Translation of shoe in Spanish:


zapato, n.

Pronunciation: /ʃuː//ʃu/


  • 1

    zapato masculine
    a pair of shoes un par de zapatos
    • put your shoes on cálzate
    • [in combination] high-heeled shoes zapatos de tacón (alto)
    • they sell shoes venden calzado
    • to be in sb's shoes
    • I wouldn't like to be in her shoes no me gustaría estar en su lugar
    • in his shoes I'd be worried yo en su lugar / yo que él, estaría preocupado
    • to fit like an old shoe sentar como un guante
    • to know where the shoe pinches saber dónde aprieta el zapato
    • to shake / tremble / quake in one's shoes temblar de miedo
    • to step into sb's shoes pasar a ocupar el puesto de algn
    • to wait for dead men's shoes esperar a que se muera algn
    • before noun the shoe industry la industria del calzado
    • shoe mender zapatera
    • shoe repairs arreglos de zapatos
  • 2

    (for horse)
    herradura feminine
  • 3

    zapata feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (horse) herrar
    to be well/badly shod ir bien/mal calzado
    • Anyone wearing high-heeled shoes would find herself punching holes in the floorboard.
    • Even the butler's polished shoes went seamlessly with the black marble floor.
    • She wore a black cocktail dress with matching heeled shoes and a black lace choker.
    • Threatening to swamp her bedroom is a display of designer shoes with heels of varying heights.
    • For daytime use take shorts, shirts and a good pair of deck shoes with white soles.
    • For trips, coat and tie, leather shoes (no sneakers) and dress socks are de rigueur.
    • I went out with Chloe this morning and bought some earrings and these really strappy, high heeled shoes.
    • Make sure your clothes and your walking shoes are comfortable.
    • Her dress shoes clicked steadily as she walked along the sidewalk.
    • High heels, floppy slippers and shoes with slick soles can make you stumble and fall.
    • I slipped my shoes on my feet and walked out of the door.
    • He wore black tennis shoes with dull white laces, baggy blue slacks and a white long sleeved shirt.
    • Don't tell me he's learned to tie his shoe laces as well.
    • She slipped the matching shoes onto her feet, muttering at the high heels.
    • She grabbed her running shoes from her closet, and a light jacket to tie around her waist.
    • As he moved though, the rubber bottom of his running shoes squeaked on a puddle of melted snow.
    • She said that he sent her a get well present of high heeled shoes with an extreme five inch heel.
    • But even with the assistance of modern machinery and materials, most pointe shoes are still entirely handmade.
    • Some women also love to wear ankle wrap sandals as well as pointed toe dress shoes.
    • However, with modern ballet dance comes greater foot support through modern pointe ballet shoes and trained technique.
    • After she tied her running shoes, she jogged downstairs and outside.
    • Traditional ballet pointe shoes provide foot support with cardboard, paper and/or leather saturated with glues.
    • I sighed, feeling irritated, and scuffed my shoe on the floor.
    • Her right hind hoof had a bit of blood on her fresh shod shoes.
    • She said her horse's metal shoes could not find any grip on the smooth road.
    • The field was reduced to six when Rapid Ryan was ordered scratched by the stewards in the paddock because he was wearing improper shoes.
    • First remove any horseshoe nails and clean the shoe with a stiff brush and water to remove packed in-dirt.
    • He had a shoe taken off him a couple of strides out of the gate.
    • Watch other horses in case tack adjustments are needed or shoes are lost.
    • According to Harty, the animal was administered the drug a few days before the event after pulling a shoe during a gallop.
    • Clearing twisted a shoe on his way to the post and caused a 15-minute delay while a farrier made the repair.
    • Fortunately after that he calmed down and all seemed to be going as planned until two-thirds of the way through the ride when her horse lost a shoe.
    • There is a moment of anxiety as Hills dismounts immediately after the line but it transpires that the filly has just twisted a shoe.
    • At the barn, horses will be identified, their shoes will be checked, and on-site veterinarians will watch them walk the shedrow.
    • ‘I thought she went lame coming to the line so I got off her as quick as I could, but thank God she has only pulled a shoe off,’ he said.
    • There's a couple of moments where she actually manages to right herself, only to lose a shoe and lunge into another steep incline with the very next step she takes.
    • Someone else who keeps his horse in a soft pasture and/or rides in soft grassy area may not need shoes at all.
    • A bit pricey, and little complicated to fit (I had my farrier do mine) but worth every penny to not lose time to a pulled shoe.