Translation of sheltered in Spanish:


abrigado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃɛltəd//ˈʃɛltərd/


  • 1

    (valley/harbor) abrigado
    (life) protegido
    she had a sheltered upbringing fue criada entre algodones derogatory
    • sheltered industry industria protegida
    • sheltered accommodation / housing viviendas vigiladas para ancianos y minusválidos
    • Product of a fairly sheltered life, she begins to experiment with how far she can and should go with boys.
    • Moreover, Isaacs continues, actual physical fighting is a rare occurrence in her students' sheltered, supervised lives.
    • It also once sheltered 3000 of the city's homeless.
    • In our mind's eye we can see the tipis scattered along the sheltered areas with always a few sentinels at the tops of the hills.
    • In contrast, Florence - lush, fertile, and untamed - offers Lucy a taste of life outside her sheltered existence in England.
    • She's not like us London girls, you know, she's led a very sheltered life.
    • The park's principle feature is the sheltered Soper River valley.
    • This is the mouth of the Pigeon River and is well sheltered from wind and waves for about a mile, until it opens into Pigeon Bay.
    • The more calcified ones tend to live in sheltered environments or deeper water, especially the more delicate species.
    • I don't often think of myself as being a target of bigotry, and maybe I'm a little sheltered.
    • He explained that growing up under apartheid as a white South African meant a sheltered life, hidden from the actualities of the regime.
    • Le Goulet (The Narrows) is the entrance to the sheltered harbour of Brest.
    • Australians need to remember (for all our faults and problems) how well off we really are and how sheltered we are from the worse excesses of the world.
    • And if there is an unfavourable wind or swell, there are plenty of worthwhile sheltered sites which are also suitable for novices.
    • I think I was sort of sheltered.
    • Jane Seymour does an excellent job with the deceptively difficult role of Solitaire, who must be a bewitching beauty but also one who is convincingly sheltered and innocent.
    • There is also a kickabout area with goalposts, basketball/netball hoops, a cricket wicket, and sheltered seating.
    • In case you're totally sheltered, Adam West was the iconic Batman of the 1960s camp classic.
    • We did dinghy drill in the harbour and this usually finished with us swimming around in the beautifully clear waters of this sheltered haven.
    • He wandered alone, in and out of sheltered bays.
    • But if Gail Woodhouse wanted to shape a nice sheltered existence for her youngest daughter, more power to her; the truth would have startled her into shiver shock.
    • This sought to create a much more sheltered place for shipping.
    • Its sheltered atmosphere is a rest stop for crow-sized cattle egrets.
    • It's not that the administration has sinister intentions, but they might be mistaking poor populations in needy countries for sheltered children of privilege in Connecticut country clubs.
    • I was young and sheltered, largely innocent of racial politics.
    • They will stand as a continual inspiration for the living who look upon them and are sheltered by them from sun and storm.
    • During my dive the current was coming from the east, so we entered the water on the sheltered west side of the Mulberry.
    • For example, Old Squaw move to sheltered lagoons along the Beaufort Sea coast.
    • Perhaps the Flight girls, growing up on the Bell Block farm close to the Mangoraka stream, lived somewhat isolated, sheltered lives.
    • Cowes owes its fame to its small harbour and to Cowes Roads, the deep and sheltered waters that lead to it.
    • He comes off very much as a loved but sheltered little boy, with his exposure to his uncle Terry giving him his first real taste of life.
    • This is a small city at the head of a sheltered bay, hammered in by the mountains.
    • Salutay sticks to the more sheltered east coast, and life takes on a familiar pattern.
    • The area is sheltered from the south by an ivy-covered brick wall.
    • Yes, I led a sheltered life.
    • I guess in my otherwise sheltered life that would have to be my claim to fame.
    • The best metaphor for my sheltered existence is that of a womb with internet access.
    • Perhaps I've led a particularly sheltered life, but I don't believe this represents normal conversation for a first date.
    • As climate alters, the location of these sheltered areas could change.
    • Overnight the winds increased forcing us to dive the sheltered side of the islands for the remainder of the trip.