Translation of shoot in Spanish:


brote, n.

Pronunciation /ʃuːt//ʃut/


  • 1

    (bud, young leaf)
    brote masculine
    retoño masculine
    renuevo masculine
    (from seed, potato) brote masculine
    • The shoots of all plants were cut back to about 20-25 cm above the soil.
    • Look for instance at plants: vandalized trees send out new shoots, grass grows on rubbish dumps, flowers spring up in scrap yards.
    • In mature Juglans regia trees, female flowering is apical on spring shoots.
    • Plant shoots were harvested in July, August, and November 1993.
    • Similarly, clipping shoots of Artemisia plants did not reduce resprouting relative to unclipped control plants.
    • In addition, camels and cattle browse young shoots of this tree, thus limiting its development and possibilities of regeneration.
    • The plants had defective shoot apical meristems and grew slowly in vitro.
    • These buds may have developed into plagiotropic branches or orthotropic epicormic shoots.
    • At the first stages of development, the availability of embryos results from a combination of main shoots and primary tillers.
    • The sexual type of all flowers produced in each inflorescence on all shoots of these plants was monitored and recorded throughout the 2001 flowering period.
    • Separate two to three young roots and shoots from the main plant every 4 to 5 years.
    • Young trees produce many long shoots, which should contribute to rapid crown construction and height growth.
    • In spring the young leaf shoots are used to garnish all kinds of food.
    • Three similar branches, shoots or tillers per plant were selected for the three treatments.
    • The rice rats would typically eat through the outer sheaths of the stem near the base of the plants in order to reach the young shoots growing inside.
    • Pinching out the shoot tips after young plants have finished flowering is a good way of making them bush out.
    • One leaf was collected from short shoots of three trees per each of clone, provenance or origin at stages 1, 3 and 5 of leaf development.
    • Gemmotherapy consists of herbal remedies made from the buds or shoots of young plants.
    • Tiny flowers may appear in late summer - pinch off the blooms and growing shoots of young plants to maintain foliage colour and encourage bushiness.
    • Leaf and stem tissue from young, newly developed shoots was used as explant tissue for plant transformation as follows.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (shooting party) partida de caza feminine
      (expedition) cacería feminine
      pheasants reared for the shoot faisanes criados para caza
      • At the Buccleuch estate in Nithsdale a dearth of grouse forced yesterday's traditional start of the season shoot to be cancelled and rearranged for later this month.
      • One or two of the dialogue scenes, in particular the one showing international war-profiteers enjoying a grouse shoot, have a dated, agitprop feel.
      • It featured a sporting clay shoot, guided hunts for pheasant and quail and a celebrity dinner with live and silent auctions.
      • Barry Atkinson carried out a record 148 days' worth of beating - or flushing out birds - at grouse, partridge and pheasant shoots.
      • Out in the Australian wilderness and the wide-open spaces, the only equivalent to a fox hunt that I can think of is a kangaroo shoot.
      • Grouse and partridge shoots are run separately.
      • The event was a laser clay pigeon shoot at a holiday resort.
      • No shoot has been organised on his land for the Glorious Twelfth - the start of the grouse shooting today.
      • Four basic dove-hunting options are available: grain fields, roost brush, water holes and pass shoots.
      • We were in Mandir Niwas, which in the days of the royal shoots was the reception area for the visiting dignitaries because it was closest to the station.
      • Professional beaters will be called in by Bradford Council to drive birds on to privately-owned adjoining moors where grouse shoots still take place.
      • It's even more excessive than a bunch of City investment bankers on a grouse shoot.
      • Here's a romantic view of a grouse shoot on Beamsley Beacon by Turner.
      • The opportunities for travel have been regular and tantalising - from grouse shoots in Scotland to gun wielding in darkest Africa.
      • The Lords and ladies would be put up at the Devonshire Arms Hotel at Bolton Abbey before the pheasant and grouse shoots.
      • Is modern quick-drying nylon appropriate wear on a formal occasion such as a shoot, in any circumstances?
      • In winter, hunters come for the wild game shoots, which explains the rifles on the wall and the disparate taxidermy.
      • Mr Robertshaw, a retired farmer, said he would continue to allow the shooting rights and the footpath could be closed on those three to four occasions a year when the shoot was held.
      • Grimond was adopted as candidate for Orkney and Shetland, having only seen the cliffs of Hoy while in Caithness on a grouse shoot.
      • In the first, the applicant S took part in a protest against a grouse shoot.

