Translation of shock wave in Spanish:

shock wave

onda expansiva, n.


  • 1

    onda expansiva feminine
    • The stage blew up behind her, the shock wave sending her down onto the ground.
    • The material is moving highly supersonically and creates a shock wave ahead of it.
    • That news sent a shock wave throughout the Valley and into neighboring West Virginia.
    • The horror sent a shock wave through the police training community nationwide.
    • He jumped into the air closing his arms around himself for an instant then throwing them outwards sending a shock wave back down at me.
    • Over the last decade, a growth spurt has snowballed and sent out a shock wave.
    • The touch of his lips sent a shock wave through her entire body.
    • The researchers also plan to measure the speed of the explosion's shock wave to get further data.
    • First, the old iron core collapses under its own weight, which sends a shock wave blasting out through the rest of the star.
    • The explosion caused a shock wave of flames like ripples in the water when a stone is cast in.
    • I can feel earth tremble as the shock wave from the explosion reaches me.
    • My excitement was very short lived as the shock wave from the explosion rushed towards me.
    • As a result, an aircraft creates a sudden discontinuity in pressure and temperature called a shock wave as it breaks the sound barrier.
    • It didn't hurt at that moment, but a shock wave went through my body.
    • The shock wave is a layer of high density air that expands out from the blast very rapidly.
    • In the end, the narrow tip's supersonic motion through the air produces a shock wave.
    • At the site of the eruption the bang surely would have been deadly on its own, purely from sound pressure, like the shock wave of an atomic bomb.
    • The molecule decomposes almost instantaneously when a supersonic shock wave passes through it.
    • This collapse triggers a shock wave that blows off the star's outer mantle of gases, which we see as a supernova.
    • A shock wave travels at different speeds through the ground and through the air.
  • 2

    (disturbance, reaction)
    his brutal murder sent a shock wave through the nation su brutal asesinato conmocionó / sacudió al país