Translation of shirt in Spanish:


camisa, n.

Pronunciation: /ʃərt//ʃəːt/


  • 1

    (man's) camisa feminine
    (woman's) camisa feminine
    (woman's) blusa (camisera) feminine
    to give sb the shirt off one's back darle hasta la camiseta a algn
    • he'd give you the shirt off his back es capaz de darte hasta la camiseta / hasta lo que no tiene
    • to have / take the shirt off sb's back
    • he'd have the shirt off your back if you let him ese es capaz de robarle a su madre
    • keep your shirt on! ¡no te sulfures!
    • to lose one's shirt perder hasta la camisa / la camiseta
    • to put one's shirt on sth/sb jugarse hasta la camisa / la camiseta
    • before noun shirt collar cuello de la camisa
    • Wear your new striped button-down shirt with jeans, chinos or corduroy pants.
    • He jogged up to walk beside me, his tie untied, the top two buttons of his shirt undone, his sleeves pushed up to his elbows.
    • He was similarly dressed except that his shirt hung more loosely over his body.
    • The boy's shirt has sweat all down the front of it.
    • She was wearing a white short-sleeved men's shirt with a pair of black denim pants.
    • His tie was loose, and the top 2 buttons of his shirt undone with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.
    • He himself had a red collared shirt with jeans on.
    • He wore a white and blue striped shirt with blue jeans.
    • We then proceeded to a bunch of neatly ironed shirts on wire hangers.
    • The three men were also dressed alike: denim jeans, long-sleeved plaid shirts, and work boots.
    • He wore his white chambray shirt and purple vest, black chinos, and leather boots.
    • We have a business casual dress code at my office, which means collared shirts without a tie.
    • His outfit consisted of a white cotton dress shirt with a black bow tie and matching shoes.
    • Wear a white shirt with tan pants and a dark overcoat with confidence.
    • He was wearing all black, his shirt clinging onto his body showing of muscles.
    • She wore a plaid flannel shirt that went down her hips, and no pants.
    • He wore a tight, white, long-sleeved, button-up shirt.
    • His black silk shirt was unbuttoned, but for Daman, this was nothing new.
    • The making of women's blouses also bought the cut of men's shirts.
    • There was a gentleman behind me walking on his own with his shirt open.