    • 2.2British (land)

      coto (de caza) masculine
      vedado (de caza) masculine
      • The game shoots of the area supply plenty of pheasant in season, but other game, such as grouse, has suffered due to a succession of wet winters.
      • There is another similar shoot up the same valley.
      • Game farmers hatch out eggs and day old chicks or poults are delivered to the shoot depending on the model they are operating.

  • 3

    rodaje masculine
    filmación feminine
    • Still she performed like a trooper and actually did the shoot so kudos to her.
    • The shoot was marred by protesters shutting down production at one point.
    • ‘The rest of the week, I have modeling shoots and press conferences,’ she said.
    • The most common sight in southern California these days isn't a movie shoot or a beach party.
    • As far as he's concerned, his own sexuality is irrelevant to the shoot.
    • She was his least favorite make up artist but also the only one able to come in for the special shoot today for their interviews.
    • Eventually they finished their shoot and everyone headed back for lunch, which is when we got the change to interview Sid Haig.
    • In Goa, according to Pooja, it was one big party during the shoot.
    • Based on what I have learned from past experiences, here are some pointers to make the most of your camp's video or photography shoot.
    • Debbie maintained that depth of emotion in her performance throughout the shoot.
    • Yao says he plans to spend less time on commercial shoots and more time working on his game or resting.
    • It may be an unusual combination, but the two pursuits don't necessarily conflict, except when Ciara turns up for a fashion shoot sporting a few cuts and bruises.
    • The Rajaji Hall courtyard was abuzz with activity since morning, as hundreds of junior artistes gathered for the shoot.
    • And during the shoot in Norway, John risked his life by performing a series of extreme stunts on ice.
    • Take in 300-500 grams of carbs divided among four to seven meals starting the day before your shoot.
    • In each town, the women in the show are first brought together a day or two before the shoot for an ‘ice-breaking session’.
    • Today, she even got back from a shoot having stopped off to buy me lunch because she was worried that I was working too hard and not eating enough.
    • The editing process, and the shoot, took longer than I'm used to, but that's how it happened.
    • Café manager Georgina Galley said Warner Brothers crews used to come into the Ive Café for meals before shoots.
    • Pre-production planning of a motion capture shoot for a game is a very difficult and important process.

transitive verbshot

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (animal/person) pegarle un tiro a
      (animal/person) pegarle un balazo a
      they shot him three times in the legs le pegaron tres tiros en las piernas
      • I've been shot! ¡me han herido!
      • she was shot in the arm recibió un balazo en el brazo
      • they shot him dead lo mataron a tiros/de un tiro
      • to shoot oneself pegarse un tiro
      • he got / was shot while filming the riots recibió un balazo mientras filmaba los disturbios
      • you'll get shot for that! ¡te van a matar!
      • you'll get me shot! ¡me van a matar por tu culpa!
      • he deserves to be shot ¡es (como) para matarlo!
      • to shoot sth to pieces / bits hacer añicos / pedazos algo
      • In addition, the other Italian agent, the driver of the car, was shot in the knee after he had got out of the car.
      • One soldier was shot dead and two wounded on Monday as they stood guard outside a weapons depot.
      • The man, aged in his fifties, was shot in his car by bandits who tried to rob him after a visit to an automatic teller machine.
      • One of them, he didn't know which, made a break for it in the car, so Hopkirk shot the other one and gave chase in his Landrover.
      • She was apparently shot dead while trying to escape when the hostage crisis began last night.
      • It is said that Abraham Lincoln in a dream saw people mourning around his body, a few days before he was shot dead.
      • Moss's contention that these lands have been manipulated for producing more game to shoot is historically correct, but that is changing too.
      • He had been on a day off when he was shot dead yesterday afternoon (Thursday).
      • Organisers of the Hampshire Hunt, at Preston Candover, near Alresford, say one fox was shot dead.
      • He was shot dead in open court, an early martyr in the struggle against obscurantism.
      • The latest to go was in Bolivia, whose president hoped to save himself by having the army shoot several hundred protesters.
      • He was shot dead with a bullet to his head in the streets of the camp.
      • He doesn't want to cook birds, much less shoot them with hunting rifles.
      • Robinson was shot dead even though he could have been wounded and arrested.
      • They were cleaning the whole thing out because his wife had shot him and killed him in the bathroom.
      • Instead of getting a chance to speak to her mother, she was shot dead by a stranger who accompanied her mother.
      • He watched them catch up with him, cut his head open with a rifle butt and shoot him.
      • Only a few weeks later, as he tried to escape from jail, he was shot and killed.
      • Except this time, somebody got out of their car and shot one of them to death.
      • Then the commander of the firing squad went forward and shot each in the forehead.

