Translation of share in Spanish:


parte, n.

Pronunciation: /ʃɛr//ʃɛː/


  • 1

    parte masculine
    I've already paid my share yo ya he pagado mi parte / lo que me corresponde
    • how much is my share of the bill? ¿cuánto me toca pagar a mí?
    • she must take her share of the blame debe aceptar que tiene parte de la culpa
    • he's had his share of bad luck ha tenido / le ha tocado bastante mala suerte / su buena cuota de mala suerte
    • I only want my fair share solo quiero lo que en justicia me corresponde
    • they've had more than their fair share of attention han recibido más atención de la que les correspondía
    • I've done my share of covering up for her yo ya la he encubierto bastante
    • to go shares on sth
    • let's go shares on a taxi tomemos un taxi y lo pagamos a medias (/ entre los tres etc. )
    • to work on shares trabajar como socios
  • 2

    • 2.1(held by partner)

      participación feminine
      I own a half share in a fishing boat soy copropietario de un pesquero
      • Traders said a strong performance by technology and telecom stocks and the narrowing of declines in property shares helped offset the overall losses.
      • If you opt for tenancy in common and want to leave your share of the property to the person you buy with, you need to make a will and state this.
      • But what happens if one of the partners dies or wishes to dispose of their share of the property?
      • As well as a legal agreement, it is vital for all joint owners to make a will in which they stipulate who inherits their share of the property should they die.
      • This has not yet occurred; therefore, your husband holds the property or his share of the property in trust for you.
      • But the scheme will allow them to increase their share of the property as their financial situation improves.
      • How can a partner protect his or her share of joint property?
      • The investment trust specialises in property shares and property assets.

    • 2.2(held by shareholder)

      acción feminine
      to hold shares in a company tener acciones en una compañía
      • an issue of 50,000 shares una emisión de 50.000 títulos / acciones
      • share certificate título de acción
      • share options opciones sobre acciones
      • share portfolio cartera de acciones
      • share prices cotización de las acciones
      • With a mutual fund, investors buy and sell shares from and to the fund itself.
      • The fund manager of an index fund sets up a mathematical model that buys and sells shares according to their weighting in the selected index.
      • In November he bought 18.75 million more shares and made a profit of close to €1 million.
      • The allure of these fund groups is that there are no restrictions on how often an investor can buy and sell fund shares.
      • For some investors, the small spread may not justify the costs and risks associated with converting currencies to buy and sell foreign shares.
      • Warrants convey on the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a share at an agreed price in the future.
      • Under the share ownership plan employees were, broadly speaking, allocated equal numbers of shares.
      • Many of them allegedly raked in massive profits, selling their shares before the price collapsed.
      • They want us to read brokers' reports before we buy shares and before we sell them.
      • It intends to provide a facility whereby holders of 2,000 shares or less can sell them.
      • Split capital trusts have two types of shares - income and capital.
      • Middlemen make profits by buying shares at a low price and selling them at a higher price.
      • That means his companies have often used cash to buy back shares rather than boost capital spending.
      • Holders of income shares got all the income earned from the trust, while holders of capital shares got all the capital gain.
      • He was perfectly entitled to buy the shares when he bought them.
      • Options enabled the holder to buy shares tomorrow at today's price.
      • Members could sell their shares but were also entitled to relinquish them at any time.
      • With their high incomes they can progressively buy out the ownership shares of the passive capitalists.
      • Seats entitle their holders to buy and sell shares on the exchange floor, and brokers say the price is an important measure of market sentiment.
      • In addition, there are significant individual holders of blocs of shares and institutional shareholders.

  • 3

    reja del arado feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • In general, both employer and employee pay a share of the contribution, which is divided into three elements.
    • Each child is legally entitled to an equal share, but in practice male descendants are often privileged.
    • Two shares went to the captain, one and a half shares to the quartermaster, and one share each to the crew members.
    • It is true that Western creditors have announced forgiveness of a substantial amount of their share of the debt.
    • After all, the city contributes a major share to the State's revenues.
    • It can allow one person to contribute a larger share of the ideas than would be seemly in conversation.
    • How can a beneficiary group in need of drinking water be forced to contribute a share of the cost of water supply?
    • She, like John, contributed a major share to tuberculosis knowledge and its control.
    • On his death shortly afterwards, his two children received an equal share of the fund.
    • The most contentious issue at hand: whether actors should be entitled to a share of the profits from video games that feature their voices.
    • This surplus value is then distributed to the different sections of capital in proportion to their share of the total capital.
    • The pitch then did garner its proper share of attention.
    • I began making new friends and every week I'd put a few pounds aside to pay my unfeasible share of the quarterly phone bill.
    • In these countries, profits taxes contribute a large share of total revenue.
    • The former McShain property forms a major share of Killarney National Park.
    • A turnkey package would be offered in return for a down payment and a share of the profits.
  • 2

    (use jointly)
    to share sth with sb compartir algo con algn
  • 3

    (have in common)
    (opinion/optimism/interest) compartir
    (characteristics) tener en común
    they shared the credit for its discovery compartieron el mérito de su descubrimiento
    • peoples which share a common ancestry pueblos de la misma extracción / con antepasados comunes
    • we share the same star sign somos del mismo signo del zodíaco
  • 4

    the inheritance was shared equally between the children la herencia se dividió a partes iguales entre los hijos
    • we agreed to share all expenses decidimos compartir todos los gastos
  • 5

    (experience/knowledge) intercambiar
    I'd like to share my feelings with you on this happy day quisiera hacer a todos partícipes de mi felicidad en este día
    • come on, share the joke vamos, cuéntalo, así nos reímos todos

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (use jointly)
    you may have to share with somebody puede ser que tengas que compartir la habitación (/ el despacho etc. ) con algn
    • to share and share alike compartir las cosas
  • 2

    (have a part)
    participar de