There are 2 main translations of shed in Spanish

: shed1shed2


cabaña, n.


  • 1

    cabaña feminine
    woodshed leñera feminine
    • coalshed carbonera
    • garden shed cobertizo
    • We clipped the backs and tummies of all cattle in the sheds and found it helps keep them cool and there is less scratching.
    • Mosquitoes were collected from human dwellings, cattle sheds and outdoors.
    • Weekly visits were made to each village and mosquito collections were made in and around the pig enclosures and cattle sheds with the help of mouth aspirators, aided by flash lights at dusk.
    • With judgment like that, would you trust any of these gentry to put a roof on your garden shed?
    • Farmers emptied their barnyards and built factory-size sheds in the rolling hills.
    • He found a milk crate in the shed and shoved it over to the side window.
    • A combined area of new and existing cattle sheds and silage yards of more than 300 square metres will also require planning permission.
    • However, mostly they decorated backyards or cattle sheds.
    • As a matter of fact, so many of us cycled to school that the bike sheds filled an entire tennis court.
    • At night, all the dogs are taken inside the house, while the cattle have a shed to sleep in.
    • Some of the articles auctioned included garden sheds, air conditioners, computer accessories, caravans, bookshelves and household items.
    • They are the best days of our lives, or so we are told, a time for learning more about the world, kissing behind the bike sheds and forging lifelong friendships.
    • The spread of wage labour in mines, factories, ports, and shearing sheds saw the rise of trade unionism during the 1870s.
    • When sows are brought to the pastures, they move into a variety of farrowing sheds.
    • He also warned that recently lambed ewes and their lambs should not be put in sheds where cattle are nearby due to the risk of transmitting bovine malignant catarrh which can be fatal to cattle.
    • It sits in piles by the side of the road, stacked in sods for drying before it is carted off in sacks to hearthsides and fuel sheds all over the region.
    • Under these, secondary schools will be entitled to £10,000 and primaries to £5,000 to spend on facilities such as bicycle sheds.
    • Wet weather at this time of the year results in very moist warm conditions in cattle sheds.
    • Malton has virtually completed all the work necessary, both in the cattle shed and the sheep shed.
    • Other features include two garden sheds with slated roofs, a tiled pergola, and low voltage ground lighting.
  • 2

    (larger building)
    nave feminine
    galpón masculine Southern Cone
    a cattle shed un establo
    • The signal will now be stored in engine sheds near Grosmont until a team of experts can begin the painstaking task of restoring it to its former glory.
    • Jess just nodded again and took off down the path in the direction of the machinery shed.
    • Outside the classroom there's a shed full of heavy machinery used in training.
    • A couple of stone throws away, near the machinery sheds, is the old homestead with its original wood-fired stove.
    • The machinery shed actually got built and even the inside is 95% finished.
    • The house, which comes complete with an attached garage, is set back from the road in mature gardens with shaped lawns, a paved sun patio, a pond, a lockable store, a shed and a greenhouse.
    • The only building on the otherwise vacant block is a machinery shed.
    • We're able to pool our infrastructure: machinery, equipment and machinery sheds.
    • The city's first railway station was at Milford in 1847 with engine sheds established at Churchfields in 1901.
    • From the docks, specialized equipment was stored in sheds or moved directly to designated bases along back roads at night.
    • This drew us past a shed full of equally ancient, rusting machines, and through the mine entrance.
    • He has applied to the council for planning permission for a machinery shed at Church Avenue, Stradbally.
    • The whaling canoes are stored in a wooden shed, idle for the past six years.
    • The first powered aircraft was disassembled and stored in a shed behind the brothers' bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio.
    • Of the vehicles broken into, 28.5% were parked in a garage, shed, driveway or yard.
    • The court heard he went on a fire-starting spree over a five-year period after unsuccessfully applying to join the fire service, targeting houses, sheds and vehicles.
    • The investigating officer said it appeared the fire had started from within one of the vehicles stored in the shed and then quickly spread.
    • His machine sheds and other structures dot the province.
    • ‘This is a quick transformation from a store to a shed,’ said Mr Feeney.
    • Leeds Crown Court heard that the father-of-two, who is accused of 18 attacks on houses, sheds and vehicles in Bradford, was either out for revenge or wanted to play the hero.

