Translation of shift in Spanish:


correr, v.

Pronunciation /ʃɪft//ʃɪft/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(change position of)

      (furniture/object) correr
      (object/furniture) mover
      to shift the scenery cambiar el decorado
      • the election has shifted the balance of power toward the right las elecciones han inclinado el equilibrio político hacia la derecha
      • he keeps shifting his ground cambia constantemente de posición
      • I invite the Minister to name one thing in that purpose that will do anything to get the bulldozers moving and the dirt shifted to build a road in Auckland.
      • In a long jump, in theory, the weights could be shifted mid-jump to alter the jumper's centre of mass and make the most of the extra momentum.
      • Malachi laughed softly somewhere behind me, and the truck bed shifted again under his weight as he moved once more.
      • And the aisle all the way to the door bustled with Adivasi vegetable vendors who squatted with their baskets shifting and moving till they found a comfort zone.
      • The animal, which was unable to move, was shifted to a nearby coconut plantation and from there to its owner's timber depot.
      • The sands in front of the figure moved and shifted.
      • It rolled slowly, jerkily, as if things inside were shifting around as it moved.
      • After the system is docked, the nurse reassesses the patient's position to ensure that nothing moved or shifted during transfer.
      • So things are once again in a state of rearrangement in my humble apartment, getting shifted, moved around and reassigned.
      • Soon the wall shifted and moved to open to a gigantic laboratory.
      • Tossing the rag into the sink, she picked James up from his high chair and shifted him onto her hip.
      • Outside the viewport the great ships began to move, shifting apart as they prepared for transit into slip-space.
      • The light reflected, shifted, moved a little farther away.
      • Velmon started down at the fire silently, watching the way the ash shifted and moved.
      • Her glittering, purple singlet top shifted as she moved her graceful arms, revealing the skin of her taut stomach.
      • Their surprised yelps sounded as one as the cushions moved and shifted under them.
      • Suddenly the boat shifted and moved throwing her to her knees and almost knocking Wes into the water.
      • Twenty years ago, there would have been hundreds of men touching and molding and shifting and moving the steel.
      • The train shifted and began moving, silent, except for the hum of the generators that kept the lights going.
      • A portion of the wall shifted and moved under her hand, and then the grotto was filled with the loud grinding sound of stone against stone and something more.

    • 1.2(transfer, switch)

      the war shifted attention away from domestic problems la guerra distrajo la atención de los problemas internos
      • to shift resources from the public to the private sector traspasar / transferir recursos del sector público al privado
      • they tried to shift the responsibility onto us trataron de cargarnos la responsabilidad

  • 2

    • 2.1(move, remove)

      shift yourself, will you! ¡quítate de ahí!
      • I can't shift this nail/cork este clavo/tapón no hay quien lo saque
      • it's impossible to shift him now he's made up his mind ahora que se ha decidido, no hay quien lo haga cambiar de opinión

    • 2.2(get rid of)

      (stain) quitar
      (stain) sacar Latin America
      (allergy/cold) quitarse de encima
      • And she's not afraid to use it, regularly calling in with the solution to a hard-to-shift stain or to correct the advice of the on-air expert.
      • If soap and water doesn't shift the stain scrub the area with a nail-brush dipped in vinegar and salt.
      • This Vanish stain remover can shift bolognaise sauce, tea, coffee, curry, blood, a little engine oil (like if you splash some by accident when you're topping up your car oil), and these are just a few stains of what it is good at getting rid of.
      • If the stain is proving impossible to shift, consider replacing the contaminated area of paving.

  • 3

    (stock) vender
    • It's very important to finish the design phase before the end of this year (so that we can shift the product to the market at the beginning of next year).
    • SonicBlue does indeed appear to have a problem shifting its Diamond Mako PDA.
    • We really did shift some stuff last weekend, didn't we?
    • And while we might be tough on price, we do shift some volume.
    • I know that there is an element of advertising - my whisky must be good because there is a bottle in TWE at £10000! - but they must also want to shift some product.
    • If they stop shifting beer and food then they will start to get feedback from people they see as more important than your humble fan.
    • This is no bad thing when one considers how direct, sharp and inventive that mini-genre could be - and how many millions of albums Rob Thomas shifted.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (change position, direction)
    (cargo) correrse
    (wind) cambiar
    he shifted uneasily in his chair se movía intranquilo en la silla
    • she shifted onto her back se puso boca arriba
    • public opinion shifted in favor of disarmament la opinión pública se inclinó a favor del desarme
    • the emphasis has shifted away from translation to speaking the language ahora se pone énfasis en hablar el idioma y no en traducirlo
  • 2

    (switch, change over)
    the scene shifts and we are in a garden hay un cambio de escena y estamos en un jardín
    • the focus of attention has shifted to Europe el foco de atención ha pasado a Europa
  • 3shifting pres p

    (opinion/moods) cambiante
    shifting sands (feminine plural) arenas movedizas
  • 4informal

    shift up/along a bit córrete un poco
  • 5

    he won't shift from his position no va a cambiar su postura / posición
  • 6

    to shift for oneself arreglárselas solo
  • 7US

    (change gear)
    cambiar de marcha
    cambiar de velocidad
  • 8Britishinformal

    (go fast)
    volar informal


  • 1

    (change in position)
    cambio masculine
    a shift in the wind un cambio en la dirección del viento
    • there was a shift in public opinion hubo un cambio / un viraje en la opinión pública
    • a shift of attitude un cambio de actitud
    • a major population shift un desplazamiento masivo de población
    • a shift away from isolationism un alejamiento de la política aislacionista
    • to make shift with/without sth arreglárselas con/sin algo
  • 2

    mutación feminine
    vowel/consonant shift mutación vocálica/consonántica feminine
  • 3

    desplazamiento masculine
  • 4

    (work period)
    turno masculine
    to work the day/night shift hacer el turno de día/de noche
    • I work the early/late shift hago el primer/último turno
    • to work (in) shifts trabajar por turnos
  • 5

    enagua feminine
  • 6

    vestido suelto masculine
  • 7US

    Motor Vehicles
    palanca de cambio masculine
    palanca de velocidades masculine Mexico