Translation of shell company in Spanish:

shell company

empresa fantasma, n.



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    empresa fantasma feminine
    • Investors are taking a punt on what effectively is a shell company.
    • Many corporations use shell companies to reduce the tax liabilities of deals, but it created a new shell company for almost every new issue.
    • However, what's left is little more than a shell company.
    • Part of their shell company's offering was floated on the Geneva stock exchange using fake balance sheets.
    • If I have to set up a little shell company to get what I want, I will.
    • The company is merging with two other rivals via a three-way acquisition by a long-dormant shell company, but it promises that the deal is the first of several in this fragmented industry.
    • The shell company's fee income is greater than the costs of supporting the site.
    • The source said 130 officers raided 50 premises on both sides of the harbour, including a shell company where the director was arrested.
    • It turned out to be a shell company, with negligible assets, which has now gone bankrupt.
    • Until the deal is completed with the administrator, York City Football Club Limited is, in effect, just a shell company.
    • Apparently you can set up a shell company, pretend to run auctions and people will transfer money to you without knowing anything about you.
    • He explained that this is only a shell company left over from the restructuring process.
    • Invest in 5,000 mobile phones or other products and set up a shell company, preferably in a ‘non-cooperative’ jurisdiction where fewer checks will be made.
    • Eventually the idea of using an offshore shell company in the Cayman Islands as a way to hide the paying of bribes became a more plausible, and attractive idea.
    • But that certificate would be tied to the name of the shell company they started for the purpose.
    • In other words, he owns 50% of the shell company!
    • One possibility was buying a shell company to gain access to the market.
    • Company A in Britain owns a shell company in a tax haven (Company B).
    • For example, a higher-rate taxpayer could buy a 10% stake in a shell company for £20,000 shortly before it floats.
    • ‘In 1997, I bought a shell company, which had done some wells and which had a long history in Ireland,’ he said.