There are 2 main translations of shed in Spanish

: shed1shed2


derramar, v.

Pronunciation /ʃɛd//ʃɛd/

transitive verbshedding

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (blood/tears) derramar
      without shedding blood sin derramamiento de sangre
      • The lorry shed its load of metal shards in the accident in Doncaster Road at Hooton Roberts, near Rotherham, disrupting rush hour traffic.
      • An articulated lorry had shed its load right outside the cop shop in Kirkdale I noticed on the way home.
      • Both lorries shed their loads on to the road, and one slid a quarter of a mile down the hill, coming to rest on the bridge at Crambeck, near Malton.
      • The incident started when the lorry shed its load on M62 eastbound near Birch.
      • Bricks cascaded into the path of oncoming cars as a lorry shed its load in an accident at Seend on Wednesday lunchtime.
      • A spokesman said a passenger informed the station that the lorry had shed its load under the rail bridge but rail services were not delayed.
      • The truck came to rest on its side in the car park, after demolishing a telegraph pole and shedding half its load of soya.
      • The canvas-sided milk wagon toppled onto its side, shedding part of its load, completing blocking entry onto the motorway at junction 7, and exit from junction 8.
      • A lorry shed a cargo of paper across the Bristol Road on Saturday morning causing four hours of traffic gridlock in Chippenham.
      • Motorists faced long tailbacks on the Woodhead Pass after a lorry shed its load of waste paper.
      • A lorry shed its load across Great Western Way this morning, causing long delays for commuters joining junction 16 of the M4.
      • They then took off for real, shedding armfuls of bitten plums.

