharp is an understatement.
    • The shards of glass that have fallen inside the booth rattle in sympathy with the grinding percussive rhythm.
    • Parliament house is too far away, and our thick curtains would contain any glass shards.
    • It detonated and smoke covered the room, sending shards of glass spraying over us.
    • Her feet suffered many cuts due to the broken shards of glass on the filthy floor.
    • I climbed through the broken window, snagging the end of my old dress on the shards of glass.
    • She gave him her hand, and he looked down at the small cut that had protruding from it a tiny shard of glass.
    • On the back seat of his car the police found a small metal ball and shards of the broken windshield.
    • The restaurant was gutted by the blast, while shards of glass covered the street.
    • Windows were shattered and shards of glass littered the scorched pavement.
    • And they say that the broken shards of glass missed his jugular vein by inches.
    • It sent shards of broken window glass flying and tossed rows of chairs across the terminal.
    • Chris flinched away from the shards of glass, but the window remained intact and transparent.
    • There was a smell of burnt rubber and shards of glass littered the pub entrance.