Translation of shimmer in Spanish:


brillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃɪmər//ˈʃɪmə/


  • 1

    brillo masculine
    resplandor masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (silk/water) brillar
    (lights) titilar
    • There was the small outline of a vessel shimmering on the horizon.
    • The bridge is faint, shimmering slightly, as though it were a mirage.
    • The long silver blades shot out from the openings in the forearms, the blades shimmered in the sunlight.
    • She finally looked at me, tears shimmering in her dark orbs.
    • A giant flame shimmered brightly in the moonlight.
    • Brown and beautiful, her eyes shimmered in the light of the house.
    • His eyes shimmered in the low light and he yawned and curled his purple striped tail around his cat body.
    • His mom turned to him with her questioning dark eyes; her brown hair shimmering in the sunlight.
    • Sara's heart rent as she looked into her friend's eyes, wide with fear, shimmering with tears.
    • The silver leaves shimmered in the moonlight that found its way through the trees.
    • In the distance shimmer classic mirages of non-existent lakes.
    • Here one sees grazing camels, a skeletal countryside of abandoned walled towns, dunes, and shimmering mirages.
    • Each day the heat haze shimmered in the distance, distorting the path of the road.
    • An idyllic vision of green water and blue pine trees shimmers in the distance.
    • The stars and moons were shimmering gold, and the background color was navy.
    • Dave sat regally in a large armchair, his hair shimmering in the delicate light.
    • She reached out and grasped the silk, gasping as it unfurled into a thin cloak, shimmering softly.
    • Taken at sun set, the crystal white beach shimmered in the evening sun.
    • The golden sand shimmered in the heat, and the small whitewashed huts were calm and peaceful.
    • The red shell necklace hung down between her breasts, shimmering in the sun.
    • Heat vegetable oil in a hot wok until the surface seems to shimmer slightly.
    • His green eyes seemed to shimmer for a moment, as he waited for my answer.
    • The girls silver eyes shimmered brightly against the light, as if wanting to be noticed.
    • Her world shimmered in the heat and went out of focus.
  • 2

    (reflect from something wet)
    (lights in water) rielar literary