    • 1.2(hunt)

      (rabbit/deer/duck) cazar
      • Meanwhile, the Carlow Regional Game Council has called on all gun club members in the county to cease hunting and shooting until the foot and mouth crisis is resolved.
      • The country sports area alongside the lake will include hunting, shooting, fishing and gun dog scurry together with falconry and ferrets and a live smithing competition each day.
      • On the other hand, I know there are a lot of folks living outside Manhattan who hunt or enjoy shooting.
      • But hang on, aren't hunting, fishing and shooting also businesses?
      • He also enjoyed the outdoor life and all its activities, particularly shooting and hunting.
      • Throughout his life he maintained an interest in country ways including National Hunt racing, shooting and fly-fishing.
      • Foxes are classified as vermin in law, and their numbers must be controlled, whether by hunting, shooting or trapping.
      • Snaring has largely been replaced by shooting and 40 riders-and-hounds hunts have been disbanded.
      • People representing a wide variety of rural pursuits including fox hunting, shooting and coursing were in the middle of Leeds to answer questions from members of the public.
      • The collection will be of enormous interest to anyone who shoots, hunts or fishes.
      • Admittedly, there are a lot of consumer products used by those who hunt and shoot that are only vaguely related to the sport.
      • So do we really need the long barrel for the reasonable ranges where we may hunt or shoot?
      • He will not allow any distractions that may divert from hunting and shooting.
      • The author, a farmer who neither shoots nor hunts, explains here why in his view hunting is good for the countryside.
      • Fast train travel made the weekend country house party popular for shooting and hunting among the upper classes.
      • Some people argue that hunting is more cruel than shooting as some hunts last for 25 miles and up to 8 hours.
      • It is an unpleasant irony that this lingering antagonism finds its focus in hunting rather than shooting.
      • So as bizarre as it may sound to the uninitiated, hunting, shooting and fishing actually promote and sustain the rich bio-diversity that we all admire in the countryside.
      • He liked jazz, preferred informal dress, didn't much care for hunting and shooting, and was openly contemptuous of red carpets.
      • What provokes this post is that someone from the church is on the phone right now, mocking me for not being able to shoot or hunt.

  • 2

    • 2.1(fire)

      (bullet) disparar
      (bullet) tirar
      (missile/arrow) lanzar
      (arrow/missile) arrojar
      she shot him a suspicious glance le lanzó una mirada recelosa
      • to shoot questions at sb acribillar a algn a preguntas
      • The first man takes the rifle and shoots, the second man picks up the rifle when the first man falls and fires the rifle.
      • Thumbs flick switch from safety to semi on the rifles and you raise your weapons, point and shoot three round bursts at where you think the enemy is, because you haven't seen them yet.
      • Finally, an author has done some extensive homework instead of shooting from the hip!
      • The kids I see and eat with every day still want to help this country, in spite of getting shot at while doing it.
      • They're young, female and shooting from the hip.
      • Suddenly, a man came running up the street and started shooting at the car.
      • The army said that troops had shot at an armed man after coming under fire.
      • As for the man in Miami, we don't even know if the air marshals shot at him with conventional bullets.
      • The last partisan was struggling to his feet as an awe-struck Nikolai finally regained the wits to lift his rifle and shoot.
      • He injured one of them after shooting at their car, yet he walked free from court.
      • If they can randomly shoot at cars and nothing happens to them, we have a security situation which is about to implode.
      • ‘We use it for sniping only, we are not shooting in all directions,’ Safouri said in a telephone interview.
      • Seiya shot at her but the bullets were absorbed by her shield and sent back at her.
      • Whoever was hiding up in the woods shot at them, the bullet sinking into the old wood of the dock.
      • Don't just shoot back with your rifle; blow it apart with the main gun of a tank.
      • Before stepping out of the way of the projectile's path, he managed to shoot!
      • I made it to the corner but they opened fire on my first try, and shot at me, so I had to turn back.
      • The support troops lived in pretty comfortable camps and rarely got shot at.
      • Leroy shot at me, but there had only been one bullet in the gun and it only clicked.
      • Before he fires the third shot, Janie grabs the hidden rifle and they both shoot at each other.

