Translation of shivery in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈʃɪv(ə)ri//ˈʃɪv(ə)ri/


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    to feel shivery tener escalofríos
    • Then I could have enjoyed a day off without the streaming nose rubbed raw, the aches and pains, the weak shaky shivery feelings…
    • Is anyone else feeling shivery chills about this?
    • You start feeling a bit chilly and shivery and the next thing your body starts to shut down, you get cramp, your muscles can't work and you can't swim.
    • It has become de rigueur to shoot horror/thrillers in blue/grey light, that might be mistaken for monochrome, with its shivery basement chill.
    • He went to bed saying he felt cold and shivery and he awoke at 5am the following day coughing up blood.
    • Might be tonsillitis, I can't swallow… agonizing but the worst is this cold, shivery and roasting both at once.
    • It was over as quickly as it had happened, leaving him feeling completely drained, his tightened muscles now limp and shivery and cold.