Translation of shoddy in Spanish:


de muy mala calidad, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃɑdi//ˈʃɒdi/

adjectiveshoddier, shoddiest

  • 1

    (of inferior quality)
    (workmanship/goods) de muy mala calidad
    shoddy work chapuza feminine
    • Verbal aggression, insulting and rude behaviour, disregard for the rights of others, petty thieving and shoddy work were the norms.
    • Corrupt authorities also gave permits for shoddy housing and other construction in the riverbed, enriching individual contractors at the expense of public safety.
    • It is abhorrent and deplorable both in its shoddy journalism and blatant personal assault on our artists.
    • They are the ones who need to apologize for such biased and shoddy work.
    • They're not the rather shoddy efforts that are made today.
    • The report was, in short, an incredibly shoddy piece of work.
    • Contractors in connivance with corrupt officials do shoddy work deliberately, so that they get a fresh contract soon for the job.
    • The preferred option being presented by the borough council is a shoddy deal.
    • Even then, homeowners often complain of shoddy workmanship.
    • Over the years, players were not recognised for their contributions and complained of shoddy treatment.
    • Letters to the editor and corrections are big black holes into which complaints about shoddy journalism disappear.
    • Describing me, he refers to my shoddy suit and badly scuffed shoes.
    • Unfortunately the problem of shoddy workmanship continues even today.
    • Many years of shoddy work has resulted in the pathetic shape of city roads.
    • We can't say much about your shoddy workmanship, your poor literacy skills or your goldfish-like imagination.
    • I love all kinds of films, except the plotless kind with unconvincing acting, shoddy editing and duff music played on synths.
    • And get chummy with your local building inspector, whose job it is to spot shoddy workmanship.
    • Those interests may be ill-informed, based on shoddy reasoning or false axioms, but none of that matters.
    • Many experts believe the toll would have been lower but for shoddy construction, corruption and government incompetence.
    • If they don't act, they get accused of tolerating racism and shoddy intellectual thinking.
  • 2

    (treatment/behavior) bajo
    (behavior/treatment) mezquino
    • In short, while the proposal may have merit, the method of proposing it has been downright shoddy.
    • We're not going to have the Government use shoddy, tawdry little tricks to drum up the notion of fear and then fail on competence.
    • Historically, it has a shoddy pedigree of corruption and death.
    • Rather an abuse of parliamentary privilege to achieve a cheap and shoddy pay back for his mates.
    • Moreover, because everything was so public, the authorities began to look pretty shoddy.
    • David thinks it's time to tear up the PC rule book and pull black men up on their shoddy behaviour.
    • That, given sufficient publicity some kind of audience will appeal for almost any event, no matter how shoddy or potentially immoral.


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    lana regenerada feminine