    • 2.2(eject, propel)

      the passengers were shot out of their seats los pasajeros salieron despedidos de sus asientos
      • Before Mike could do anything, David shot forward and took the book in his hands.
      • Her car then shot forward and went over the cliff through the railings between some seating.
      • She tried to make an escape by brushing past him but his hand suddenly shot out and grabbed her wrist.
      • Emma suddenly shoots out of her chair and stands so her eyes are mere centimetres from Shannon's.
      • Andrew gunned the engine and flipped the sirens on, sending the car shooting forward between the two rows of traffic that pulled aside, obeying the wailing noise.
      • As he shot forward, Jacob had grabbed the fishing pole and he dove across the driving path.
      • Her words strike a chord deep within me and a sudden chill shoots down my spine.
      • The car suddenly shot out into the left lane and Cherry gasped as he was now driving on the wrong side of the road.
      • He surged forward before shooting past Thomas Myhre.
      • His car then shot forward, hit Mr Skipworth, and then careered into a second parked car.
      • He suddenly hit the brakes and Prudence shot forward in her seat, bracing herself on the dashboard.
      • You won't find a stiffer bottom bracket; the bike shoots forward with every turn of the cranks.
      • Plant the right foot and a subdued V8 bellow could be heard as it just shoots itself forward, and this happens at any speed.
      • The scraggly arms shot forward and screams fell behind me as Sandra ran in after me.
      • Cloud looked up at the mountain ahead of them and saw lightning shoot across the area.
      • As split second shots of her shoot across the screen, we see an enigmatic, dark-haired figure whisked to and fro before our eyes, like a lost ghost in the machine.
      • He shot forward suddenly, knocking me backwards with a powerful kick to my chest.
      • He initially stopped but then Caldwell shot off in the car at speed.
      • He took another step forward and she shot to her feet, spinning quickly and lunging for the door.
      • Windows and trash cans sped narrowly by as the car accelerated, shooting out of the alleyway and turning sharply just moments before a police car sped up behind them.

  • 3

    • 3.1Sport

      (ball/puck) lanzar
      (goal) marcar
      (goal) anotar(se) Latin America
      Nelson shot 66 yesterday Nelson hizo ayer el recorrido en 66 golpes
      • he shot four baskets encestó cuatro veces
      • Melissa Nawa improved her game, shooting an amazing six-over-par 78 but Michael Chiluba bowed out of the competition.
      • He can dribble, he is not afraid to beat men, and of course he can cross, shoot and take free kicks perfectly-what more could you really want from a midfielder?
      • It's no wonder that eight of the 10 players who had the most trips to the line last season are shooting fewer free throws this year.
      • He chested down a cross on the edge of the box, juggled it once on his foot with back to goal, turned and shot with his left.
      • He's clever inside, shoots really well for his size, and his game is unorthodox enough to throw off the defense.
      • Allen, at 91.8 percent, is third in the league in free throw shooting.
      • They are three superb footballers, they can shoot on sight, score from all angles and we are really up against it.
      • Morientes shoots, but his feeble effort is no match for Carlo Cudicini.
      • As the full forward turned to shoot she was blocked by a Wicklow defender.
      • Our game plan in the Finals was to take the puck wide, shoot, and go for rebounds.
      • The first half saw the visitors push forward with Steve McCormick twice shooting wide.
      • Johnson ought to have scored the winner later, but shot over the bar.
      • There were chances for the opposition to level, especially when Rosicky shot wide from in front of goal.
      • Meanwhile, England’s Lee Westwood shot a four-under-par 67 yesterday.
      • Free throw shooting, as an uncontested shot, is the only basketball stat that's pure.
      • The ball falls to Tugay who shoots narrowly left and wide from inside the box.
      • This is a team that was No.2 in free throw shooting in the regular season.
      • In fact, it seems the only reason Kidd shoots is to keep opposing defenses honest.
      • In traffic, great goal scorers still have the ability to shoot the puck and score.
      • Into injury time, Portlaoise had claims for a penalty over-ruled when McCormack was blocked as he attempted to shoot for goal.
      • I used meditation to help with my free throw shooting.
      • The Australian shot a final round of 63 for a 26-under-par total of 262 to secure his second win of the season and third European Tour title.
      • Ronaldo shoots from the byline and hits the post.

