Translation of shooter in Spanish:


pistola, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃuːtə//ˈʃudər/



  • 1

    pistola feminine
    chata feminine Spain slang
    hierro masculine Venezuela slang
    • The craft of burglary as I was taught it was essentially non-violent, the art was always making sure it remained so, which is why I never carried a shooter.
    • No one seemed to know anything about his background but there were rumours that he carried a shooter.
    • There were at least thirty of them, all fit, strong chaps armed with shooters.
    • When we stopped them to ask where they were going one of them pulled out a shooter.
    • I took a step towards him and pointed the shooter at his ear.
    • Barely a minute passes in this gun-crazy crime caper without someone pulling out a shooter or letting off some form of military hardware.