Translation of shepherdess in Spanish:


pastora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃɛpərdəs//ˈʃɛpədəs//ˌʃɛpəˈdɛs/


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    pastora feminine
    • You are, after all, my darling shepherdess who cries wolf.
    • Robin Hood invites the shepherds and shepherdesses of the Vale of Belvoir to a feast in Sherwood Forest, but the feast is marred by the arts of the witch Maudlin, aided by her familiar, Puck-Hairy.
    • She altered the composition by shifting the house to the right and filling in the left with a bucolic scene of a shepherd and shepherdess with a small flock of sheep.
    • Faced with being reacquainted with his wife after nearly a decade, Mark Antony has his way with a passing shepherdess.
    • Don Quijote declared her wise and innocent of the dead man's death and with his hand on his sword instructed that no one should follow her; but instead honor her wish to be left alone with the shepherdesses and her flock.
    • She has always wanted to be a shepherdess… despite suffering from Spina Bifida and despite the fact that her collie dog was afraid of sheep.
    • In the country pursuits section there will be falconry displays and terrier, beagle and foxhound demonstrations including one by shepherdess Katy Cropper, of BBC's One Man and his Dog.
    • Suddenly, she decides to spend her time as a shepherdess caring for her own flocks and now everyone can see her.
    • The people we met were like the cast from an old faery tale: bearded woodcutters sat chatting in clearings of the forest; cowherds and shepherdesses wandered past with their flocks, shy and silent.
    • We stayed in the magnificent Hotel Trianon which is situated in the grounds of Versailles on the spot of a long-abandoned farm where Marie-Antoinette used to play at being a shepherdess.
    • Thus, while she will produce sensitive studies of the everyday life of the shepherdess, in her larger canvasses Crowe will show us a Roman coin alongside the moon, man-made artefacts of all ages transposed with natural objects.
    • Diaghilev celebrates the pure, youthful love of a shepherd and shepherdess that triumphs over the wickedness of pirates who kidnap Chloe and the seduction of Daphnis by worldly older woman, Lykanion.
    • She was a self-employed shepherdess who had been driving the tractor for 10 years in her job.
    • As I write there comes vividly to mind a chilly, mid-August morning in the Arizona plateau country, where two Navajo shepherdesses left their straggling flock to share in the warmth of our camp fire and to pass the time of day.
    • She had been a shepherdess and used to rattle the gate to call her sheep home.
    • The shepherds and shepherdesses, distressed with the cold, sought Krishna for refuge.
    • In the US, however, the European pastoral ideal, rooted in Virgil's bucolic visions of an unchanging Arcadia of shepherds and shepherdesses, has been transmuted by the capitalistic impetus.
    • Indeed, this exhibition falls fast on the heels of Victoria Crowe's paintings celebrating the life of a Scottish shepherdess.
    • Dianne, who is a shepherdess on the family farm, told the hearing: ‘We moved forwards towards the crossing and paused before setting off.’
    • The craze for the pastoral even reached the Court, where queen Marie-Antoinette dressed herself and her courtiers up as shepherds and shepherdesses.