    • 3.2US (play)

      jugar a
      to shoot craps/billiards jugar a los dados/al billar
      • We went into town and ate, then went to shoot some pool.
      • The very next night, Dave dropped by the poker room and casually mentioned that he was thinking about going and shooting the dice a bit.
      • It showed, as Dale Murphy shot one of the best games of his life coming in with 43 points.
      • We went to shoot pool with mutual friends a few times after school and he was always fun to be with.
      • I don't know if he could shoot pool, although I had the feeling finding out could prove expensive.
      • Show me an accountant that shoots pool, and I'll show you a game that is carefully calculated.
      • In one of his scenes, the camera focuses in on the band gathered in a circle as if they are shooting dice.
      • Someone calls Elisabeth Irwin's name, and she goes over to shoot some pool.
      • Visitors can choose to simply relax with a glass of beer, shoot some pool, or play a game of darts.
      • They're nice guys, and perfectly fun to shoot a little pool with, though.
      • So the country saw the diamonds sometimes, but it also saw the small woman with a pint of beer in her hand and liked that; the small woman shooting pool and they liked that.
      • The setting was the pool room where me and my boy were shooting some pool (I know I was busy, but I needed a break).
      • The two plan to use all of their knowledge of cardsharking, pool shooting, and rolling dice at an unprecedented worldwide gathering of hustlers.
      • Once upon a time there was an old artist who loved to shoot pool and play with computers.
      • If I'm not shooting some pool, I'm at the nail salon getting a manicure.
      • Alex saw Callan shooting pool in the far corner by himself, so decided to join him.
      • The scene they walked in on was Larry shooting some pool at his gray and glass pool table with one of his skater friends.
      • If you suffer from anxiety when you shoot pool, remember that you are not alone.
      • If you want to shoot pool for the pure joy of it, find a team that shares your attitude.
      • Kevin shot one of the best games of his life, and with Erle right at his heels, Herb and Bob had no chance in the match.

  • 4

    • It also meant that every sequence in the film could be shot on location, without the need to make the scenes inside the cab look as though they are fake.
    • I will admit as well the scenery of coastal Maine where the film was shot on location was lovely.
    • Much of the film is intentionally shot on video tape, so some scenes look grainy and soft.
    • Next Sunday, the first movie to benefit from the New York-style film office will shoot scenes on Dublin's main thoroughfare, with the help of Gardai.
    • He is looking forward to shooting at Castle Howard.
    • The 17 to 20-year-olds used their new skills to script, shoot and edit the five-minute pieces.
    • South Africa, over the last two years, has become a favored new location for shooting feature films.
    • The cinematography also does a good job concealing the fact most of the film was shot on soundstages.
    • To add further excitement, the studio intended to shoot the film in Technicolor, a very new process in 1938.
    • The film is shot on video, but that's not so obvious as to be a distraction for long.
    • The film crew shot a chase scene around Dublin Castle that is featured in the trailer for the film.
    • It was used much like one would use a video camera to shoot a film.
    • It was the first film to be shot entirely at London Films' huge new studios at Denham in Buckinghamshire.
    • Once all the ingredients are assembled, making a film involves shooting scenes and editing them to create the final sensation.
    • Following the arrest of his father and brother, David Friedman purchased a video camera and began shooting scenes of the family nightmare.
    • The film was shot in two-and-a-half weeks, mostly with a digital video camera, using natural light.
    • I read a lot of scripts and will only shoot feature films if I enjoy the story and like the director, or find them interesting.
    • The film is set to shoot the desert scenes in Morocco and the interiors in either London or Rome.
    • He could re-edit the film, shoot additional scenes, design his own ad campaign, and create any kind of come-on.
    • I remember two days before the Academy Awards we were shooting the scene in the oil.
  • 5slang

