Translation of shoot in Spanish:


brote, n.

Pronunciation /ʃut//ʃuːt/


  • 1

    (bud, young leaf)
    brote masculine
    retoño masculine
    renuevo masculine
    (from seed, potato) brote masculine
    • Look for instance at plants: vandalized trees send out new shoots, grass grows on rubbish dumps, flowers spring up in scrap yards.
    • Separate two to three young roots and shoots from the main plant every 4 to 5 years.
    • In spring the young leaf shoots are used to garnish all kinds of food.
    • Tiny flowers may appear in late summer - pinch off the blooms and growing shoots of young plants to maintain foliage colour and encourage bushiness.
    • Pinching out the shoot tips after young plants have finished flowering is a good way of making them bush out.
    • At the first stages of development, the availability of embryos results from a combination of main shoots and primary tillers.
    • The sexual type of all flowers produced in each inflorescence on all shoots of these plants was monitored and recorded throughout the 2001 flowering period.
    • Similarly, clipping shoots of Artemisia plants did not reduce resprouting relative to unclipped control plants.
    • Leaf and stem tissue from young, newly developed shoots was used as explant tissue for plant transformation as follows.
    • Plant shoots were harvested in July, August, and November 1993.
    • The shoots of all plants were cut back to about 20-25 cm above the soil.
    • One leaf was collected from short shoots of three trees per each of clone, provenance or origin at stages 1, 3 and 5 of leaf development.
    • These buds may have developed into plagiotropic branches or orthotropic epicormic shoots.
    • In mature Juglans regia trees, female flowering is apical on spring shoots.
    • Young trees produce many long shoots, which should contribute to rapid crown construction and height growth.
    • The plants had defective shoot apical meristems and grew slowly in vitro.
    • In addition, camels and cattle browse young shoots of this tree, thus limiting its development and possibilities of regeneration.
    • Three similar branches, shoots or tillers per plant were selected for the three treatments.
    • Gemmotherapy consists of herbal remedies made from the buds or shoots of young plants.
    • The rice rats would typically eat through the outer sheaths of the stem near the base of the plants in order to reach the young shoots growing inside.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (shooting party) partida de caza feminine
      (expedition) cacería feminine
      pheasants reared for the shoot faisanes criados para caza
      • Mr Robertshaw, a retired farmer, said he would continue to allow the shooting rights and the footpath could be closed on those three to four occasions a year when the shoot was held.
      • One or two of the dialogue scenes, in particular the one showing international war-profiteers enjoying a grouse shoot, have a dated, agitprop feel.
      • It's even more excessive than a bunch of City investment bankers on a grouse shoot.
      • Barry Atkinson carried out a record 148 days' worth of beating - or flushing out birds - at grouse, partridge and pheasant shoots.
      • Grimond was adopted as candidate for Orkney and Shetland, having only seen the cliffs of Hoy while in Caithness on a grouse shoot.
      • The Lords and ladies would be put up at the Devonshire Arms Hotel at Bolton Abbey before the pheasant and grouse shoots.
      • It featured a sporting clay shoot, guided hunts for pheasant and quail and a celebrity dinner with live and silent auctions.
      • Out in the Australian wilderness and the wide-open spaces, the only equivalent to a fox hunt that I can think of is a kangaroo shoot.
      • In the first, the applicant S took part in a protest against a grouse shoot.
      • Grouse and partridge shoots are run separately.
      • We were in Mandir Niwas, which in the days of the royal shoots was the reception area for the visiting dignitaries because it was closest to the station.
      • In winter, hunters come for the wild game shoots, which explains the rifles on the wall and the disparate taxidermy.
      • No shoot has been organised on his land for the Glorious Twelfth - the start of the grouse shooting today.
      • Four basic dove-hunting options are available: grain fields, roost brush, water holes and pass shoots.
      • At the Buccleuch estate in Nithsdale a dearth of grouse forced yesterday's traditional start of the season shoot to be cancelled and rearranged for later this month.
      • Professional beaters will be called in by Bradford Council to drive birds on to privately-owned adjoining moors where grouse shoots still take place.
      • Here's a romantic view of a grouse shoot on Beamsley Beacon by Turner.
      • Is modern quick-drying nylon appropriate wear on a formal occasion such as a shoot, in any circumstances?
      • The opportunities for travel have been regular and tantalising - from grouse shoots in Scotland to gun wielding in darkest Africa.
      • The event was a laser clay pigeon shoot at a holiday resort.

    • 2.2British (land)

      coto (de caza) masculine
      vedado (de caza) masculine
      • Game farmers hatch out eggs and day old chicks or poults are delivered to the shoot depending on the model they are operating.
      • The game shoots of the area supply plenty of pheasant in season, but other game, such as grouse, has suffered due to a succession of wet winters.
      • There is another similar shoot up the same valley.

