Translation of shepherd's pie in Spanish:

shepherd's pie


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    plato de carne picada cubierta con puré
    pastel de papas masculine Southern Cone
    pastel de carne masculine Southern Cone
    • A typical evening meal for me is pasta or a shepherd's pie.
    • The lunch specials of yore include macaroni cheese, steak pie, shepherd's pie and chips and five varieties of Crombie's sausages.
    • This well-packaged collection of recipes includes such familiar dishes as potato salad, shepherd's pie, stuffed mushrooms, lemon meringue pie, and even grilled cheese sandwiches!
    • They chose healthier options and selected favourites such as roast dinners, homemade shepherd's pie and pasta dishes.
    • Children enjoy dishes ranging from homemade shepherd's pie and Chinese-style chicken noodles to a couscous salad bar and fresh vegetables.
    • For supper, I make a shepherd's pie with organic beef and potatoes from my box.
    • For a Fifties child, food meant Campbell's soup, baked potatoes, shepherd's pie, stringy spinach, etiolated carrots, and toad-in-the-hole.
    • There are the traditional shepherd's pie, steak and kidney pie, stuffed roasted baby chicken, Cornish buttered rock lobster, leek and potato Cornish pasties, broccoli and cauliflower bake.
    • Typical products affected by the alert are shepherd's pies, pasta bakes, cottage pies, chicken wings, sausage casseroles, pizzas, steak and kidney pies and chilli con carne.
    • The band remember supporting the Rolling Stones in Germany and discovering that Keith always has a shepherd's pie with baked beans on top.
    • The meat was melt-in-the-mouth gorgeous and the shepherd's pie had fluffy mashed potato and flavoursome meat.
    • They spurn soya shepherd's pie and nut cutlets, preferring the more exotic polenta with wild mushrooms or Thai stir-fry.
    • My shepherd's pie with pork, soya sauce, vegetables and dill goes down well.
    • We asked parents and children about their preferences and they came back to us with things like shepherd's pie and lasagne, jacket potatoes with different fillings and pasta with home-made sauces.
    • Tonight it's shepherdess pie, which is shepherd's pie without the meat.
    • Typical products are shepherd's pies, pasta bakes, cottage pies, chicken wings, sausage casseroles, pizzas, steak and kidney pies and chilli con carne.
    • Add vegetables to meals - chop finely and add to pizza, casseroles, shepherd's pie and home-made burgers.
    • It has many other culinary uses: it can be added to mince for a different-tasting shepherd's pie.
    • And my daughters prefer them to shepherd's pie, steak and kidney pudding or vegetable stew.
    • Early pies had pastry tops; but modern pies may have a topping of something else (e.g. the mashed potato topping of shepherd's pie or cottage pie) or even be topless (as in the USA).