    (heroin/cocaine) chutarse slang
    (cocaine/heroin) picarse slang
    (heroin/cocaine) pincharse informal
    • And while the woman did shoot heroin, she also shot a lot of cocaine.
    • In addition, there were frequent public outcries over the users' behaviors, such as shooting their drugs openly in public places.
    • I was shooting drugs and drinking liquor and it just killed my liver and turned me into an ugly drunk.
    • During the waiting period many returned to shooting heroin.
    • I knew I couldn't continue shooting heroin forever, and I know now that I can never be addicted again.
    • In the last three weeks, up to 25 drug users have come here every night to shoot heroin and cocaine into their veins.
    • But they also beg the question, why don't all people drink excessively, gamble away their savings, and shoot heroin?
    • They hear scary tales about sniffing glue, popping pills and shooting heroin.
    • Okay, shoot. But don't ask me who the vice president of India is. I hope you know I don’t really read news papers that much.
    • First Johnny, then Jerry started shooting heroin; I noticed changes in their appearance and behavior.
    • When not losing money in seedy gambling dens or making wisecracks about chaos theory, he's shooting heroin.
    • Then you say, "now can i ask you a question?", then Dominic says "okay, shoot".

intransitive verbshot

  • 1

    • 1.1(fire weapon)

      don't move or I'll shoot! ¡no se mueva o disparo!
      • to shoot wide/straight disparar desviado/certeramente
      • to shoot to kill disparar / tirar a matar
      • to shoot at sb/sth dispararle a algn/a algo
      • they shot at the crowd le dispararon a la muchedumbre
      • After this another hitman hopped out of a locker and starting shooting a huge shotgun.
      • For example, most males raised in the South have shot a gun before their thirteenth birthday.
      • After the girl tried to leave, Jamilmira shot his gun into the air to scare her.
      • Mr. Henry ran away as their father was shooting a gun at him.
      • At drop off the teacher shoots a starting gun and I sprint from the building and peel out of the parking lot to go and do things.
      • The only thing the police could figure of the whole thing was that the guy shooting the gun had been intentionally aiming for him.
      • Michelle had jumped out of the way when the lights left and April shot her gun.
      • So you never saw him shoot a gun, fire a weapon, right?
      • If you think you're tough enough to stomach what we've got to do, or you're good at shooting a gun, then your presence is welcome.
      • Running for cover and throwing grenades and shooting a machine gun and cursing the enemy is what you've been trained to do your whole life.
      • If you shot a gun and everyone ran away as quickly as possible, the game wouldn't be as enjoyable.
      • Lydiard Park ranger Tom Murawicki said there have been teenagers shooting air rifles and BB guns in the park.
      • When you're shooting two guns at once, your aim flails about wildly in response to the recoil, making it difficult to be accurate.
      • The pair along with Donald Ideson, who shoots air pistols, are due to compete in the Yorkshire County Championships at Bradford in December.
      • At about 2pm on Bank Holiday Monday local residents saw several small groups of youths shooting air rifles in an area where young children play and people walk their dogs.
      • If he shot his gun at this angle, he would shoot through my shirt and into the ceiling.
      • My first experience shooting a gun came at age eleven.
      • Because the movie depicts children shooting rifles, it has come under fire by certain anti-gun groups.
      • She couldn't shoot a gun, but she could start a fire without a problem.
      • Nat aimed the gun at a chipmunk that was sitting on a rock nearby, he shot the gun at it and the chipmunk fell to the ground.

    • 1.2(hunt)

      to go shooting ir de caza

    • 1.3informal (proceed)

      can I ask you something? — sure, shoot! ¿te puedo preguntar algo? — claro ¡pregunta nomás! Latin America

  • 2

    (move swiftly)
    their record shot straight to number one su disco subió directamente al número uno
    • we were shooting along at 100mph íbamos como una bala / como un bólido a 100 millas por hora
    • she shot past, almost knocking me over pasó como una bala / como un bólido y casi me atropella
    • the days shot by los días pasaron volando
    • he shot out of his seat saltó del asiento
  • 3

    chutear Southern Cone
    to shoot at goal tirar al arco
  • 4

  • 5

    (plant) brotar
    (seed) germinar
    • Vines were also shooting out at Hadez as he spoke.
    • Near the base each cord has a short branch shooting upward on its right side.
    • Just cut out any new canes that appear to be too short, thin or wimpish to have any likelihood of bearing fruit and even if that leaves a dozen canes shooting from the ground, let them be to bear next year's fruit.
    • I pictured the vines shooting out and finally felt the warmth that meant the magic was coming.
    • When Dahlia tubers shoot, divide and plant in a sunny spot in the garden.
    • Then they start shooting out seeds, which go a certain distance then fall to the ground and grow.
    • Spiky vines shot out of the grass.



  • 1

    ¡miércoles! informal euphemistic
    ¡mecachis! informal euphemistic