Translation of shell suit in Spanish:

shell suit

equipo de nylon, n.


  • 1

    equipo de nylon masculine
    chándal de nylon masculine Spain
    buzo de nylon masculine Peru Chile
    pants de nylon masculine Mexico
    sudadera de nylon feminine Colombia
    • Almost all the court's clientele are dressed in leisurewear: shell suits, hooded tops, baseball caps and trainers - a uniform equally suitable for court, sport or global travel.
    • That, and the fact that almost everyone in Horden wears a shell suit or football shirt and trainers at all times, persuaded him to try the fitness industry.
    • His sporting turnout on these local occasions was invariable a shell suit with pipe.
    • He is of course pure chav already although the thought of him in trackies or a shell suit is not a pleasing image.
    • Dressed in shell suit and wearing trashy designer shades, the flirty girl has grown up into a hard woman, who lives outside Atlanta in a shrine devoted to the young Olga's glory.
    • There's even a newly unveiled statue of a girl in a shell suit, apparently put there to raise the morale of the area's young folk.
    • His appearance, in a land of bulky men in shell suits, is elegant informal - he wears well-cut suits with laundered shirts and no tie - but he enjoys fighting his corner.
    • I've only ever been threatened and spat at in the face by a gangly youth wearing a shell suit and brandishing a can of mace once.
    • But with the advent of softer fabrics and the dreaded shell suit, fashions changed and the tweed producers fell on hard times.
    • Just about every Eighties reference was there - brick-like mobile phones (with chargers the size of briefcases), space invaders, shell suits, even Fraggle Rock - crammed into a witty script.
    • He wore a shell suit and the pleasant, guileless smile of a person disadvantaged by learning difficulties.
    • If you want to blame anyone for shell suits, Tom is your man.
    • The town itself was full of people that were stumbling around wearing shell suits and bling, stuffing fish and chips or seafood into already oversized stomachs and drinking excessive amounts of lager.
    • She condemned shell suits as ‘nasty things made of nasty material’, but said she would replace them at number one with dreaded dungarees.
    • When someone expresses surprise that you have children, should you be flattered that you don't fit their vision of a lumpy, harassed nobody in a sick - spattered shell suit?
    • In a few weeks fresh-faced students will be eagerly spewing forth essays on the semiotics of the shell suit in post-parliamentary Scottish soaps, and good luck to them.
    • What Ruby calls her ‘suit’ is actually a shell suit.
    • For those who missed it, a man jumping around in a shell suit later succeeded in generating enough of a spark to send the cursed vehicle to oblivion.
    • The tradition of the middle class is not to shout about its values through the pages of the tabloids or while wandering along the street in a shell suit.
    • The shell suit was unsurprisingly named as the number one worst ever style crime.