    • 1.2

      (horns/leaves/skin) mudar
      (clothing) quitarse
      (clothing) despojarse de formal
      the truck shed its load on the road el camión perdió la carga en la carretera
      • Taylor notes that some insects swallow air to inflate their bodies when shedding their shells, but it's unknown whether they also use the air for skeletal support.
      • Don't be alarmed if the tree sheds an unusually large number of leaves during the first growing season.
      • I called out and stood from the bed, shedding my clothes.
      • He quickly shed his clothes and climbed gratefully into a bed that hadn't been used in too long, turning on his side so his back was to the darkened glass.
      • What is it about the rich and famous, shedding relationships and personas as fast as a snake sheds its skin?
      • As their body size increases, the crabs shed their too small exoskeleton (shell).
      • The children seem to think it's an adventure, an adventure that includes shedding their clothes, decontamination and donning of scrubs.
      • This double standard is what enables and entices women to shed their clothes.
      • Ostracods shed the carapace with each molt, whereas the conchostracans simply add material to the carapace as they grow.
      • If you have evergreens, perhaps the plants are just shedding older leaves to make way for new.
      • When snake sheds its skin, it slides out of it, leaves it behind and moves on blithely with life.
      • Both are frequently images of creativity: rabbits are prolific and snakes shed their skins and grow new ones as an act of renewal.
      • When your tree sheds its leaves, dig them into your soil in the vacant garden beds.
      • Have you noticed that the trees have already started shedding their leaves?
      • The children did indeed find a snake skin; the discussion that followed about snakes shedding their skins added depth to the study.
      • He shivered as his bare arms were exposed to the damp air and quickly made his way to the bath chamber, shedding his clothes as he went.
      • I'll shed this house like a snake or a lizard must shed its skin.
      • The great snake was shedding its skin, revealing glorious pearly scales hidden under the rock cover.
      • Suddenly, the drunken man gets up and starts shedding his clothes to reveal a well-dressed, handsome gentleman.
      • He sheds his white clothes because they will be visible in the night and wears only the knife around his neck.
      • Australia is the place where the trees don't shed their leaves, they shed their bark, and some mammals lay eggs.
      • The frost would take over and every shiny orange leaf would be shed from those trees.
      • She grabbed the clothes she had shed before entering the water.
      • The last of the turkey has been demolished, the new toys lie in a corner and the Christmas tree is shedding its needles at a rate of knots.
      • Ten onlookers spontaneously shed their clothes and joined in the fun.
      • Evergreen sclerophylls and drought semi-deciduous shrubs that shed their leaves during dry periods are the dominant plants in this region.
      • But crabs and other animals that periodically shed their hard shells, or exoskeletons, face just such a predicament.
      • We bought it in early December, and it started shedding needles about a week after we got it home.
      • The flight attendant shed her clothes to reveal a bikini colored like the American flag - the shedding of her Irish identity?
      • Ryan, in contrast to everyone else, seemed a bit uncomfortable with idea of quickly shedding his clothes in front of everyone.
      • Her mother had somehow shed her old body like a snake shedding its skin.
      • I arrived at home at last and, after shedding my formal clothes and settling into my pajamas, snuggled into bed.
      • Trees had begun shedding their leaves and the water was drying quickly into thick mud.
      • I shed my clothes and pull on black jeans, a black shirt and black shoes and quickly tied my hair back with a black hair tie.
      • I shed the clothes I was wearing, and pulled on the new outfit.
      • Tim's Sri Lankan experiences led him to consider how just as a snake sheds its skin, so too can we shed our fear of otherness, and learn to embrace other cultures.
      • You remember, Becky, where we went for a walk once, that year you said the trees were slow to shed their leaves.
      • In other words, the old guard is changing - not unlike a snake shedding its skin.
      • Photosynthetic gain in a plant is maximized by shedding older leaves only when photosynthesis by retranslocated nitrogen in new leaves exceeds the photosynthesis of the leaves lost.
      • When a horwath tree shed its leaves, the leaves fell to the ground, and were extremely soft and fluffy.
      • She quickly shed the clothes she was wearing and fully dressed herself in clean garments and her brother's spare uniform.
      • A layer of tension fell off like a snake shedding its skin.
      • Each time the caterpillar grows bigger, it sheds its skin in a process called molting.
      • As though he was a snake shedding its old skin to make room for the new, Ian's human skin began to peal off of him as a scaly, dark green skin took its place.
      • In contrast, willows and poplars shed living twigs.
      • Land and water resources departments all over Australia have been shedding their developers' clothes and putting on shiny new green ones.
      • Snakes shed their worn-out skin about six times a year.
      • Trees shed leaves from October to February; new leaves appear between February and April.
      • The languorously limbed trees droop into the water, often shedding their prodigious fronds, providing a sheltered habitat for fish.
      • The trees had shed their leaves, leaving vast sheets of different colors covering the once bright green grasses.
      • As the two of us shed our clothes and moved closer to the inevitable, I was forced more and more to ignore the insistence of my rational mind that told me I was making a mistake.
      • In life also, plants may shed leaves, seeds, and other organs.
      • She shed her clothes and pulled on the catsuit.
      • The male crabs shed their shells twice a year, in autumn and spring.
      • Most of the deciduous trees have shed their leaves by mid-December.
      • Like the snake sheds its skin, we all need to leave our past again and again.
      • The both of them fumbled down the hall, shedding their clothes and leaving them where they dropped on the ground.
      • I have had had snakes shedding their skin in my house.
      • When the moment arrives and Elena sheds her clothes in bed with Fernando, an extended conversation takes precedence over sexual contact.
      • If there is a lack of ground water, trees will shed their fruit early.

    • 1.3

      (cares/inhibitions) liberarse de
      (jobs/workers) deshacerse de
      he's shed 33 lbs ha adelgazado 33 libras
      • No sooner have people been successfully corralled into shedding a few pounds, they are hectored about the possible dangers of dieting.
      • Bingo is shedding its blue rinse and mothballs image and bidding to become young, fun and sexy.
      • When asked whether the Chilean had shed the excess pounds he gained after his injury, he joked that all that worried him was the player's haircut.
      • I don't believe that the sporting gods will punish us for contemplating victory and I'm all for shedding our national defeatism.
      • That could allow it to shed jobs without adding to its fixed costs.
      • The high street clearers are already compensating for that with increased lending to the companies that have spent the last three years shedding costs and debt and are now showing a little more interest in expansion and acquisitions.
      • I am shedding youthful pursuits that don't mean that much to me anymore.
      • The introduction of the cranes will also allow the company to shed jobs from an already depleted workforce.
      • So is this the nasty party shedding its repulsive past?
      • The firm says it has no choice but to shed the jobs because there has been a fall in demand for bronze and brass products.
      • It knows that while volume production is mobile and has proved disposable, high-quality graduates in design jobs are harder to find and retain, and it doesn't look good to be callously shedding staff by the thousand.
      • In the new art, men became gods by shedding triviality…
      • I just thought I was shedding the pounds through exercise.
      • As a consequence the BBC is quickly shedding its homely image and taking on the commercial media world.
      • Other politicians are also shedding the pounds.
      • In shedding the weight, equivalent to more than 40 bags of sugar, Christine overcame a sweet tooth, which saw her balloon to a 26 dress size.
      • Constant self-examination allows them to shed old baggage and reinvent themselves.
      • Marr acknowledges that, in shedding pivotal players and considerable sums from both the playing budget and debt, his club must also shed expectations.
      • But the transplant gives him a 95 per cent chance of shedding the syndrome and leading a normal life.
      • Governments should not be allowed to shed this responsibility by appealing for private donations.

