• 1

    (at fair)
    barraca de tiro al blanco feminine
    puesto de tiro al blanco masculine
    • Now major, surprising revelations (some perhaps untrue) pop up fast as ducks in a shooting gallery, and the persons of the drama are as astonished and knocked sideways as the audience.
    • There was also trap shooting at clay pigeons and maybe even a shooting gallery below decks.
    • And the 140 ft shooting gallery is now a utilities corridor for the provision of water, gas and electricity.
    • And every time I try to buy it, they tell me I have to go to the shooting gallery, which is where?
    • They're at a shooting gallery in Germany in the mid-'60s, where a camera is rigged to go off just before the gun does.
    • An ex-soldier, he now owns a shooting gallery and gym.
    • The film is a new twist on an old idea: a shooting gallery with a live human target.
    • But maybe best of all is spotting a dirt clod or other sale target that looks suspiciously like a shooting gallery duck of old.
    • Nothing, it seems, has escaped the bullets, including many religious statues peppered with holes like target figures in a fairground shooting gallery.
    • The government had been bracing itself for a media firestorm, and had been prepared to rule out shooting galleries.
    • A merry-go round filled the piazza with its barrel-organ tunes, punctuated by the pop-pop of shooting galleries.
    • I find that an unnerving reminder that we are floating around somewhere relative to nowhere in a cosmic shooting gallery.
    • In the early years a number of businesses were opened including a baker and a clothing business run by a group of women, as well as a number of ale houses and even a shooting gallery.
    • Conversely, the undefended pieces of your opponent are like targets in a shooting gallery.
    • Y'know, I started small, working the shooting gallery circuit, moving up to some freelance decoy work.
    • The MPs call for a nationwide network of shooting galleries but the Home Office say the current policy is opposed to the move.
    • Compared to New York, in Puerto Rico there are more pay-to-enter shooting galleries, called shootings (pronounced ‘chutings’).
    • A shooting gallery lay in the back of the armory.
    • An artist named El Perro (Spanish, I guess) has creating a shooting gallery with an air gun that points at a view of a street corner, with cars and people occasionally passing across the frame.
    • Some will say that he was firing willy-nilly, like a shooting gallery.
  • 2slang

    (for drug-taking)
    • Measures selected for our first analysis pertain to the question: ‘Among injecting drug users, who is more likely to inject in shooting galleries?’
    • Indeed, research shows that those who inject in shooting galleries tend to be at a higher risk of transmitting HIV than those who inject elsewhere.
    • Although the HIV risk of this behavior is unspecified, traces of the HIV virus have been found in cookers, cotton, and water obtained from a shooting gallery in Miami.
    • The addicts gathered on the top floor landings of buildings, which we referred to as shooting galleries.
    • Without a consistent supply, there could be no crackhouses, opium dens, coffee houses or heroin shooting galleries.
    • And then I started going into shooting galleries at that time, where people were injecting heroin, and to a lesser extent, cocaine in New York City.
    • The grim and filthy morphine shooting galleries in New York City of a century ago, though very true, were never much in the news.
    • He visits all the hot spots, including shooting galleries and crack houses.
    • Nonetheless, the literature is contradictory in terms of predicting which persons among illicit drug users are more likely to inject in shooting galleries as compared to injecting alone or elsewhere.
    • Studies that have examined adult hard drug use as a function of environmental context generally examine city areas known for drug purchasing, such as shooting galleries.
    • One abandoned corner house was used as a drug shooting gallery.
    • Despite recently being a diagnosed diabetic, she decided to prove herself by trawling the shooting galleries of New York, returning after ten days, sleep-deprived and unwashed.
    • In shooting galleries, drug users are able to illegally rent cubicles to inject drugs.
    • Most shooting gallery users inject in several places, depending upon such factors as timing, convenience, availability, and where they obtain their drugs and works.

    lugar que utilizan los drogadictos para inyectarse