Translation of sheathing in Spanish:


cubierta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃiːðɪŋ//ˈʃiðɪŋ/


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    cubierta feminine
    • The sheathing had beautiful carvings of the Heaven Dragon and Phoenix, flying around 2 characters in the middle, her own name.
    • Military engineers would choose the site, but specialists known in the British army as ‘tin boatmen’ because of the metal sheathing of the pontoons would construct it.
    • What that freezer needs is new insulation, a new compressor, new condenser, new ducting, new wiring, new motors, new mounts, new hinges, new sheathing.
    • We assigned scores of 0 to missing feathers, and scores of 1.0 to newly replaced feathers with flakes of sheathing at their base.
    • It has protean ocular manifestations and may present with a spectrum of ocular signs, including anterior and posterior uveitis, retinal vascular sheathing, and optic disc abnormalities.
    • I protect the cord with three layers of sheathing, a fluid bath to take up shock, plus a bony housing.
    • Make sure that only the uncut sheathing is clamped at this opening.
    • The sheathing forms what is called the blood-thymus barrier, preventing antigen contamination of developing and programmed T lymphocytes.
    • The power, reset, and front LED buttons have all been wrapped neatly by clear sheathing.
    • We run each bit of riser through our fingers, checking visually and by feel for any cuts, snags or bumps which might indicate a problem with the Kevlar lines beneath their protective sheathing.
    • Where excess sheathing has been removed, a piece cut from another anchor installation can be used to cover the extra exposed strand.
    • The power cable has some UV-reactive blue mesh on it, while the shorter lengths of cable are covered in a UV-reactive blue plastic sheathing.
    • She took the combat knife, turning it over in her hands and stroking curious finger pads along the rubberised waterproof sheathing.
    • It turns out that the bacterium that causes leprosy directly damages a protective sheathing, made of the protein myelin, around many nerve cells.