Translation of sheathe in Spanish:


envainar, v.

Pronunciation /ʃið//ʃiːð/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put into sheath)
    (sword) envainar
    (sword) enfundar
    • I nodded, sheathing one of my swords to use my hand to wipe my face clear of tears.
    • His cloak was whipped with the wind underneath his sword, which was sheathed on his back.
    • He murmured softly, sighing and sheathing the sword.
    • He sheathed his sword quickly, bringing his pistols out and unleashing a hail of bullets at his assailant.
    • Setting the crossbow on the counter and sheathing his sword, he moved with surprising speed and agility to replace the bar across the door.
    • He stuffed the package into his pocket and sheathed his knife, wiping off the blood and brain matter on the back of Nick's shirt.
    • He sheathed the newly gotten sword and placed it in the box once again.
    • After cursing his opponent several times, the man sheathed his knife and cracked his knuckles.
    • He released her wrists and slowly stood, sheathing his sword.
    • ‘We'd have both died had that been a real match,’ the older man continued in a normal voice, sheathing his sword again.
    • But no more than a few strides towards the stationary cart, she yanked hard on the reins, sheathing her sword that had been loosened, partially drawn out into her grip.
    • He handed me the sword that was sheathed for me to strap onto my back.
    • Daniel split his weapon and sheathed the two halves and spread his feet.
    • She relaxed, sheathing her sword to show her compliance.
    • Clumsily, he sheathed both of his swords and turned to get Vincent and Emma.
    • ‘We can't risk going slow,’ said Ben, sheathing his sword.
    • I followed shortly after him after sheathing the knife, and Monique, after having a brief word with the bartender, returned last.
    • Pocketing the stone and sheathing the sword he stood.
    • She sheathed her swords and notched an arrow onto the string of her bow.
    • After sheathing his sword, Robert struggled to catch his breath.
  • 2

    (pipes/cable/wire) revestir
    • The women are all sheathed in such tight dresses that they have trouble walking to the stage.
    • His teeth were glinting in the twilight and his fingers were barely sheathed in skin.
    • The man's right hand was sheathed in a white rubber glove but the other hand was free.
    • Some vehicles intended for testing on public roads are sheathed in so much black leather and vinyl that they resemble a dominatrix on wheels.
    • There are clear formal and material similarities, especially in the use of translucent glass cladding that sheathes the building in a diaphanous membrane.
    • These are men begging to be oppressed by the female leg, preferably sheathed in silk.
    • She carves from wood, then sheathes her forms in various metals, bringing both organic and cultural life cycles into play.
    • In essence, Gehry sheathes a timber box in stainless steel.
    • These are just heaps of noble materials sheathing insignificant forms and insipid patterns or inappropriate functions that could have been rejected.
    • Our brains are literally made of fat and our nerves are sheathed in thin membranes of it.
    • The connector is sheathed in a black mesh, and is very long, about six feet long.
    • His feet were sheathed in black, silk socks while a black bow tie hung undone around his neck.
    • The exterior of the building is sheathed in embossed and perforated copper panels.
    • He dropped his arm, twisting away from her and sheathing it in one liquidy movement.
    • His beautifully sculpted body was sheathed in tan breeches and a white lined shirt, half opened at the neck.
    • Early in the morning the mountains are usually sheathed in clouds of mist.
    • In all, 19 pages guide you - from locating and pouring of footings, to building the structure, sheathing the roof with cedar shingles, and topping it off with a decorative cupola.
    • As he cuts away the tentorium, where the membrane sheathing the brain gathers and parts, he sees it as ‘a pale delicate structure of beauty, like the little whirl of a veiled dancer’.
    • The ‘edges’ are there because of the way the leaves meet each other along their edges, while the ‘round’ rushes usually have one leaf sheathing the stem.
    • Kerra paused at the edge of her driveway, fear sheathing her heart in ice.
  • 3

    (claws) retraer