Translation of sharp-eyed in Spanish:


con ojo de lince, adj.

Pronunciation ////


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    con ojo de lince
    • The offending post has been removed, thanks to a sharp-eyed programmer who let us know what had happened.
    • Using his feet he scuffed the sand to shape a desperate SOS message which was spotted by a sharp-eyed Coastwatch pilot.
    • Haywood said the sharp-eyed inspectors are on the lookout for the slightest deviance from the rules.
    • On the bottom, a sharp-eyed diver can spot all kinds of strange animals.
    • I am grateful to all these patient, sharp-eyed colleagues.
    • He had flown into Orlando International Airport from Dubai on August 4, 2001, but a sharp-eyed customs agent had denied him entry.
    • The process begins with a trip to the bank, where a sharp-eyed analyst will review your finances.
    • Perhaps the second-hand shops of the north-east could reveal hidden treasure for the sharp-eyed landlord?
    • Family circulars sometimes suggested marital irregularities to sharp-eyed investigators.
    • A sharp-eyed youngster has found a medieval coin dating back more than 700 years in his school playground.
    • The sharp-eyed filmmaker knew exactly what she wanted, then hammered out exactly what she could afford.
    • It isn't difficult to let a sharp-eyed stunt co-ordinator rule the screen.
    • This parking lot purse thief may be in custody thanks to some sharp-eyed citizens.
    • But police say a sharp-eyed patrolman helped prevent a much larger tragedy there.
    • A sharp-eyed shopkeeper, who alerted CCTV operators, was the key to tracing three missing boys.
    • Their sharp-eyed fellow lawyers are able to use this to discern something of their current mental state.
    • Sharp-eyed observers may notice the addition of one tiny syllable to this site overnight.
    • But he pointed out that three burglaries were prevented by sharp-eyed neighbours seeing what was happening.
    • Fish life on the wreck is as varied as on any reef and there are numerous exotic finds for sharp-eyed divers.
    • Our thanks to sharp-eyed readers who pointed out some errors in recent issues.