Translation of shave in Spanish:


afeitar, v.

Pronunciation /ʃeɪv//ʃeɪv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) afeitar
    (person) rasurar Mexico
    she shaves her legs se afeita las piernas
    • to shave / (British also) to shave off one's beard/mustache afeitarse la barba/el bigote
    • When a passer-by told him that he was offering his service to a government servant, Vairappan abruptly stopped shaving the official's beard.
    • The circulating nurse shaves the patient's surgical leg from 3 inches to 4 inches above the knee to 4 inches below the patella, laterally and medially.
    • A couple of years ago, the vet accidentally shaved him.
    • The nurse said that they were shaving him when he started crying.
    • Will you drop this charade or am I going to have to shave you bald and put you out in the cold?
    • If it was the man who wanted a divorce, his wife could shave him and make him her slave.
    • Me and Nancy were shaving him when he began to cry and he doesn't want explain us the problem.
    • We will be shaving your most private places for this operation.
    • She'd been too busy trying not to cut him with the razor to notice when she'd shaved him.
    • Although he is a soldier, his only work so far is to tend to his captain's needs - taking off his jacket and shaving him while swallowing every harsh remark made to him by his superior.
    • After shaving Ollie, the barber would apply talc to his cheeks and say, ‘nice-a-baby.’
    • One Friday, Claude sat as still as an angel on a church window while I brushed his hair and shaved him.
    • Anyway, in the middle of my usual bath and hair shampoo routine, she gets out Dad's razor and shaves me!
    • The hind leg of each animal to be used was shaved prior to the experiment.
    • The barber, a small man with a bald, white fringed, head and bright blue eyes looked up from the man he was shaving.
    • Besides cutting hair and shaving men, he was a dab hand at sharpening old style cut throat razors, as well as scissor sharpening.
    • I thought the barber might misunderstand me and shave me back to the Ching Dynasty.
    • He was thankful they hadn't shaved him bald yet, at least.
    • She took her time shaving him, making his face perfect, but from what she could see, even with the beard, he was beautifully made.
    • The team was even shaved of their hair, forcing them to dawn similar masks to hide their bald heads.
  • 2

    • 2.1(slice off)

      (in carpentry) cepillar
      shave off some pieces of chocolate for the decoration corte unas láminas bien delgadas de chocolate para la decoración
      • they shaved 0.42 seconds off the old record batieron el récord anterior por solo 0,42 segundos
      • Some lesions can be shaved down to the level of the surrounding skin, either using a surgical blade or electro-surgery, which uses an alternating current to destroy skin tissue.
      • With the beveled side of the blade against the stone, rub the sharp edge of the blade toward the stone in a curved motion, as if you were trying to shave off a thin slice from the stone.
      • Grate or shave the chocolate so that the pieces are small and thin enough to melt quickly.
      • Truffles can be shaved and put into a sauce, under the skin of roasting chicken, or into a plate of eggs.
      • Then he stands up and proceeds to shave very thin slices of cheese from a large wheel of Gouda.
      • This was done by shaving off part of one of the sides, and then shaving off some of the thinnest edge to make a flat plank.
      • Get into the habit of shaving thin slices off a piece of cheese rather than cutting a large chunk.
      • The secret is to shave lemon rind into the batter, but not too much.
      • This sort of abuse will break a too brittle blade or loosen a flimsy blade pivot, but it stood up to this challenge before shaving off more ribbons of paper as cleanly as it had at the beginning.
      • Like a sculptor shaving off bits of marble to shape a statue, organisms use cell death to shape developing organs, including the brain.
      • By binding trees together, after shaving off some bark, the trees grow together from the point where they fuse.
      • He shaved ultrathin slices from the samples and studied them under a light microscope.
      • First he was the guy at the window of the kebab shop shaving off the slivers of meat, then he was the local sandwich-maker and now he appears to be selling all manner of household wares smaller than a toaster.
      • It also melts well; and is eaten as a table cheese - thin slivers shaved off it make a good appetizer.
      • The cross section of the cervical tissue containing both the epithelium and stroma was exposed by shaving off layers of the embedding medium and tissue using a cryostat.
      • They can be used in any way celeriac is served and are particularly good with a simple oil-and-vinegar dressing into which a little onion has been shaved.
      • This year, for example, the Brussels sprouts might be shaved and sautéed with pine nuts and bacon.
      • They can tell when the lid of a cookie jar has been disturbed and notice when a quarter inch slice has been shaved off a chocolate cake.
      • The method by which it was proposed that the requisite reduction in weight would be effected was by shaving off the keel as cast the appropriate weight of lead.