  • 2

    (send out)
    (fragrance) despedir
    (light) emitir
    • After coffee, the skies clear and the clouds respectfully lift to reveal the soft, peach-hued evening light shedding its fading rays on his face.
    • The night lamp sheds tender light and the posters of Kandinsky and Mir color my white walls with festive colours.
    • The setting sun shed little light in the damp cavern, and it cast eerie shadows upon the rock walls.
    • The bulbs shed white light, as opposed to the old-denture hue of plain old bulbs.
    • Instead of regular light bulbs, which shed a dull yellow glow across the room, Mr Newton decided to splash out on daylight spectrum lighting.
    • The fragile wafer of February sun was directly overhead, shedding watery light but no warmth.
    • It was dark again, save for Callie, who continued shedding her halo of light.
  • 3

    (repel, disperse)
    (water) repeler
    • Their fur is also excellent for shedding water, usefully reducing the risk of your clothes sticking to your skin.
    • The hair of coastal wolves also appears to be coarser and better at shedding water, perhaps to cope with the heavy rainfall on the west coast.
    • When it's oriented up, the boards will shed water and will tend to flatten over time.
    • The secret is to keep the pile low and flat, so that it does not shed the rain water away.
    • When I was finished, I stood up, shedding water off my body, and wrapped myself in a towel.
    • It was outside the shelter looking even more peculiar than ever with a tight waterproof hood enclosing its head, shedding water as if it were oiled.
    • It keeps your feet dry as it sheds water and defies mud.
    • Because they were made of wool, they shed water, though eventually they'd get wet.

intransitive verbshedding

  • 1

    (dog/cat) pelechar
    (dog/cat) mudar de pelo
    • But the hair sheds all year round, so be forewarned.
    • The dog sheds heavily - the Samoyedes collected the fur and wove it into a wool - so be prepared for a lot of white fuzz around the house.
    • The season premiere's ‘plot’ revolved around a pet cat, which caused conflict by getting into all the apartments and shedding hair and pooing on furniture and leaving fleas.
    • Suppose I have an idea for a new spray that will prevent household pets from shedding hair all over your nice clothes and furniture.
    • My dog is shedding more hair than usual.
    • After being shed, affected hairs can harbor viable organisms for more than one year.
    • In female pattern hair loss, when the affected hair is shed, the root grows one in its place that is shorter.
    • Within three to four weeks, nearly all of the newly transplanted hairs will be shed.
    • Cheap brushes are a huge headache mainly because they shed hair and lose their shape quicker than quality brushes.
    • The hairs can be shed or inserted by direct contact with potential predators by rubbing the region with urticating hairs.
    • Poor Dolly is having a really bad moult, shedding great wads of fine grey hair.
    • I donned an apron and she shed her blond hair all over it.
    • For instance, someone who is especially house proud will not want a dog with a long coat which sheds hair all over the furniture.
    • In the summer, the arctic fox sheds its white coat for a brown one for better cover.
    • I wanted to shed everything, and I shed the hair as well.
    • There are fewer than 12 breeders in the UK who produce the dogs, which shed no hair and eliminate the problems for allergy sufferers.
    • Dogs also require regular grooming, as all dogs shed hair.
    • Most of the hair that is shed from a Shih Tzu's coat will end up in the brush if you brush daily.
    • Though the baby soon sheds the hair on his head, the moustache only grows thicker.
    • It is well known that shedding hair and dandruff into the surgical area contributes to an increase in infection.