Translation of shoestring in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈʃuˌstrɪŋ//ˈʃuːstrɪŋ/



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    on a shoestring con poquísimo dinero
    • they live on a shoestring viven con poquísimo dinero / apretadísimos
    • before noun a shoestring budget un presupuesto muy reducido
    • It operates on a shoestring so it may be unkind to point to the very poor production values, but it and others have solved problems more creatively than is the case here.
    • Readers might well ask how on earth it can be that a website operating on a shoestring is left to provide such a vital and basic service to the public.
    • However, despite throwing a walloping £19 million at a system that worked very well thank you on a shoestring, the corps has not been an unqualified success.
    • He said the eclectic team included ‘students, young graduates, bank managers and housewives’, all operating on a shoestring.
    • All its success is built on a shoestring, and now it must make more cuts.
    • Many of the small neighborhood stores and restaurants, particularly those in poor areas, were already operating on a shoestring.
    • With only $24 million at her disposal, less than 2% of the UN's budget, she is operating on a shoestring and facing problems that would have daunted Sisyphus.
    • Most B&B owners aren't millionaires, we run our budget on a shoestring so this is desperate for us.
    • Even that sort of budget, says Blair, means ‘you run on a shoestring: you spend no money on a motor-home and stay in cheap hotels.’
    • It was such a rags to riches story which the brothers did on a shoestring.
    • It was comparatively cheap to other courses but was always run on a shoestring.
    • A real Scottish success story, this not-for-profit business was launched on a shoestring in 1999, and now reaches out to 500 social entrepreneurs.
    • Her organisation, already operating on a shoestring, is likely to close, after nearly six years of campaigning.
    • Having proven his ability to operate successfully on a shoestring budget he is regarded as a prime candidate to return to the cash-strapped club he served for many years.
    • It brings prestige to Scotland on a shoestring, and a great deal is done by people for whom it's a crusade, not a job.
    • I don't want them living on a shoestring unless they absolutely have to.
    • Working on a shoestring - ‘I had some wheeling and dealing to do because we didn't have a penny in the piggy bank.’
    • A documentary on the subject, made on a shoestring, has proved a surprise hit and reaped a small fortune.
    • The shop has helped me to get married on a shoestring, and yet still be able to wear a stunning dress for the occasion.
    • The consensus of everyone is that it will be painful, but you cannot run a council as large as ours on a shoestring.