  • 3

    rodaje masculine
    filmación feminine
    • It may be an unusual combination, but the two pursuits don't necessarily conflict, except when Ciara turns up for a fashion shoot sporting a few cuts and bruises.
    • ‘The rest of the week, I have modeling shoots and press conferences,’ she said.
    • In Goa, according to Pooja, it was one big party during the shoot.
    • Café manager Georgina Galley said Warner Brothers crews used to come into the Ive Café for meals before shoots.
    • Debbie maintained that depth of emotion in her performance throughout the shoot.
    • Pre-production planning of a motion capture shoot for a game is a very difficult and important process.
    • The editing process, and the shoot, took longer than I'm used to, but that's how it happened.
    • Yao says he plans to spend less time on commercial shoots and more time working on his game or resting.
    • And during the shoot in Norway, John risked his life by performing a series of extreme stunts on ice.
    • As far as he's concerned, his own sexuality is irrelevant to the shoot.
    • Still she performed like a trooper and actually did the shoot so kudos to her.
    • The most common sight in southern California these days isn't a movie shoot or a beach party.
    • The Rajaji Hall courtyard was abuzz with activity since morning, as hundreds of junior artistes gathered for the shoot.
    • The shoot was marred by protesters shutting down production at one point.
    • In each town, the women in the show are first brought together a day or two before the shoot for an ‘ice-breaking session’.
    • She was his least favorite make up artist but also the only one able to come in for the special shoot today for their interviews.
    • Based on what I have learned from past experiences, here are some pointers to make the most of your camp's video or photography shoot.
    • Today, she even got back from a shoot having stopped off to buy me lunch because she was worried that I was working too hard and not eating enough.
    • Take in 300-500 grams of carbs divided among four to seven meals starting the day before your shoot.
    • Eventually they finished their shoot and everyone headed back for lunch, which is when we got the change to interview Sid Haig.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person/animal) pegarle un tiro a
    (animal/person) pegarle un balazo a
    they shot him three times in the legs le pegaron tres tiros en las piernas
    • I've been shot! ¡me han herido!
    • she was shot in the arm recibió un balazo en el brazo
    • they shot him dead (by firing squad) lo fusilaron
    • to shoot oneself pegarse un tiro
    • he got / was shot while filming the riots recibió un balazo mientras filmaba los disturbios
    • you'll get shot for that! ¡te van a matar!
    • you'll get me shot! ¡me van a matar por tu culpa!
    • he deserves to be shot ¡es (como) para matarlo!
    • to shoot sth to pieces / bits hacer añicos / pedazos algo
    • to shoot the breeze / bull darle a la lengua / a la sinhueso
  • 2

    (rabbit/duck/deer) cazar
  • 3

    (bullet) disparar
    (bullet) tirar
    (arrow/missile) lanzar
    (arrow/missile) arrojar
    she shot him a suspicious glance le lanzó una mirada recelosa
    • to shoot questions at sb acribillar a algn a preguntas
  • 4

    (eject, propel)
    the passengers were shot out of their seats los pasajeros salieron despedidos de sus asientos
  • 5

    (pass swiftly)
    to shoot the rapids salvar los rápidos
    • to shoot the lights pasarse los altos
  • 6

    (ball/puck) lanzar
    (goal) marcar
    (goal) anotar(se) Latin America
    Nelson shot 66 yesterday Nelson hizo ayer el recorrido en 66 golpes
    • he shot four baskets encestó cuatro veces
  • 7US

    jugar a
    to shoot craps/billiards jugar a los dados/al billar
  • 8

  • 9slang

    chutarse slang
    picarse slang
    pincharse informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (fire weapon)
    don't move or I'll shoot! ¡no se mueva o disparo!
    • to shoot wide/straight disparar desviado/certeramente
    • to shoot to kill disparar / tirar a matar
    • to shoot at sb/sth dispararle a algn/ a algo
    • they shot at the crowd dispararon sobre la muchedumbre
  • 2

    to go shooting ir de caza
  • 3informal

    can I ask you something? — sure, shoot! ¿te puedo preguntar algo? — claro ¡pregunta nomás! Latin America
  • 4

    (move swiftly)
    their record shot straight to number one su disco subió directamente al número uno
    • we were shooting along at 100mph íbamos como una bala / como un bólido a 100 millas por hora
    • she shot past, almost knocking me over pasó como una bala / como un bólido y casi me atropella
    • the days shot by los días pasaron volando
    • he shot out of his seat saltó del asiento
  • 5

    chutear Southern Cone
    to shoot at goal tirar al arco Latin America
  • 6

  • 7

    (plant) brotar
    (seed) germinar



  • 1

    ¡miércoles! euphemistic informal
    ¡mecachis! euphemistic informal