Translation of she'd in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʃiːd//ʃid//ʃɪd/

  • 1

    • She took back some of the change she'd given him and gave him his cigarettes and he left, without a word.
    • When her son was a small boy she'd take him to the park at the end of their street to play.
    • She had a row of cups that she'd earned as a result of league and team matches.
    • I turned around and she'd obviously been trying to work out how to attract my attention.
    • She played the martyr and said she'd be quiet from now on, just like she'd promised before.
    • She stopped smiling and looked at him with a twisted mouth, like she'd just sucked on a lemon.
    • For months she'd been trying to expand her empire, and I'd managed to pull it off in a week.
    • I spotted it but by the time she'd realised what happened, the boy was nowhere to be seen.
    • Still, the woman behind me seemed to think it was the funniest film she'd ever seen.
    • So all you had to do was play this one piece on the accordion and she'd start to sing.
    • She would scan the books, one by one, placing them to her right after she'd stamped them.
    • She would ask the child about what she'd seen that morning at home or on her way to school.
    • She said she'd been reading the diary and wasn't happy that I was gambling and that it was bad.
    • Maybe if she'd rung a bell I could have stepped out of her way and come away with just a close call instead.
    • She said she'd have to fill out another form, and produced a giant sheet of paper.
    • I wish she'd just get out of my room, respect my need to be alone for a while and just stop bothering me.
    • Every morning she'd take him from one side of the bay to the other and every night she'd take him back.
    • She says she'd prefer to live on the streets of Scotland with her mother and brother and sister.
    • The midwife asked us if we had any names for the baby, as she'd need to know in order to fill out the paperwork.
    • She's pretty certain her father is dead but she'd like to find out more about him.
    • she would
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    • she had