Translation of she's in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʃiz//ʃiːz//ʃɪz//ʃɪz/

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    • Admittedly she's young, slim and a tad green and new to the place, so it's only polite.
    • If she's taking viewers on field trips all over the world, it must be getting a bit expensive.
    • Since Mom's still flat on her back in hospital, we can safely deduce she's not to blame.
    • After all, she's a bit of a Francophile and is already a frequent visitor to the country.
    • It's like I'm still in denial and at the same time it's as though she's still here in a way.
    • By playing down her investment in the festivities, she's covered if no one turns up.
    • It's a very difficult part for a woman and it's great the way she's approached the task.
    • She was only a hour late for lunch but she's my nemesis and I'm supposed to hate her.
    • She's not just re-hung the ones at the front of her house, she's put some at the back as well.
    • I am very worried about her because I've not been able to find out if she's all right or not.
    • Would it be fair to say she's finding it easier giving herself to her work than to a relationship?
    • If Valerie was at home twiddling her thumbs, there might be a problem, but she's not.
    • It's hard to get a sense of who she is, even when she's describing her childhood in Nepal.
    • She's made Simon realise he wants her and she's gonna leave him dangling for a bit.
    • The first time may have been accidental, but it seems she's adopted it as a stylistic tic.
    • She won't come, and even if she does, she's just the girl who bothers him all the time.
    • For some reason, she seems to have got on one of the horses and it's thrown her or she's fallen off.
    • She has been a player with the school, just on a training level, and she's keen to take it up again.
    • It's really weighing her down because she's not living up to her ideals any longer.
    • Now in the final month of her training she's had to put her skills into practice.
    • she is
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    • she has