Translation of sheikh in Spanish:


jeque, n.


Pronunciation /ʃiːk//ʃik//ʃeɪk//ʃeɪk/


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    jeque masculine
    • Rather than temper their hunting, the kings, princes and sheikhs are seeking to produce their own supply of houbaras.
    • The sheikh in that village is the leader of the local sports club.
    • At Wednesday's opening of the three day General Assembly special session on children, two girls got a chance to address the presidents, sheikhs and kings from over 180 nations.
    • Powerful local families or sheiks took their place, setting up their own militias and spawning inter-tribal feuds.
    • Earlier this year, Sophie was the victim of a Sunday newspaper ‘sting’ when an undercover reporter, posing as a rich Arab sheik, caught her on camera being indiscreet about other members of the Royal Family.
    • This report is now circulating all over the Arab world to the right people, including the Middle East Arab central bankers, the sheiks, the money manager advisors, etc.
    • She lunched in the tents of both the Druze and their sworn enemies, the Beni Sakhr, and met with the sheiks of various Bedouin tribes.
    • Loyalties depend on personal relationships with tribal chiefs, sheiks or warlords, rather than allegiance to the nation.
    • Highest racing figures on the list are two sheikhs from the United Arab Emirates.
    • The colonel conveyed the same message to tribal sheiks and the mayors of surrounding villages.
    • We're back with Anthony Quinn, who has played Native Americans, mafia dons, Arab sheiks, Greek peasants, tycoons, Hawaiian chieftains.
    • Years ago, a group of us were paid to coach rugby to young Arab sheikhs in Bahrain.
    • My mother was a princess, my father the son of the chief of the sheiks.
    • I was terrified of the operation, and went and consulted the village sheikh, who told me it wasn't necessary.
    • But while sending in two reporters dressed as Arab sheikhs might seem underhand to some, the story garnered by these methods was firmly in the public interest.
    • It is not caused by trade unions, Arab oil sheikhs or even the weather.
    • The shaykhs and their tribes pledge their allegiance to the ruling Al Saud royal family.
    • On Sunday, the preparatory board met to begin planning a national congress of 1000 notables, politicians, religious leaders and tribal sheikhs to be held in July.
    • Each family group is headed by a sheik (leader).
    • An intimate group of senators and sheiks dined together at Le Cirque.