    • 2.2(reduce slightly)

      (costs/expenses) recortar
      • Market forces would have led carriers to tighten security and shave waiting time to lure back passengers.
      • Because she works a busy sales and marketing job, shaving off a few dollars here and there is not a priority.
      • Why not carry out the entire drug discovery to drug manufacturing process out in the spirit of helping others, and shave costs by shaving profits?
      • Again and again, he is shaving away any decent territory for a Tory revival.

  • 3

    (touch in passing)
    • He then went close for the Rams but his shot narrowly shaved the crossbar.
    • Chris Ince had a goal disallowed and Tim Downie shaved a post after a fine run, while Chris Burn pulled off several fine stops in the York goal.
    • They both had good efforts, the Norwegian's shot shaving the outside of a post.
    • McLaren's skimming drive shaved the outside of the post whilst Templeman finally showed his worth with a rising drive McGovern was only too happy to help over the bar.
    • That the Faroes would not be easily subdued was clear early in the second half when an exquisite Borg free kick from 25 yards out shaved the junction of Scotland's bar and post.
    • The ball shaved the wrong side of the post and sent the Town supporters delirious.
    • While they did kick a few wides in the second quarter most of them were shots that just shaved the post on the wrong side.
    • He firstly saw his shot gathered by Stuart Addis and then shaved the post with a long range effort from the right wing.
    • He beat two defenders before unleashing a powerful low ball that shaved the inside of the post for a brilliant goal.
    • A few of our kicks shaved the post and in the end there were only two points in it.
    • McLaren was often the instigator, and just after the hour mark, he danced to the byline and delivered a cross which caused a moment of panic for Nick Colgan, as it shaved his far post.
    • The first warning sign this time came when Henry fed a square pass to Dennis Bergkamp, whose drive from 20 yards shaved a post.
    • Villa were unlucky after only five minutes when Brian Kenny shot just shaved the post.
    • He twice went close early in the second spell shaving the framework first with a header, then a shot.
    • Shane Glover went close for Harps as did Patrick Dowling when his volley shaved the upright.
    • On the hour mark Moreau picked out Fernandez in the box and he looked sure to score, but the outcome was another near miss, his shot shaving the post.
    • United narrowly escaped going three behind when Kerr let loose from long range with his drive shaving the right-hand post.
    • He shaved the right hand post with his attempted conversion.
    • He went tantalisingly close to levelling the game when two long range penalties shaved the outside of the posts.
    • Kicking into the teeth of a severe wind Ryan Cunningham was unfortunate in just shaving the posts.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) afeitarse
    (person) rasurarse Mexico
    (razor) afeitar
    it shaves even closer le da un afeitado más apurado Spain


  • 1

    afeitada feminine
    rasurada feminine Mexico
    to have a shave afeitarse
    • That said, there's less razor burn than from other electric razors I've used, but far more than I get from a normal wet shave.
    • I've had my hair cut and a shave and tomorrow I'm going to grab myself a job hopefully.
    • Inside the second wardrobe were more clothes - a man's clothes, and on the washstand basin were a few short light hairs from a recent shave.
    • He had started when there was no electricity in the town and in his first years carried out more shaves than hair cuts.
    • The consequence that interests us the most here is that you'll be able to achieve a much closer shave.
    • Smear on a little and your razor just glides over your skin, giving you a super-close, super-silky shave.
    • This year, three club members are growing their hair for a head shave at the event, where they can hopefully retain the title of leading fundraising team.
    • She would not take the time to scrape her scalp clean in a shave… but her hair needed to be as short as she could manage it this day.
    • Like Brecht, he always seemed exactly three days away from a shave, a minor physiological miracle.
    • Olive oil is actually wonderful for your skin in general and, when used in place of shaving cream, can provide you with a much closer shave.
    • So, seeing as how it is part of a clean-cut look men are trying to perfect, here are some tips on getting that perfect, nick-free shave.
    • The blade will glide over your scalp, giving you one great shave.
    • Rather than stand in awe of his suppressed and frustrated creative forces I'm more inclined to tell him, sharply, to have a shower and a shave and put some clean clothes on, for goodness sake.
    • He had longish brown hair and looked like he hadn't had a shave in weeks.
    • But when the curtain came down on the final show Terry took centre stage with a sponsored shave of not just his facial hair - but his entire head.
    • It will hold moisture on the leg longer and provide a very smooth shave.
    • Other than that, a new shirt and decent shave wouldn't hurt.
    • Fifteen days later, the transgenic mice needed another shave, but there were no signs of new hair growth on the control mice.
    • He had to admit he felt better after a long hot shower, a shave and clean clothes.
    • Having a shave and getting rid of unwanted body hair in the heat or sauna is also supposed to be relaxing for the nerves and skin.