Translation of shiftless in Spanish:


holgazán, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃɪf(t)ləs//ˈʃɪftləs/


  • 1

    • The welfare mother is considered to be lazy and shiftless, shunning work while collecting welfare and passing on bad values to her children.
    • The status of the disabled, in his view, is either ambiguous or closer to that of the shiftless and incompetent than to that of the ambitious.
    • We believe that if we work less and play more, we'll appear shiftless and lazy.
    • This data exposes as a fallacy the belief that most teens are somehow lazy, shiftless or just uninterested in work.
    • ‘I think immigrants think we're lazy, shiftless, good-for-nothing,’ she says.
    • Nor are poor whites stereotyped as lazy, shiftless, dangerous, the way poor Blacks are.
    • The first part of this debate occurs between the engineer and a feisty middle-aged woman who runs the local cafe, the second between this hardworking woman and her shiftless husband.
    • The ‘white trash’ label perpetuates the idea that poor or working class whites are lazy, shiftless and dumb-witted.
    • You live your life as a shiftless and lazy slob, forever waiting to hear the news of your aged relative's demise so you can board the gravy train that you feel is your entitlement.
    • Anyone who believes that unions serve a function in this day and age is a lazy, good-for-nothing, shiftless shirker.
    • You can't be a shiftless immigrant for the rest of your days, chico.
    • If you knew how to take care of people, you could transform 10,000 lazy, shiftless souls into 10,000 eager-to-work-for-you people.
    • Those moving away were sometimes dismissed as a shiftless lot who could not live up to the small-town virtues of constancy and forbearance.
    • They hid in saloons, spun lies, spied on people, made less than the corner grocer, and were generally shiftless, lazy bums.
    • These are greedy, shiftless and lazy people who only use and abuse the soil.
    • Which is ironic when a lot of the problem for government in getting shiftless bastards to vote right now is getting them to go down to polling stations in, er, libraries.
    • She tells him about where she was born and how her parents are shiftless and lazy.
    • I could have said her son the no good, lazy, shiftless shyster but I'm in a mood to be nice today.
    • A ‘scobie’ means either a shiftless young person or a wild duck that bites.
    • Just as before, the would-be dominators try to convince us that it is necessary to apply a firm hand to the benefit of a shiftless character.