Translation of she'll in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʃɪl//ʃɪl//ʃil//ʃiːl/

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    • I tell her and she says she'll check some details and ring me back in five minutes.
    • My mom has told me that she'll be coming to help me with my move, and I'm so excited.
    • There's many a woman who goes out with a guy and says to her friends that she'll be able to change him.
    • Maybe she'll get us a little cat, because my sister has always wanted one.
    • Any more of this and she'll be getting a reputation as a celebrity stalker.
    • I'll ask her if she'll mind me sharing her recipe with all of you some time.
    • Regardless of the next stop for Sonja, she'll have no problems taking it all in stride.
    • Another source reports that she's utterly traumatised that she'll break a nail.
    • It's expected that she'll be contesting much better races than this in the not too distant future.
    • Of course, it doesn't mean she's going to come anywhere decent, but at least she'll give a good show.
    • She adds that she is optimistic about the work she'll be able to achieve in Bulgaria.
    • She's so excited about it that she knows she'll win an Emmy for it this year.
    • We are all propping each other up in this, not knowing if it's likely she'll recover or not.
    • Now she'll take on one of the biggest and most difficult departments in government.
    • Tomorrow she'll fly to Frankfurt alone and wait for the rest of the band to join her there for the European leg of the tour.
    • Then she'll think about assembling a crew to reproduce the album live and on tour.
    • Maybe she'll learn, but somehow I doubt it because we've been here on a number of occasions in the past.
    • She spent a year in Estonia a while back, so I've no doubt she'll cope fine with the extreme change of scene.
    • On what we've seen so far, it shouldn't much matter what age her opponents are, she'll still win.
    • She will probably be very pleased to hear from you, because I don't think she'll get many like that.
    • she will