Translation of sheila in Spanish:


tipa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃiːlə//ˈʃilə/


New Zealand, Australian

  • 1

    tipa feminine informal
    tía feminine Spain informal
    vieja feminine Mexico Colombia Venezuela informal
    mina feminine Southern Cone slang
    • To spend an afternoon at the pokies with a stubbie in your hand while the sheila and kids sit outside the pub in the 4-wheel drive is one of Australia's great institutions.
    • Is such footwear now trendy or is this some kind of tongue-in-cheek statement from the pocket-sized sheila?
    • There were a lot of rough sheilas in that joint.
    • In that way that makes older people remember the good old days of manners and blokes opening doors for sheilas.
    • Not a bad looker either, rather the kind he liked actually; a cleaned-up version of the sheila he'd lived with for so long, only about twenty years younger.
    • Through the subtleties of the film were lost on this westerner, it seemed to involve a bloke who was keen on a sheila but was having trouble with the in-laws.
    • You will meet a bunch of blokes and their sheilas and I'm sure you will recognise some of them.
    • People often say: ‘Who's the sheila on the front?’
    • But at the 1975 one, sheilas were still whistling to the same tune.
    • Ryan, this is Alicia, my sheila,’ Quigley said by way of introductions.
    • I visited her for a little while yesterday afternoon, mindful of Rayna's kind advice, crying like the most unstaunch of sheilas, and, in the end, just holding her hand to my face, which she recognised.
    • Des went to Perth [Brisbane was full] with his new sheila.
    • It's 25 to 45-year-old blokes and sheilas who kick in and join footy clubs, not children.
    • The cowboys sat at the end of the table, leaving room for the sheilas.
    • With some allowance for their smaller muscle mass, the sheilas are well up to the blokes in the great outdoors.
    • I'm not sure he likes having a sheila sharing his space.
    • Well, that seems inevitable given the personal risks these sheilas took.
    • A female may be my sheila, my bird, my charley, my good sort, my hot-drop, my judy or my wife, but she is never ‘my mate’.
    • I mean, that wanker is the type that likes to have a couple of sheilas on the side.
    • The Aussie said, ‘That's nothing, we have sheilas with fannies this big.’